Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Come Come Ye Saints

8-18-14 Hey there family! Whats up?! I hope everyone had a great week! I know i did! We had like a billion meetings and lots of divisions! And guess what?! Hermana buss and I were comps for a day! Sweet huh?! We tore it up. haha We contected a whole Bus AND we stopped a soccer game to contact them too.. haha It was awesome! Its crazy how God just suddenly gives us the courage to talk to his children.. even they were not so happy that we stopped their soccer game. Esta bien. Anyways this week we also found a lady that is reading the book of mormon!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!! My comp found her when she went on a division...she is so cool! her name is georgelina! and she has 3 kids.. her little boy is SO cute. He reminds me so much of seth! we stil dont have anyone that wants to go to church but little by little! haha A few weeks ago we didnt even have anyone who wanted to listen! So we are getting there! i can feel it! haha Yesterday after church it was seriously so hot! and we were walking and knocking... walking and knocking... walking and knocking.. and finally when we didnt have any other options the lord led us to a members house. The hermana riveros. Anyways... she is seriously amazing and i want to tell you her story. so this couple is Guillermo and margarita riveros... and one day come knocking, two sister missionaries.. they fall in love with the gospel and get baptized... the dad becomes the stake president,his sons serve missions and they all become a part of the church history here in paraguay and then one day he starts changing and they find out he has alzheimers and he got worse and worse and now he is in a bed and doesnt do anything but they there and his wife takeds good care of him. He cant communicate, he doesnt recognize anyone... not even his wife. Its just a sad situation... but yesterday we had the amazing opportunity to meet him. I kid you not... as we entered his room where he was... the spirit was SO strong. I had tears in my eyes right away.. I have never felt so close to God in my life. I just wanted to talk to him SO bad... I asked him a few questions but his wife kept telling me that he didnt understand anything... but i felt so different. I felt like he understood everything i was saying. So then we asked if we could sing him a hymn and asked her what his favorite song was and she said Come come ye saints.. so we sang and it was so hard because we were trying not to cry... haha anyways at the end, we got up and i stood my hand out to shake his hand and again his wife said, he doesnt understand... but then he took my hand, and smiled big, and touched my head... then i asked him if we could come back and he shook his head yes. Anyways, the hermana cried and cried and cried... she said that it had been so long since he communicated with someone. Ugh he was so cool. My comp and i couldnt quit crying. haha We got a book of the church history in praguay last year for christmas and he wrote in it... and talked about the hermanas that visited him and his family... he said, "They had nothing but truth in their eyes. They never doubted what they testified." Seriously.... i want to be that missionary. I pray that The people we contact and teach can see the truth in our eyes. I hope that every time you all can share your testimony that you dont doubt... becasue this church is true! Jesus christ lives. God is our heavenly father. And they love us. I love you all! i hope you all have a wonderful week! Love hermana hunt!

So many single moms.....

8-11-14 I LOVE THIS. It takes me back... Mom have i told you lately that i love you? YOu are the BEST mom i have ever had. We talk to so many people every day... and there is so many single moms here. So anytime they say, yeah i am a single mom.. i testify of you. I tell them, my mom was a single mom for a really long time and it was hard for her... but she got throguh it thanks to jesus christ and the church. and the listen... i love you mom. You have taught me everything i know. I love our star flowers. Dont ever stop sending me pictures and quotes. I love the quote for this week. And the miricle in my life today has been wade. I am so thankful god sent him in our life. Just when we needed him the most. Heavenly father loves us. i love you mom! love, hermana hunt

I love this work

8-11-14 Hey there family! I hope everyone had an amazing week! I know that i did. Every minute here is such a blessing! I dont have the words to explain how i feel. I just feel really really grateful. I remember a time before the mission when i felt SO overly blessed that i got down on my knees and asked my heavenly father to send me a trial. haha THATS how blessed i felt and thats how blessed i feel now. The Lord never stops blessing me... He is amazing. THis week was such a great week! Remember how i told you guys that we live in a super chuchi area where no one wants to listen to us? Well THIS week... we found 4 GREAT PEOPLE! Woo hoo! Lets talk about each one.... 1. Wendy... We found her just knocking houses DESPERATE to find someone. The lord sent her right to us. She is great. she is a young single mom with a little boy that is 9 years old who is deaf and special but SOOO cute and special. Wendys brother died 4 years ago also.. so i guess you could say that she has gone through alot. She is super guapa. I loved her a first sight. We are praying the she will progress! Keep her in your prayers! 2. Belen... So this chick is golden. She was a reference from a member and pretty much taught US the restoration. SHe is most definatly prepared for this gospel. FOr SURE. Ah! I was so happy to find her. I almost just gave her a big hug. I wanted to just tell her.. listen, you are gonna be a great leader in the church mam. But we had to go. Keep her in your prayers! PLEASE ! 3. Emilio.. he is old. But he is cool. He has baptism date. haha! But he didnt go top church yesterday. DOnt worry though... he will go. We went by this morning to share with him andhe was like, HERMANAs! i cant share right now im gonna leave! BUt im reading your book! i like it alot! and he started to tell us his favorite parts thus far.. I was Soooooo happy. he is cool. 4. Raquel. She was just a contact today no mas. We started talking to her and she was like yaa... i go to the baptist church and this and this... and right now im kinda looking for work.. and my comp was like. We are representatives of jesus christ! and we promise that if you go to our church you will find work.. and when she was saying all that i was looking at her and praying so hard that we could touch the heart of this lady... and the next thing i know i look over at the lady to start talking and she was ballling! And i was like woah... what happened? And she was like... i need a change in my life and this and that... anyways... It was so wonderful. The spirit just gets ya sometimes..... It gets me all the time. sometimes out of no where i start feeling the spirit and BOOM im balling my eyes out. Its totally normal... that reminds me... There is a lady in my last area, aurelia. She is a memeber and she is having a big trial right now. But when we started helping her and what not... She told me one time, '' I cant cry, its like i forgot "' And we sat there for a good while.... and i told her, you gotta cry... just get it out. you have been holding it for way to long. and she started balling... i just got a letter from her yesterday and she said, thankyou for teaching me how to cry again.. i feel like i really found myself again... anyways... I dont know if you guys know heremana fuller? The mission nurse? She is AMAZING. And american. And she invited over the other night to eat good american food. She is my best friend. I told her that im not gonna get married so that her and i can be comps in the future.. but she doesnt want to. I dont know why., its cool though. ANyways,, I LOVE YOU ALL! I am so thankful for all you do. Your prayers really help me. Seriously i feel the power of your prayers. THaknyou for everything! I know with out a doubt that our savior lives. His atonement can be used for everything. He knows us. He loves us. And he wants to help us. I always get a peaceful feeling inside when i realize that he WANTs to help us. He just waits for us to accept his help. I love you all and i hope you all have a great week! Chau!

Sister Leader Trainer and Transfers~~

7-28-14 My dearest family and friends,I finally have time to write!! First of all sorry for all these past weeks that i have only written one sentance. Things have been pretty crazy but i finally have time today! But... Things are just getting crazier and crazier here in the Paraguay Asuncion North Mission. Haha Sometimes I God just confuses me... But im learning to trust in him more and more every day. Lets start with this great work! All of our recent converts are doing awesome! They are super active! Michely will be entering in the temple soon just to do baptisms BUT its still a big step and she is such a great example for her family! Then Elda and Mameri are rockin it. Mameri recieved the aaronic priesthood yesterday and he is so happy! He will be recieving his first calling this coming sunday. Anyways... They are doing so great. Did i ever tell you they are chamacocos? Like native indians... The live in this little community of indians from the chaco called API... And we got to take pictures this past week of api... becasue they painted this wall super super cool of all this stuff from the chaco. (Pictures to come.) Anyways i love them... And their kids too. They are GREAT! This past week was full of miricles... we found a lot of new people to teach that are really interested in the gospel and we have just been working hard to get them to church! This week I have felt so strongly that every person we talk to, or every person that we teach i am supposed to learn from them. And let me tell ya... I am learning. I love learning. Anyways now lets talk a little bit about changes.. Im leaving this area, and I will be going to an area called campo grande, to be the new sister leader trainer with sister gutierrez. The sister leader trainer is like an asistent to the president but we are in charge of all the sisters in the mission instead of elders. Obvious. Anyways... president called me last night and when i saw that it was him who was calling i didnt want to pick up... but i did anyways and he said, "hermana hunt.. how are you? (he starts with a little small talk) Anyways i just finished up with changes and as you know we are losing two great sister leaders... they will be going home soon and i God has called you to be the new sister leader trainer. Would you be able to accept this calling?" I just froze.... And of course i said yes. I mean duh... But lets just say last night was a sleepless night. haha My mind has been going a hundred miles an hour and i feel so inadequate. haha i dont understand right now why the lord called me? Anyways last night after president called i knelt down and first just gave thanks to my heavenly father for this great opportunity but then i just explained to him that im scared out of my mind.... and i just got a feeling to read my patriarchal blessing and all i know people.... is that I better get ready to learn. haha Anyways i just want to tell you all thankyou for all your love and support. There is no doubt in my mind that my strength every day and my willingness to work hard comes from the prayers that you all shoot up to the man upstairs. Thankyou for loving me! I hope you ALL know... I mean Everyone of you... that i love you and i will forever be in debt to all of you, My heavenly father, and my savior jesus christ. You all be strong! Keep fighting! Have a great week! and remember we are children of a KING! woo hoooooo!!!!!! CHAUCITO!

I'm a sister Leader Trainer!!! Felicita When I go to church I feel a little bit cleaner.....Jesus Christ Let him in.

7-28-14 My dearest mother... I just want to thankyou this week. Because i know i couldnt be where i am todya with out EVERYTHING that you have taught me. You have taught me so much and i apply all that you teach me every day. It has become a great strength to me... This week i wanted to share a story with you..... Yesterday we went to visit a member named felicita. Felicitia has been a member for 4 years. And its been 5 years since she had a really bad accident. She has some kind of sickness that makes her faint or fall our of no where.. Well 5 years ago she fell into a hot burning pan of oil while cooking and burnt her entire face... as we talked with her and heard her story and all she had to say, i just felt the spirit so strong. She testified of jesus christ and of the change that he has made in her.. She said "I sometimes feel embarrassed to leave my house for the way i look, and sometimes i get discouraged... but i ALWAYS go to church. I cant miss a day at church. since the day i got baptized and every time i go to church, it seems like im just a little bit cleaner. and its all thanks to jesus christ and god the father." I love the scripture that says even if we have a little faith, even if its just a desire to believe we should let that desire work in us. And i testiy that if we do that, if we let jesus christ in even just a little bit, he will make the great change. I have got a lot way to go... alot of changes to make. But i know that anything is possible if we just let him in. I invite you mom to let him in! I love you so much and i know that God loves you. You are my favorite, mom. My best friends. have a great week and dont forget how much i love you! ps did you like the photos i sent? do i look fat? let me know. And what do you think that im sister leader trainer now? okay bye


7-14-14 My dearest, kindest mother..... today has been a long day and we havent had a lot of time to write.. but i just want you to know that i love you and always think about you and that my letter next week will be so much better! forgive me! you are always in my prayers. thanks for all you do! love tu hija, hermana hunt


7-14-14 Hey there family and friends!! So i dont have a lot of time this week to write! I just want to let you all know that this week was a week full of miricles.... and that this weekend we will be having a marrige and a baptism!!!!! Elda and Mameri!!! There getting married and baptised! and i CAN believe it! becasue god is the best.. He knows what he is doing! We ask you all to keep every one them in there prayers and be ready for pictures this coming week!!!!!!!! i love you all and THANKYOU for all your love, support and prayers! until next week! Chau!

Monday, July 7, 2014

2 sons. A huge storm. Is God telling me to repent......:)

7-7-14 Hey there all you! I hope everyone has had a wonderful week. We sure did... We havent had a baptism in a while and sometimes its hard not to get discouraged but we are hanging in there and always see miricles. I seriously love my comp. Everynight when we walk home we die laughing. We dont have too much in common other than we are both funny. But not the less we get along pretty well. Saturday night we got home and we realized we didnt complete our goals that day because of our own dumbness and we forgot to ask someone for a reference... which is not okay..and a little bit of my sports attitude came out and i got pretty mad. My pride took over quite a bit that night and i went to sleep t-oed. Well that night a storm came in and it woke me up. (anyone who knows me knows that i dont get woken up very easily) Anywas the storm was absolutely insane. I dont really know how to express how crazy it was through email but lets just say i was really scared. Our room would light up from the lighting and the lightning was striking every tree by our house, the thunder was so loud. I was sitting on my bed and i literally thought our house was going to collapse on top of us.. Everytime the thunder boomed dust fell from our cieling... i was almost in tears. And my comp was sound asleep. 2 thoughts crossed my mind. 1)The second coming. 2)God is not happy with me right now for the way i acted tonight. But either way i need to repent. So i said a prayer and repented of the way i acted. The moral of this story is that we should not let our pride get the best of us, and we need to be quick to repent. Anyways lets talk about the miricle that happened this week shall we? So Our bishop has been bishop for a long time and he has two boys that are inactive... One of them, Left on a mission but then he came back early... and has been inactive for a few years now and its really sad how he has changed. The bishop and his wife have expressed their hurt from the two boys that have completely fallen into the things of the world. I mean i cant imagine how they feel or how our heavenly father feels... But i always try to put myself in their situations, and i feel that same hurt. But we have been trying so hard to help the two of them to come back. We had a family home evening on friday and when the mom walked us out, she had tears in her eyes and we promised her that everything would be okay, that she wouldnt need to worry, that her boys were going to come back to the church... With fasting and prayer ladies and gents... The lord fulfilled his promise. This sunday after the first hour, the bishop came up to us almost running and he had tears in his eyes. And he said, hermana hunt... there is a surprise waiting in the foyer.. and we were so confused. So we walked to the foyer and there they were!!! His two sons came to church after almost 5 years... I felt the spirit so strong in that moment. The spirit testified to me, that God, and his son jesus christ live. That this is their work. We have seen Gods hand play a big part in this work. He is here. He is helping us. He loves his children... And i love his children. My love for his children has grown so much. I feel a sincere love for each person that we see in the street, every family that we meet.. and ya know... sometimes i cant believe God trusts someone so darn imperfect like me, to teach his children here in paraguay. I love that man. He is so cool. He loves us so much.... anyways folks thats my letter! I hope you all have a great week and remember all the great things God does for us! chau!

Monday, June 30, 2014

20 years have passed......

6-30-14 my dear mom..... Wow.... 20 years has passed.. I can hardly belive it. But i am so very grateful to have spent it with you on my side. You are the best present that i could have ever asked for! Seriously i dont know how god has blessed me with such a great mom, and a great fmaily! I cant even believe that i have only 8 months left. It is unbelieveable. I could have made it this far without you mom. You have been my strength through all of this. I cant thank you enough for all that you have done for me. You be strong mom. You keep going, And you dont ever quit! I love you, more than words can say have a great week and ill see you soon! love, hermana hunt!

Happy 20th.....19th.....silly girl your 20

Hey everyone! I just wanted to start out by letting everyone know that my 19th birthday here in Parauguay has been Fabulous. Thankyou EVERYONE! for the birthday wishes and all that good stuff... I havent recieved the packages that you all sent... but i called the elder in the office and told him to open it and tell me what was in it... He didnt listen to me. So i will have to wait to get them! All good All good.. Anyways, Today was spent at pizza hunt with almost all my best friends here in the mish. Hermana Buss, hermana Wittaker, and hermana b... couldnt. Because she is lame. Anyways it was a good time. Im blessed to have such good friends here. Anyways, this passed week was awesome, like always. The beginging of the week was super sick. We found alot of great people! We found another family! We´ll see what happens with them.. 6-30-14 We have a guy,... his name is Richard. He is the boyfriend to a less active member. He has two little girls that love me. And HE IS AWESOME. He asked us what he needs to do to be baptized and we told him, get married to your partner and he wants too but his wife doesnt. Thats a big problem. But we are working with them! Dont worry! We had FHE the other day and we talked about family prayer and we made prayer rocks. It was SO much fun. They are progressing so well. I love watching these people grow. I know they will grow to be great leaders of the church. We have been in a little slump. Wondering what to do with all the less actives that just dont have the desires to go back to church. We sat with them and read the book of mormon Every other day for two weeks and this sunday we saw that it worked. I swear that book can change lives. Overall everything has been pretty good! I hope everyone is doing good! You all be happy and keep on keepin on! I love this gospel and ALL that it offers. We are so blessed to have the fulness of the gospel in our lives! I love you all and hope you have a great week. Chau!

Best Friends.

6-23-14 Hey mom! Did I tell you that my comp is from colorado springs!? Yep. And also i cant believe you saw a moose. Im so jealous! Thats awesome! I bet you had a blast with nick and his wonderful family! Well I can honestly say mother dear that i miss ya. There is not a day that goes by that i dont think, "Wow... Why didnt i love my mom more?" And thats the truth! I LOVE YA! Your the best. I really dont think i can think of a better mom. I have got the best one! Mom, thankyou for your love for your support and for always being my best friend. Even when sometimes i wasnt your best friend... You were always mine. But dont worry! i have the rest of my life to make it up to ya! We will be the best of friends for all of eternity! I hope you have a great week. Tell, my good ol papa wade that i said i love him and that he is my best friend too. And tell him thankyou. For all he does for me!

Hermana Luts from Colorado Springs. Feeling love.

6-23-14 Hey Family! Another week has gone by! This first week with the hermana luts was SO different! haha But it was great and my love for her grows more and more each day! She is great and i am so blessed to have her as my companion. I know God knows what he is doing! We are ready to learn and ready to work! By the way she is from colorado!!!!!! (NIck and Jess) The invesigators are doing good! And the menos activos as well. We have A LOT of work to do with ech one of them but the memebers and us are ready to get to work together! We had a meeting yesterday that really helped the members in the ward. They were very pumped and excited to get to work. This week was a good week. The transistion was really different.. But i am so blessed to be where i am. I am so blessed to have the spirit. I have learned that without the spirit we cant do anything. That hermana luts, hermana hunt, and the spirit need to work as a team or we arent going to see progress. Yesterday in the meeting i learned 2 things really importnat that i wrote down in my agenda. 1) Love, If we dont have it, we will not have success. THATS SO TRUE! So this week i have started to pray for love. Love for my comp, for my savior, for the members, for the people we teach, and for myself. If we dont feel a sincere love for every one of these people we will not be successful. 2) We cant be okay with where we are. I LOVE THIS. We cant be okay with where we are. We cant say okay, ive done all i can and now im done. THere is always room for more work! THis work is important! And we have to progress! We cant be satisfied with where we are until we have accomplishedd ALL that the lord has commanded us! I love this work. I LOVE my heavenly father and my savior jesus christ. Im so happy that i have finally opened my heart to accept what he did for me. I hope and pray that we as memebers of this church can be instruments in the hands of God so that the hearts of MANY people can open! I pray that they will be able to feel the joy that comes from our savior jesus christ! And i invite all of you to open your hearts to accept all that our savior has done for us! have a great week everyone! chau!

Heading to another area! Good habits. The ten commandments The ten habits.

6-16-14 Hey! Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great week. I know i did. I learned so much. Sometimes im so surprised at how much my brain can take. Haha Becasue every week i learn more and more and yet.. i still have so much space to fit more learning in there. haha Well another change has gone by.... And its sad to say that hermana taboada will be heading to another area and i will be staying here in molino. And its even more sad to say that my peruvian streak has ended. This change i will be getting the hermana luts, an american. I dont know anything about her. Only that she has red hair and that God called her to be my companion. So im happy. And a little sad at the same time. Chau peruanas! But hey, God is perfect, so he gave me the perfect companion. Thats all that matters! Anywho... Molino is progressing alot! I dont know if i told you about the fmaily ortega that we found a few weeks ago? Well They are AWESOME. I love them with all of my heart. The family Ortega! They rock my socks for reals. One of the boys in the family is getting baptized this saturday! Keep Alejandro Ortega in your prayers so that everything will go good this week! Anyways speaking of families... the other day we were walking home at night and we saw this super cute family... the mom and the dad were walking with their 2 kids. and they were all holding hands... SO of course me and my comp both thought, "Golden." And whta did we do? We passed them. I dont know why so dont ask. But we passed them and i just felt horrible... so then i turned around and started running after them. And we stopped them to talk for a little bit and yesterday we went to their house and had a lesson!!!!!!!!!!! THEY ARE AWESOME! God is so merciful. I mean we passed by them.. That should NOT have happened. But he blessed us anyways. he is so awesome. Anyways... we had a zone meeting this week and something that president mentioned in his talk just hit me hard and i would love to share it with you all because i feel like its something that EVERYONE lacks. Especially me. And its the consistency. Being consistent. When God gives us commandments he expects us to put them into practice.. but sometimes we put it into practice for a week.. maybe two. We remember to say our prayers every day for a few weeks and then we go back to where we started. orr..... we get the drive to start the book of mormon and FOR SURE we are going to finish it. and then we get done with first nephi and stop reading. I mean i dont even know how many times i have read first nephi 1:1... I have the whole chapter memorized because i started over so much. THE POINT. Be consistent. The 5th principle of the gospel of jesus christ is endure to the end. He gave us this last principle to help us to be consistent. So i invite myself, and all of you folks to figure out the secret to consistency! What can we do to be more consistent in the things we do... I think that if we are consistent in keeping the commandments, we will develop good habits. And, "good habits are hard to kick.." It will be easier to stay consistent when we make the commandments, . So i decided to change the name. The ten commandments to the ten habits. think about. its pretty smart. anyways.... i love president. He is soooo called of god. He is my best friend. I have learned so much from him. Today i thought about the country song "Dont blink" Becasue i almost have 10 months... Im almost 20 years old and i feel like it all went by in just one blink of an eye. Since i got here on the mission, im trying hard to keep my eyes open. Becasue i know if i blink... my mission will end and i will be on the plane headed back to Az. Thats life though.. it just goes by too darn fast. The next thing you know ill be bare foot and pregnant. haha No just kidding. Thats not how it will be. President told us, "You have 18 months (or two years) to be a missionary and to use your time wisely here. And then your have ALLLLLLLLLL eternity to look back at what you did, at what you learned, and to think about it all. So dont waste your time." I love this gospel.... I love my family. I love My fater in heaven and his son jesus christ. I love this work. Its the best ever. Im so happy. I hope everyone that way is doing good. I miss you all and you are always in my prayers.! Thankyou for all your love and support! AND HAPPY FATHERS DAY YESTERDAY To all the dads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great week! Nos Vemos! Chau!

I love my life. I love all of your lives too. What is your name.

6-9-14 Hello! How is everyone? Im sure you are all doing great! So am I! I love life! My life, and all of your lives also. It sounds like everyone is doing wonderful! This week was a week to remember. Just like always, the hand of the lord is present in this work. I dont have any doubt. I See him everyday. We see his tender mercies, we see his love, his patience. Every day that im here my testimony grows. I know that he lives and he is helping us in this great work! This week we worked alot with the ward council, home teachers and visiting teachers. This my friends, is SO important! Do your visits and go to ward council! Ah! Its so important that the ward, the missionaries, Heavenly Father work as a team!! Anyways this week we had some super great experiences! one of them, This Friday, we had lunch in hermano biansiottos house. He is awesome. He is the second counselor in the bishopric. He is x military. He has been to africa, and alot of other places too i just cant remember right now. Anyways he is so cool. He is like my dad and he cooks really good. MY POINT. He has his parents that live with him that are REALLY old.. .like 97 or 98 and we got done sharing a lesson with all of them and asked if we could kneel to pray, for those who couldnt kneel down, no problem. And the mom said, Im going to kneel down, becasue i know how important it is. Anyways she began to slowly kneel down. All of were trying to help her... It was SO painful for her to kneel down. She had tears in her eyes and i could just tell she was in so much pain. But she knelt down, and we prayed and afterwards she expressed how grateful she was to kneel down and pray to our father in heaven. It was such a tender moment. And the spirit was so strong. Sometimes kneeling down when we pray seems such a little thing but i know it is SO important. We show our humility before the lord and he sees that. I hope all of you are praying on your knees! Personally, and with your family! its so important! Also, yesterday, i peed my pants. Literally. I coudlnt hold it, OR find a bathroom. It was so embarrassing. I had to go home and change. I thought i would let you guys know. Also, This week when we met with the bishop in his house, we were sitting down and discussing ward matters and all that. And i started thinking about how in preach my gospel it talks about how we should help the bishop with the burdens that he has to carry and all that. And so i started thinking about how exactly we could help the bishop and then it came to me! I said bishop, whats your name? and he said bishop cristaldo and i said but what is your name name... and he said pablo.. And then i said, well we know how bishop cristaldo is, and we know what we can do to help bishop cristaldo but how can we help PABLO? How is Pablo doing??? And he got really quiet and after a while he had tears in his eyes and he said, im tired. And after that we found out that he is having problems with his family and all that. Anyways, the moral of this story is that everyone needs to be asked how they are. EVERYONE needs someone to talk to. The work here in Molino is really growing! Next week are changes and i pray that i can stay! haha I love the people here and the members! Its the second best area here in paraguay! haha I love this work.... did i already say that?!?! Its AWESOME! I love my heavenly father and i know he loves me and everyone of his children! Its great. I love it. I love that he loves me. Anyways, i hope you all have a great week! I have homework for everyone this week!!! Take care of yourselves and take good care of my grandma and grandpa. Please! Alright! I love you all! love, hermana hunt!

I had a dream

6-9-14 My dear mother, Last night i had i dream that i gave you hug and told you i loved you and ALL day today i have been on edge thinking that maybe something at home happened. Im happy and at peace to know you, and my grandma and my granpa and aunt jean are all okay. Today i shared a story about you in a lesson. We taught about love. I cried. I always cry when i start talking about you.. haha dont know why. You have been such a great example to me in my life. I thought today about a few of the things that i did in the past to make you feel bad. And i just wanted to ask you to forgive me.... I am sincerly sorry for everything. From the heart... I love you mom and i hope you know how special you are to me. Never forget it. Take care of your self. I need me mom when i get back. Tell everyone i love them. love, hermana hun

I miss washing machines. Sometimes I want to take a nap

I love you too mom. I miss you alot. and i miss washing machines. Sometimes i want to take a nap.

I can feel the help of your prayers all the time. Paraguay is not hot all year round. Lies all lies.

My dear family and friends.. .Long time no talk. I hope that everyone had a great week and a great memorial weekend! I bet the camp out was awesome. I heard about uncle kirk. I hope that he is okay. We will be praying for him! Other than that, it looks like everyone had a blast from the pictures! 5-26-14 This week has been great! Imserving the lord and loving every minute of it! So i dont know if you all remember how paraguay was supposed to be hot all year round? Lies. Im freezing my rear end off. BUT im still loving every minute of my time here. But i hope that you all still go to church when its freezing because paraguayans do not. Bunch of lazies. Jesus would go to church if it was raining. And this is a concept that they just dont understand yet. Its all good though!! This week we will be having a baptism and we are very happy! Our investigator is Michely, She is 13 years old. Her and all of her family are progressing but she is getting baptized before everyone else. She is amazing.. Her mom called us a few weeks ago and told us on the phone that she walked into michelys room and found her praying on her knees with the book of mormon in her hand. And after she finished her prayer she looked up at her mom and said, mom, this book is true. And after that her mom started going to church. And now we are teaching the whole fmaily. The book of mormon has a ton of power. Power to change lives. I know that with all my heart. I just want to tell everyone thankyou for your support and prayers..I can feel the help of your prayers all the time. I know that the lord is always with us! His angels surround us every day. Im thankful for this gospel... i know its true. I know the book of mormon is the word of God. I know that God has so much patience with us... He gives every day to change. TO become more like our savior. Its always good to examine our lives and see how we are and what we can improve on. ANyways i hope you all have a great week! I love you all! chau © 2014 Microsoft Terms Privacy & cookies Developers English (United States) AdChoices

The topic of Prophets

5-19-14 Hey mom, it was so good to read your message. I LOVE that they gave you the topic of prophets. And i love that you are able to recognize that they give us hope. With out a prophet Noah and his family and all the animals couldnt have been saved. Without a prophet the people of israel couldnt have crossed the red sea to be freed from pharo. Without a prophet we wouldnt have the restored gospel! Without a prophet we wouldnt have the bible, the book of mormon! Without a prophet we wouldnt have modern day revelation... Without a prophet there would be no hope! We need a prophet to lead an guide us. I know that Thomas S. Monson is a true prophet. He has been called of God. He recieves revelation for us today...He talks face to face with our savior jesus christ to know how to lead and guide us. Today...WE are the people of isreal trying to cross the red sea.... And he is guiding us every step of the way. And I KNOW with all my heart that if we listen to his counsels and apply them in our life, WE WILL CROSS THIS RED SEA and we will obtain our promise. We will have eternal life. We will live eternally with our family, and with our father in heaven. I know that president monson will not lead us astray.. So with all that being said, follow the prophet, follow the prophet, follow the prophet, he knows the way! I love you mom! I am so blessed to call you my mom. Thursday was mothers day here and i cried all day. I miss you! haha I am one lucky girl. Your the best! have a great week and good LUCK with your talk! love, hermana hunt

Mothers Day

5-12-14 Hey mom, thankyou so much for your letter! It was so good to see you on saturday! I was so happy to be able to talk to you. You look so happy and so pretty! I also cant belive how fast the time goes by!! its crazy! I have 4 months until i hit a year. haha And then after that i have 6 months left! how nuts! haha I cant believe it! Please tell everyone that it was so good to see them on saturday and that i love them! And have a great week! yo uwill be in mny prayers! love, hermana hunt

Another change in the Mish. Another week of miracles.

5-5-14 Hey everyone, another change down in the mish. I am staying in the same area with the same comp. Hermana Taboada. I am super happy because she is cool.... and we work hard. Another week of miricles has passed. We were blessed to see 13 of our investigators and 13 less actives from our area in the reunion with Elder and sister wilhelm from the 70 on thursday. Then we were able to spend time listening to what Elder and hermana wilhelm had to say the next day.... They dropped the bomb pretty hard. It was awesome. Everything that they had to say was EXACTLY what we needed to hear. I love how they were so clear and direct. We are applying what they reminded us in our every day work. We are seeing alot of progress here in Molino... The asistencias keep going up... 3 weeks ago we had 84 people at church, 2 weeks ago we had 86 and this week we went up to 106! What a miricle... 10 of the investigators that we are teaching were able to participate yesterday along with 13 menos activos. What a blessing... The last song we sang yesterday was called to serve and everyone sang so loud... I felt the spirit so strong. The seats were completely filled... My companion and I know that God is blessing us everyday as we continue to work hard. We are very happy and blessed to be able to be here again in molino another change. We are ready to work even harder. We have set goals and have big plans for this change. I know that this church is true.. Becasue i can feel it in my heart. I know that i am where i am supposed to be. I wouldnt want to be anywhere else. I am right where i want to be and i feel that i am right where God wants me to be as well. I am so thankful for the changes that we are able to make in our lives thanks to our savior jesus christ. Sometimes i cant get over how happy I am that im not the same person i was when i left. I´ve grown so much. My feelings are so bitter sweet. Its like... every week i get a little more sad to know that my mission is halfway through... but then at the same time i get so much drive to work because i know i dont want to go home with regrets. I refuse. I know that this work is important. Whether we are on a mission or not we need to work..I love you all... i hope you all have had a splendid week. Anyways... thats my week. I hope everyone said happy birthday to my mom and my cousin lisa this passed week. I also want to wish my mother... and ALL the mothers in this world a happy mothers day. Congratulations to all for having kids and being cool moms. Also my announcement for this week is that i refuse to turn 20. So, we are skipping my birthday this year. I decided i was not ready to turn 20 this year so i will just do it next year. Thankyou for all your love and support in this. Chau!!!!!!

Monday, April 28, 2014


4-28-14 Hola! I hope that everyones week was just wonderful! I know mine was! This week was full of many miricles. I think its safe to say that it was the best week of my mission... thus far. Lets start with monday in the morning.... I studied in Alma 5 when Alma drills his people with a bunch of questions.... and one question that he asks is if they have experienced a change of heart? and if they have... do they feel to sing the song of redeeming love. I have read this verse a lot but monday it really just felt like God came down and asked me himself. Last week was a rough week... I definately was not feeling like singing the song of redeeming love. hahaha But when i read that verse it was like instantly i changed my attitude, i changed my frown unpside down, and then my whole perspective changed about this work. I had this fire burning inside me.. it was like i didnt want to eat, or sleep. I just wanted to share the gospel! haha And THAT is when my comp and I started seeing the miricles happen. We found out that one of our investigators (eduardo) has read up until jacob 5 in the book of mormon and he doesnt have any doubts that it is true. He has problems with srinking and he says that every time he feels the urge to drink he whips out "the book" and the temptations to drink go away. Another investigator, (that we found this week contacting) named pedro asked a quesiton about the part in the bible that says "i have other sheep which are not of this fold" He said.. "i read that the other day and i thought.. could it be that jesus christ also visted america?"... GOLDEN. haha it was the most spiritual lesson i have ever been a part of. As we taught about the restoration he kept saying, "i just feel that this is true.. i have goosbumps. I know that this is true." It was insane. I had tears in my eyes We had an investigator that came to church sunday.. he hasnt been able to come ever because she works sundays.... so when she walked in she surprised us and said, "i prayed to know if joseph smith was a prophet and the lord told me yes... so i quit my job... i need to be here. i know god will help me find another job." I also spoke in church on sunday WITHOUT notes.. and it went great. we Alsoooo FOUND A FAMILIY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And we are teaching them!!!! and i am so happy! And god is so happy! We have a less active family that we are working with that wants to go to the temple to be sealed but cant seem to keep some of the commandments.... sometimes i want to take their agency away.... but that would be agaisnt the rules. Instead we are doing the best we can and putting our trust in the lord. Maybe he could take away their agency. I dont know. haha just kidding. Anyways i love you all! i hope you all have a great week! keep the comandmets! and remember that the church is true! that god lives, he loves us.. so he sent his son. and for that, we should always be happy! i love you! chau! dont forget to tell my mom happy birhtday! © 2014 Microsoft Terms Privacy & cookies Developers English (United States)


4-21-14 Its all kicks and giggles until they dont show up for their confirmation. Yep. Thats what happened this week. Good ol José showed up for his baptism and we were the happiest people alive. Then sunday he didnt show up for his confirmation and we were the saddest people alive. Talk about an epic fail. The truth is folks, is that this week wasn´t the easiest. Not that im saying missionary work is easy. Becasue who ever says that is a liar. But it wasnt the HAPPIEST week of my life. Yeah... lets say that. But basicallly as of now José is on a "To be continued" note. Anyways... I thought i would get that part of the week out of the way. Happy easter to all! I hope everyone is remembering our savior and coloring eggs! Easter is always great. Its been a great easter week here in Molino. I have not colored eggs.. apperently thats weird here. But i have remembered our savior quite a bit and thats what matters the most. We were able to go to the temple on tuesday as a zone and you all know how much i love to see that temple. haha It was the best. I went in with a lot of questions and came out with alot of answers. It was great to just be at peace for a few hours.. Thinking about this great plan that God has created for us. Being in the temple made me think about how short our time here on earth... and how short a year and a half is. Thursday we found a service project!!! A Member family is haveing problems with the rain in their house so we worked all day helping them. It was such a great day... we are preparing this family to be sealed in the temple! We are praying that they can find it in them to achieve this goal! Sunday we had 20 less active members in church!!!!! It was so great to see them all come. We have been setting goals and working alot with them. It rained alot this week... Like always. At night the thunder wakes me up and our room is lit up from all the lightning... haha light it up! (Lacy taralee that one was for you.) Anyways... I honestly love this gospel! Its true! It has helped me in a billion ways. Thats why i know that it can bless the lives of many others as well. Sometimes missionary work is sad.. And sometimes i get frusterated. Sometimes satan tries to make me think i am a terrible missionary. But then that 5 minutes of discouragement passes and im back on my feet! haha And i know that its because i have the knowledge that God loves us! Even though we arent perfect. So hey, if you ever think you arent perfect... you´re right. But dont let it get you down... everyone is imperfect. And there is always room for improvement. I mean thats why we´re here! Right?! Anyways, i hope you all have a great week. I hope you all can remember to Pray, to read your scriptures, go to church, share your testimony and to always remember our savior, Jesus Christ. Les quiero mucho! Chau!

Monday, March 31, 2014


Hey everyone! Happy week! I have so much to say and hope i can remember all that i have to say. First of all i left my first area (Itaugua) and am now in an area called Molino! With...........ANOTHER PERUVIAN! Hermana taboada! It was really hard to leave Itaugua. haha all the member surprised me with a huge party. It was very unexpected and i may or may not have cried alot. Haha lets talk about that part a little bit.... So i got to a members house thinking we were going to have family home evening and a ton of members were there and my 3 recent converts... with a ton of food.. and they even ordered a cake that said "we love you." In english. haha We got there and ate and then they all started to say good bye... and that was really hard. They all told me how they feel like im part of their family. The bishops wife pointed at bishop lucas and said "He didnt get emotional when i told him i was pregnant.. but he got emotional when he found out you were leaving" It made me feel so loved and grateful. Then the hermana marcelina... who only speaks guarani started talking to me and saying a bunch of stuff that i didnt understand... and she began to cry alot. and hugged me and told me thankyou. Honestly.... It was one of those times when i didnt understand one word she was saying but i could just feel the love that she had in her heart and in her words. Afterwords the bishop translated for me and i wrote it down. She said thankyou for guiding me to find god. Thankyou for loving me and teaching me how to talk to god. I dont want you to leave because You are my best friend... But i will never forget the light that you were in my life. So i cried alot then.... and then at the end my best friend rodrigo ( the second counselor in the bishopric) shoved my face in the cake. ( pictures to come next week.) I am going to miss itaugua but i am super happy to be here in my new area!!!! MOLINO!!! Its an area SUPER purete. Now lets talk about that. So the second day i got here, two member heard that i am a fan of jokes... asi que... they played a big joke on me. A joke that made me cry. haha embarrassing i know... So friday was ward night and my comp said we had to go becasue a member named Linda had a reference for us, her boyfriend. So we get there and she starts telling us how she wants us to talk to her boyfriend and how she wants him to join the church but that he drink and smokes and he is a little messed up in the head. But i just said dont worry, we will do all that we can to talk to him. So i started talking to him and he jsut tore me apart. Lets just say he told me alot of mean things. haha i oculdnt believe all that he was saying to me and i didnt know why my comp AND the elders werent helping me at all. they were all just staring at me. Seriously i have never heard such mean things said to me in my entire life. He just did a very good job of making me feel really bad. So after he made me feel like a piece of poop i "had to go to the bathroom" And i just cried. haha Then when we got home my comp was like, hermana hunt i feel really bad.. i have to tel you something. And she told me that it was a joke. and they are like the most active members in the ward. And i was pretty mad. haha ill be honest.. i was more just relieved to know that there really wasnt someone i had to teach that hated my guts. So the next day when i saw them they said welcome to molino. haha and thats what happend! i will most definately get them back. I just honestly am so happy. Everyday I get more happy to be here and more sad to go home. My time here is going by so fast i cant even believe it. I feel like everytime someone asks me how much time i have left in the mission i add another month on to my time. Its pretty sad. I love the people more and more every day as well as this beautiful gospel. I am so thankful to be here in molino and to help them with their ward. There is alot of work to do in this area... The ward struggles a little bit but we are stoked to be here to help. I already LOVE the members here. There is one family that speaks some wacko tribal language called chamacoco.... its a pretty sick language and i will learn it. Soon. I hope. But the dad was explaining a bunch of stuff about this tribe in the chaco and what the do... and they showed us all these ancient pictures from the chaco... ugh it was so cool. The grandpa lives with them and doesnt speak a lick of spanish... he is pure indian... they said that he is very spiritual and on certain days he paints his face and dresses up and dances in the backyard for like a ritual.. That reminded me of the time grandma mabel played medicine woman. Thats hilarious. There is also a recent convert family that just got baptized and the dad is ridiculous. I cant believe how much he knows and how much he wants to learn. His testimony is so strong....I didnt know him before his baptism but my comp says that he made a huge change. And i like to say he is the next bishop for this ward... he could turn things around here in molino. Its awesoem to see how the gospel turns people into leaders. One thing i have learned is that... we dont need a title to be a leader. We need to be a leader with, or with out the title. We are children of God. What better leadership title can we have?? I am so happy to have the chance to be here in paraguay, to meet so many great people and to try my best to serve them. The truth is, is that i love being here. I am SO grateful to have this gospel in my life. How blessed are we to be a part of such a beautiful work? am i right or am i right??? haha welllll folks thats just about it. Have a great week! talk to you later! remember... give your references to the missionaries! peace and love.

package and letter from grandma

Yeah! Holy moly! It is sooo pretty! Mom, how are you?! have you gotten my letter yet?! I got your package and I LOVED it! I also got the letter from grandma and read it with my companions! haha I love you guys so much! Thankyou thankyou THANKYOU for my package!

My testimony of this gospel grows along with the oils!

3-24-14 Dear Mom I wish i could just call you write now and tell you EVERYTHING. haha Ugh. Anyways, First question. Do i need anything? The truth is, i think im good! Thats the honest truth. I realized that as a missionary the only important thing to me right now is my shoes and they´re doing great. haha i dont know why i was so worried before my mission. hahaha Sencond thing.... its like an answer to my prayers that your checking my account because i had to take out money because someone stole my card.. (Not my personal card my missionary card.) So i had to pull out a little money. But no money got stolen becasue they dont know my pin. Idiots. 2 question, The oils.... Lets just say that as much as my testimony grows in the gospel it grows in the oils also... I have such a testimony of the oils.. I use them ALL the time. and they help WITH EVERYTHING. I am out of lavender. I would LOVE one of those.

This week.....Lets just say we had a spiritual blast!

3-24-14 Hey familiy! This week was great! Like always. Lets just say we had a spiritual blast. Lets catch up on just a few things.... 1. Hermana Braunersrither had lice in her hair for 4 (or more) months. So i spent 4 (or more) hours trying to get it out. Mission accomplished. She is clean. We found two HUGE lice bugs and taped them in a journal. Pictures to come. 2. Last sunday we had 9 investigators in church!!!!!!! It was AWESOME! haha 3. the climate here changed in one day. One day i was dying of heat and the next day it turned cold and now its winter. What in the world. 4. I went on a division with hermana braunersrither and went pee in the jungle because we couldnt find a bathroom. I had to air dry. Its all good. 5. we have been teaching our recent convert to pray for 6 months.... he still doesnt know how. "Heavenly father, we thank thee ask thee our daily bread and jesus has power in his name, amen." but its even more funny in spanish. 6. I am probably leaving my area and im SUPER sad. haha This is home for me.. and all the people here are my family. Bishop, his counselors and i are like best friends. Lets talk about the three of them. First, They are like 3 chets They make fun of me SO much. Out of church, during church, during the announcements in church, in meetings, at lunch, Everywhere... they make fun of me.. 7. i am so grateful to be here in paraguay! basically i love being a missionary! Its so awesome... i want to do it for the rest of my life... im getting a litle obsessed... its alright though. 8. Sorry myletters are always so laaame. Alot of cool things happen but i just cant remember all of them. anyways i love you all i love this gospel.... have a great week. Bye.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I love you Mom.

My dearest mother. I want to just say hello... How are you? I miss you and i love you. Not a day goes by that i dont pray to my heavenly father to watch over you. Things here are so good. I seriously am so happy. I mean i am serving the lord!!! I decided that i want to be a seminary teacher when i get back. The thing is, is that i just NEVER want to stop my mission. haha its going by WAY to fast. This is a decision that will help me for a life time. You have been one of the biggest blessings god has ever given me. I thank my father in heaven for sending me a mother like you. Dont ever forget your worth. You are worth more than you will ever know. God sent you to me.. to strengthen me and be there when i need you the most. I love you and am so thankful for your love and prayers., tell gma and gpa that i love them so... have a great week!

Ya ha tu pa o pe

Hey! How is it going? hope everything is going fantastic where you guys are. Im doing awesome! Like always, things are great here in paraguay! I learned alot like ALWAYS. I learned that a companionship should be just like the bible and the book of mormon. They should compliment each other. I told my companion that and then we started to argue about who was the book of mormon. I won. Also i realized that i want to be a seminary teacher when i grow up. President Whipple, put a good word in for me. The second counselor in my ward who reminds me of nick.... has a 1 year old baby. She drank a really bad bacteria and she is having alot of seizures. (Hope i spelled that right) If you guys could keep her in your prayers that would be great. Also... we have an investigator that has a date to be baptized on the 22! Pray hard for him that he will keep on progressing! Changes are comin up and i have just been a little scared. haha I have been in the same area for almost 6 months so i definately feel like this is my home and all the people are my family. I hope i can stay one more change but if not im so ready to do whatever else the lord has got lined up. Who knows what that is.. The guy is pretty crazy... i never know what he has lined up. haha I just trust him and go with it. This week we found this cool old lady that doesnt have any teeth and doesnt speak a lick of spanish righ well.... i dont know a lot of guarani. I know a phrase here and there. Lie. I only know 1 phrase and its, Ya ha tu pa o pe... which means lets go to church. i guess its a pretty good phrase to know because the lady started crackin up.. Then through out the lesson with her family she kept saying it to me.. .like 7 times. and as she would say this... she would hit me with her sweat rag. hahaha it was hilarious. She was like mabel but i couldnt communicate with her. THis week i learned alot about the atonement, the priesthood. and our house has been having an argument about when exactly dinosaurs were taken form the earth. I am definitely winning this one. Anyways! Im doing great! and im ready for winter here. like seriously im so hot. and tan. haha suckers.... lacy and taralee. im tan and your not. okay well i love you all! i am so grateful for the love and support! I am so grateful for all the prayers that your sending my way! it always is a huge strength for me! i know this gospel is true! I love it, so i share it. I know that the priesthood is the authority of god given to man to act in his name. I know that the book of mormon IS the word of god and i dont have a single doubt in my heart. I love it so i share it. Thats a good phrase i think ill start using it. Its got a ring to it! bye! see you next week!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Teaching some awesome English. Marceline. Reading the Book of Mormon upside down.

Hola! How is everyone this week? I heard you finally got some rain! Ive been asking God to send some of the rain we get here your way, grandpa! Dont worry! I heard that the gilbert temple was blessed and that is AWESOME! That makes me so happy! I hope everyone is staying busy and keeping happy this week! Thats what its all about! This week has been a good week! Like always, I am always teaching, praying and laughing... i teach my companion english and she is picking it up pretty fast. She already knows how to say, 1) my companion is flipping awesome. 2) Why dont you take it easy? and 3) son of a gun. I guess you could say she will be fluent in no time. I also have been making up a lot of games lately. For example.. We have to ride the bus alot right? So i thought i would make up some games to play in the busses. But the rule is that you have to contact someone and invite them to church before you can play. The first game is what i like to call, "Buy it and try it" This is what it is... So there is always people selling random stuff. Like chipa, candy, chocolate, homeade goodies,fresh fruit, cookie bars, just about anything you could imagine.. they walk on the busses and say something along these lines, "Chipaaaaaa chipa chipa 2 mil 2 mil 2 mil chipa chipa 2 mil 2 mil 2 mil.. and they kinda sound like the guy at the fair trying to sell the animals. Then you have to buy it, and try it.. we only play it on pdays... actually today was the first day we played it and we ate some nasty chocoloate thing. We also have other games too but i dont want to write about them. Ill tell you guys some other time. This week We got to have a sleep over with hermana buss! I have actually see her 4 days out of this week and it has been GREAT. She is a stud thats all i know. She gets to have all the adventures... like seeing monkeys and stuff.. yeah. Im always jealous but i know my time will come to and she will be stuck in the city. haha No just kidding. I LOVE my area... Speaking of my area... Good ol Itaugua.. I started here and havent left so i have been able to see the progress that the branch i am in has made. When i first got here we had like 60 to 65 people going to church every sunday... And in this past 5 months we have been working so hard. The missionaries and the members. Our Branch president is great, the mission leader knows how to do his job andis willing to help us in any way he can, the members are always willing to help us... So now, i am pleased to announce that we have been keeping a consistent 120 people going to church every sunday AND yesterday at stake conference we were made a WARD!! I wanted to stand up and start yelling like i would at a volleyball game. hahaha ahh man. Im so grateful to be a servent of the lord. i am so happy top see the blessings that the gospel has in the lives of heavenly fathers children. Well folks i am a little bummed to say that we dont have a lot of investigators to talk about this week. But i do have something else that is just equally important. Its about one of the recent converts that we have.. Marcelina Aguilera. I have seen such a big change in her And i would just like to tell you all a few stories about her. marcelina... She is an old lady and the first time i met her i thought she was the most angry person i ever met. Its because she was. She didnt smile... didnt laugh.. didnt look at me.. And that aint no lie. Well as the spirit taught her we saw a HUGE change.. but it was until a month or two ago that i just realized how much The gospel has changed who she is. She is SO happy. Everytime she sees me she jokes around with me. There is this old guy that lives next to her house and she always says that he is my boyfriend. Its hilarious and disgusting all at the same time. She always gives me the biggest hugs and holds my hand just likemy own grandma.. Anyways one of the first lessons that we ever had with her she told us that she couldnt read. So we had her granddaughter read to her ever night. But the other day we walked to her house and when we got there we saw her and she was sitting out side in a chair and she had a book open "reading" the book of mormon. Well she didnt see us for a long time becasue she was really focused on what she was doing.. so i took a picture. And then i got a little closer and realized the book was upside down but she was still trying so hard to read it. Tears filled my eyes as i saw the desire that she had to read and to learn more about the book of mormon. I mean she cant even read. the book was completely upside down. haha But she just was trying to do what the lord asked her to do. This is just one of the MANY stories i have to tell about the change in marceline. But we'll talk about it another day. I hope you all are taking advantage of your reading ability and you all are reading the book of mormon. I mean, i havent ready a lot of books. I have probably read like 12 (maximum) but the book of mormon is definately the most powerful of them all. It is the best of them all... and by for my favorite of them all. I learn from it every time i read it. So get to reading it! i love you all! have a great week and we'll be speaking laaaater! oh ya... now that everyone knows... I would like to point out that i knew lacy was prego before all of you! how does that make you feel? pretty dumb huh...? haha just kidding. but really. okay bye!

Monday, February 24, 2014

harder than usual week........teaching with the spirit.

Hey mom, i started writing my weekly letter and i just couldnt find the words to say.. so i felt like writing you would be a lot better worth my time. This week has been harder than usual but it has been good. Every week is a good week. I tried focusing alot more in teaching my the spirit... let me just tell ya that teaching goes a whole lot better when im not teaching the lesson and the holy ghost is... haha I miss you alot and i just thought you should know that i have exactly a year left from tomorrow.......... just think about that.... Yeah i know its nuts. In a year from tomorrow i will be home.

my bishops wife is prego! People remind me of home so I won't miss my family.

Hey there you guys! This week has been great like always. I cant say that nothing exciting happened because exciting things happen everyday. I mean come on, this is missionary life. Am i right or am i right? But even though exciting things happen everyday.. when monday comes along i forget 90% of everything that happened. So my letters are always lame. To start off, I would just like to say that i have my family and friends at home... like my mom, dad, step mom, step dad, brothers sisters, lacy, lynne, taralee, tiff, brooke, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins.... But then also i have peolpe here that remind me EXACTLY of the people i have at home. I think God does that so i wont miss my family so much. For example.. The bishop and his wife.. they are definately my chet and lacy here. They are THE BEST. I love them so much. The wife is like my best friend and her name Romina Lucas... Her and her husband have been trying for so long to try and have a baby and like a month or so ago she told us that she had been to the doctor and he told her that it would be impossible for her to get pregnant unless she does this and this and this.. Well friday when we went to her house to eat, bishop was like, my wife is prego! Well keep in mind that he is alot like chet... always pulling my chain and stuff. So i did not believe him... but its true! She is pregnant! And its a miracle..and she is super happy. Anyways This week i wanted to share a little experience about a less active member that we found.. her name is natalia paiz. She has been a member for almost 7 years. We found her contacting and the next day went and visited her. She is having a rough time..she has done a lot of bad things in her life... seriously i could just see that all of her sins were just wieghing her down. She could barely look us in the eyes. I have never seen someone so sad... So thanks to the spirit we felt that we needed to share with her Alma 36 about when alma the younger felt the same exact way... and he just felt so racked with guilt about all of his sins and he just knew he was going to hell he knew that there wasnt any hope for him... Like all he could think about was all the bad things he had ever done... but then... he remembers something that his dad told him.. about a man who came to world to die for the sins of mankind...Jesus Christ. So when alma remembers what his dad told him about jesus christ he prayed for forgiveness and could remember his sins no more.. He was filled with peace and joy and he knew that thanks to the savior of the world, he would be able to return to live with god once again. When she read these scriptures it was like her world turned right around. I have such a strong testimony of the atonement of christ... although i may not know everything about it.. i trust in it. I know that its because of my savior jesus christ that i have been cleansed of my dumb decisions. I know he lives, and i know he loves me. I know he didnt die for us because his dad made him. It was his own choice and he did out of the mercy of his heart. I know he loves us with every ounce of his atoning blood. I know that i am here to testify of him in all things and at all times and in all places. Anyways this is my letter today.... i love you all and just to let you know i almost have completed a half a year and i just dont know what to think about it.

Monday, February 10, 2014

What in the world is a PIQUE'? It's in my toe!! and the Crazy Lady And a baptism woohoo!!

Hey there! How is everybody?! Another change down in the mission but im not going anywhere! Im still in my first area Itaugua training the hermana hernandez. Hermana Braunersrither is staying and she will be training and then Hermana Sanchez.. my best friend is heading out to another town called pal paloma to train and open an area. She will be missed.. But i am so stoked for another change here in Itaugua. Its the best area in the mission for sure. But on another note we had a BAPTISM on saturday!! woo hoo! Rodrigo baez! We are super happy for him! He shared his testimony at the baptism and said that he doesnt have a doubt that this church is true and that the book of mormon is the word of god! Oh i was super happy for him and i know god is stoked for him as well. It was such a special experience. We have been working with him for a long time. I was working with him when i was with hermana villanueva and it was a rolercoaster since day one. haha but we just kept being persistent and kept praying hard for him and look.. we baptized the daylights out of him. All of his family are less actives that are slowly coming back to church but they were just so happy and i was so grateful to be a part of something so special. Pictures to come! So im sure you're wondering about the title to this letter. Dont worry ill explain. So last week i had this little pain in my toe.. but i never have time to examine my feet so i just thought oh well its probably just a sliver or something. So i waited like 3 days and finally decided to take a look at my foot and there was this like black looking blister thing... i was like what in the world.. so then i called in the hermana sanchez to take a look and she tells me i have piqué. Wel shoot, i have no freaking idea what piqué is.. so then she explained it to me and said we need to go to a members house to get it fixed. So then we went to this members house.. we call her juana the loca... becasue she is crazy. and she looked at it and told me that it was one of the biggest piqués that she has seen. And then she yelled at me for not catching earlier.. and then she began the process of getting this thing out of me. So first let me explain what piqué is.. piqué is a little black bug that lives where there is a lot of nasty dogs and a lot of red sand. And hey, what do you know i live where there is a lot of that stuff. Anyways this little bug.. when it gets on your skin, it starts diggin a hole, and every day it digs a little more and a little more then it decides to LAY ITS FREAKING EGGS IN YOUR BODY.... And that is exactly what that little sucker did to me. It crawled in my skin UNINVITED and laid its eggs in my toe. IN MY TOE people.... imagine that. So when juana the loca took that bug, and half the skin on my toe with a needle.. all of its little eggs came popping out as well. She gave me the napkin to see all the came out. It was quite the sight to see. So that is what happened with my week.. It was ´pretty great. Im excited for this next change... I feel like its just another oportunity i have to be a lot better. There is always room for improvement. ALWAYS. but i read the cooooooooleest quote this week that i am most definately going to share with you guys.. "We are not obedient because we are blind, we are obedient because we can see." Think about it people......... think about it! okay i love you all have a great week! see ya! © 2014 MicrosoftTermsPrivacyDevelopersEnglish (United States) © 2014 MicrosoftTermsPrivacyDevelopersEnglish (United States)

Monday, February 3, 2014


Hey everyone! I just thought i would let everyone know that i bought my first souvenir today. The coolest hat in the world. Do i look good in it? No. Do people maybe point and laugh as im walking down the street? Yes. Do i care? Yeah maybe just a little. But the thing is, is that i never use sunscreen.... and i never get burnt i just tan. Except in one place. The back of my kneck.. But i refuse to use sunscreen in this humidity so i chose a hat. Or more like a sombrero. Pictures to come people... dont worry. So this week has been good. We learned how to do Nañduti today. We found some kick-bum investigators! We felt the spirit alot! We have a baptism this week! We had some scary experiences that i am choosing not to share for the sake of my parents. And i studied 2 of the coolest stories in the bible and they just blew my mind. Lets see.. what else happened. The family that was progressing so well broke my heart. The villagra family. So if you could keep them in your prayers we would be so graetful!! Okay i know that some of you dont want to here my thoughts on these two AWESOME bible stories... but just keep reading and i promise you wont regret it... So the first story...... Abraham! the prophet! Seriously he was a Stud--muffin. He had one kid named Isaac and he loved him with every fiber of his being. Just like a parent should love his child. And the lord commanded abraham to sacrifice his only son. Now just take one second and imagine if the lord commanded all you padres out there to sacrifice your kid. okay anyways... so to be quick here abraham was obedient to the lord. He did exactly what the lord commanded him. I know without a doubt that it was not easy for Abraham.. haha but he was completely submissive to the will of the lord. In the end the lord says woah woah okay... now i know that your obedient dont kill your son.. But then after the lord tells him that he will be blessed for forever.. Him, and all of his descentants. (Pretty sure i spelled that wrong) I dont know... but i want to be comepletely submissive to the will of the lord. but my time is up and i got to go... okay we will talk more about this later! choa

Monday, January 27, 2014

I'm a changed woman.....ok ok maybe a changing woman.

Hey there family. This week was great like always. I dont have too much to write about and i dont have alot of time. But we have a few investigators progressing. Were planning on teaching, and baptizing the daylights out of each one of them. We have Rodrigo Baez, Ramona Pavon, The familia villagra, pablo... they are our investigators. And then we have our less actives the family segovia, valdez, sergio, baez, and govilon. If you all could just give them a shout out to the big man upstairs we would be so grateful! I just have to say that i am a changed woman! Okay I still lack a lot so maybe i should say, I am a changing woman... Im in the process. I have such a testimony of this gospel and of this work! Its literally perfect. Every day I realize more and more how dang perfect this gospel is and how dang perfect God is. Its awesome. Last night i was laying in bed thinking about this work and i thought man... how cool would it be to do this my whole life?? And then i thought, duh hermana hunt. You can. You dont have to be serving a mission to be a missionary. I love this work and i know that every member is a missionary. Seriously the work here in this little town of Itaugua is really moving along. The members are always willing and asking to go to lessons with us, the bishop and his counselors are so invloved with the missionary work... our ward is literally like a big family. Yesterday after church we all met up at the chapel and like 25 sisters in the relief society showed up to go and visit every less active member in this town. Every sunday these members have more and more references for us. Its amazing. Its showed me exactly what this work is all about.. These people arent scared to share the gospel. If you can think of a friend, a family member, less actives... give those elders something to do! Give them your references! Help them with their lessons. Hold the missionary lessons in your home. This week as ive thought so much about all this i think about all the people that i should have shared the gospel with before the mission but i didnt.. but its alright ive still got time to open my mouth. haha Thankyou all for all your love and support! thankyou for your prayers and remember i love you and so does god.!!! Choa! and by the way has someone talked to lynne gaylor????? I really would like to speak to her at some point in my mission. Pretty sure they think i have forgotten them. okay! choa!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hotter than infierno!! Just how many cows can one person eat!!! All in all I'm doing pretty solid!

Hey everybody! How is the US?! Im sure everyone is just doing great! Another week down in the mishhhhh.... with my comp, hermana hernandez. Things are going pretty good. Its still hot and i still eat enough meat for the whole town of heber. Like seriously, sometimes i wonder... how many cows will i have eaten by the time i finish my mission? But anyways i guess you could say that im doing pretty solid.. This week was hotter than infierno. We walked all over the place working with everyone that we could so that we could get them to church sunday. We havent had a single investigator in church for the past month... I honestly didnt know what we were doing wrong. Everyone would say Yeah! We will be there sunday for sure! dont worry! but then they never would come. I came to the conclusion that so far my mission has been like a boyfriend... ive get led on for a few weeks or months and then boom... my heart gets broken. But yesterday people.... we had 6 investigators at church... yeah you heard right 6 investigators. And then 6 less active members. It was a miricle stright from the big man upstairs. We havent had a single investigator in church for like a month. I was getting pretty flustered. But God sure lifted up my spirit yesterday for suuuure. There wasnt enough room for people to sit in the classes so all the missionaries had to leave. The bishop was running aroung trying to figure out what to do.. poor guy. haha So we ended up taking it outside.. haha so we had our classes under the mango trees yesterday. Pretty great.. I seriously am so grateful for my father in heaven and all that he does for me. I am so thankful for the knowledge than i have of his plan for every one of us. My heart is at peace to know that if i keep the commandments and always to my part, the lord will bless me. I am so grateful for all of you and for the support that you all give me. Thanks for everything! Stay busy and keep happy! BYE!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Never ask the Lord Why.......repent..... get on your knees and pray. Alma 26:22

Hello there family.. how are all of you? This week was pretty interesting. Honestly One of the hardest weeks of my mission thus far. But from my life experience, the hardest times are the times when we learn the most. Hermana villanueva left, most of our investigators broke my heart, and i recieved my new comp... Hermana Hernandez. Lets start with hermana villanueva. Well I didnt cry at all when i had to say goodbye becasue things were pretty crazy and we had to get going... it wasnt until i got to the second day without hermana villanueva that I realized she was gone. At first it just felt like a division with another missionary. haha She was seriously the best trainer that i could have asked for but at the same time we were best friends. We worked hard and played hard. She wrote me from Peru today and said that she is with her parents and she is happy. She is doing super good in peru and there is no doubt in my mind that God has lots of blessings waiting for her. One day we will be able to see each other once again. So if someone could be on the look out for her future husband in Arizona i would really apreciate it. Thankyou. Now for my new comp hermana hernandez. She is aweful. HAHA JUST KIDDING!!!!! She is great! She is from peru... Go figure. haha She is 4 years older than me and she says she can cook. I´ll believe when i see it. haha She likes to work.. and i like that. She has a very tender heart and is very loving, kind and obedient. I like that too. She has a very soft voice... The complete opposite to hermana villanueva haha that will take some adjusting. But one thing that hermana villanueva always told me is that Every companion is perfect for you. I know hermana hernandez is perfect for me and that we are going to learn alot in the next 3 months of her training. And as for our investigators... Right now we dont have anyone progressing. Satan is working hard on the hearts of each one of the investigadors.Yes, The work this week was slow because of the change.. But DONT WORRY! All is going to be just fine. We are gonna work our hind ends off this coming week and you can bet your boots that the work will pick back up. But seriously people, this week was rough and there was a time when i asked God why. Why in the world did you call me to train? I felt so inadequate and so confused. haha Then, Hermana Sanchez knocked some sense into me. She came in my room and said "Hermana Hunt! Su respuesta esta en las escrituras! Arrodillarse, ore a dios, y abre sus escrituras! Aqui va estar su respuesta!" your answer is in the scriptures! Get on your knees, say a prayer and open up your scriptires. So then i did and what do you know... the page i opened to was Alma 26:22. If you could all go read that i would appriciate it. So then the next day i explained to hermana sanchez what happened and what was the scripture i found and she read it and she said, "Now, you need to repent." And i was like waht? why? and she said, "becasue you asked God why. Never question the will of the lord. Repent, Have faith, do good works, and pray always. And God will reveal his mysteries to you. Remeber what hermana villanueva taught you. She didnt teach you to be weak, she taught you to be strong." So basically.... i felt like simba from the lion king when the monkey hits him on the head with a stick. So this week i learned not to ask God why. Remember that he has a plan for each of us and that we should NEVER quesiton his will. I love all of you and miss you all dearly! Have a great week! Choa

Faith Goimarac served in Rachels mission. Returned home in October of last year.

Rachel's new companion!! Her first trainee. Hrh Neenerita posted this picture for me! She is awesome!! They are both so cute! Hermana Villanueva comments on the pic!!!

Rachel's awesome first trainee in the mission field! Sister Monica Villanueva!!! She is home back in Peru. This is a precious picture of them both.