Monday, February 24, 2014

harder than usual week........teaching with the spirit.

Hey mom, i started writing my weekly letter and i just couldnt find the words to say.. so i felt like writing you would be a lot better worth my time. This week has been harder than usual but it has been good. Every week is a good week. I tried focusing alot more in teaching my the spirit... let me just tell ya that teaching goes a whole lot better when im not teaching the lesson and the holy ghost is... haha I miss you alot and i just thought you should know that i have exactly a year left from tomorrow.......... just think about that.... Yeah i know its nuts. In a year from tomorrow i will be home.

my bishops wife is prego! People remind me of home so I won't miss my family.

Hey there you guys! This week has been great like always. I cant say that nothing exciting happened because exciting things happen everyday. I mean come on, this is missionary life. Am i right or am i right? But even though exciting things happen everyday.. when monday comes along i forget 90% of everything that happened. So my letters are always lame. To start off, I would just like to say that i have my family and friends at home... like my mom, dad, step mom, step dad, brothers sisters, lacy, lynne, taralee, tiff, brooke, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins.... But then also i have peolpe here that remind me EXACTLY of the people i have at home. I think God does that so i wont miss my family so much. For example.. The bishop and his wife.. they are definately my chet and lacy here. They are THE BEST. I love them so much. The wife is like my best friend and her name Romina Lucas... Her and her husband have been trying for so long to try and have a baby and like a month or so ago she told us that she had been to the doctor and he told her that it would be impossible for her to get pregnant unless she does this and this and this.. Well friday when we went to her house to eat, bishop was like, my wife is prego! Well keep in mind that he is alot like chet... always pulling my chain and stuff. So i did not believe him... but its true! She is pregnant! And its a miracle..and she is super happy. Anyways This week i wanted to share a little experience about a less active member that we found.. her name is natalia paiz. She has been a member for almost 7 years. We found her contacting and the next day went and visited her. She is having a rough time..she has done a lot of bad things in her life... seriously i could just see that all of her sins were just wieghing her down. She could barely look us in the eyes. I have never seen someone so sad... So thanks to the spirit we felt that we needed to share with her Alma 36 about when alma the younger felt the same exact way... and he just felt so racked with guilt about all of his sins and he just knew he was going to hell he knew that there wasnt any hope for him... Like all he could think about was all the bad things he had ever done... but then... he remembers something that his dad told him.. about a man who came to world to die for the sins of mankind...Jesus Christ. So when alma remembers what his dad told him about jesus christ he prayed for forgiveness and could remember his sins no more.. He was filled with peace and joy and he knew that thanks to the savior of the world, he would be able to return to live with god once again. When she read these scriptures it was like her world turned right around. I have such a strong testimony of the atonement of christ... although i may not know everything about it.. i trust in it. I know that its because of my savior jesus christ that i have been cleansed of my dumb decisions. I know he lives, and i know he loves me. I know he didnt die for us because his dad made him. It was his own choice and he did out of the mercy of his heart. I know he loves us with every ounce of his atoning blood. I know that i am here to testify of him in all things and at all times and in all places. Anyways this is my letter today.... i love you all and just to let you know i almost have completed a half a year and i just dont know what to think about it.

Monday, February 10, 2014

What in the world is a PIQUE'? It's in my toe!! and the Crazy Lady And a baptism woohoo!!

Hey there! How is everybody?! Another change down in the mission but im not going anywhere! Im still in my first area Itaugua training the hermana hernandez. Hermana Braunersrither is staying and she will be training and then Hermana Sanchez.. my best friend is heading out to another town called pal paloma to train and open an area. She will be missed.. But i am so stoked for another change here in Itaugua. Its the best area in the mission for sure. But on another note we had a BAPTISM on saturday!! woo hoo! Rodrigo baez! We are super happy for him! He shared his testimony at the baptism and said that he doesnt have a doubt that this church is true and that the book of mormon is the word of god! Oh i was super happy for him and i know god is stoked for him as well. It was such a special experience. We have been working with him for a long time. I was working with him when i was with hermana villanueva and it was a rolercoaster since day one. haha but we just kept being persistent and kept praying hard for him and look.. we baptized the daylights out of him. All of his family are less actives that are slowly coming back to church but they were just so happy and i was so grateful to be a part of something so special. Pictures to come! So im sure you're wondering about the title to this letter. Dont worry ill explain. So last week i had this little pain in my toe.. but i never have time to examine my feet so i just thought oh well its probably just a sliver or something. So i waited like 3 days and finally decided to take a look at my foot and there was this like black looking blister thing... i was like what in the world.. so then i called in the hermana sanchez to take a look and she tells me i have piqué. Wel shoot, i have no freaking idea what piqué is.. so then she explained it to me and said we need to go to a members house to get it fixed. So then we went to this members house.. we call her juana the loca... becasue she is crazy. and she looked at it and told me that it was one of the biggest piqués that she has seen. And then she yelled at me for not catching earlier.. and then she began the process of getting this thing out of me. So first let me explain what piqué is.. piqué is a little black bug that lives where there is a lot of nasty dogs and a lot of red sand. And hey, what do you know i live where there is a lot of that stuff. Anyways this little bug.. when it gets on your skin, it starts diggin a hole, and every day it digs a little more and a little more then it decides to LAY ITS FREAKING EGGS IN YOUR BODY.... And that is exactly what that little sucker did to me. It crawled in my skin UNINVITED and laid its eggs in my toe. IN MY TOE people.... imagine that. So when juana the loca took that bug, and half the skin on my toe with a needle.. all of its little eggs came popping out as well. She gave me the napkin to see all the came out. It was quite the sight to see. So that is what happened with my week.. It was ´pretty great. Im excited for this next change... I feel like its just another oportunity i have to be a lot better. There is always room for improvement. ALWAYS. but i read the cooooooooleest quote this week that i am most definately going to share with you guys.. "We are not obedient because we are blind, we are obedient because we can see." Think about it people......... think about it! okay i love you all have a great week! see ya! © 2014 MicrosoftTermsPrivacyDevelopersEnglish (United States) © 2014 MicrosoftTermsPrivacyDevelopersEnglish (United States)

Monday, February 3, 2014


Hey everyone! I just thought i would let everyone know that i bought my first souvenir today. The coolest hat in the world. Do i look good in it? No. Do people maybe point and laugh as im walking down the street? Yes. Do i care? Yeah maybe just a little. But the thing is, is that i never use sunscreen.... and i never get burnt i just tan. Except in one place. The back of my kneck.. But i refuse to use sunscreen in this humidity so i chose a hat. Or more like a sombrero. Pictures to come people... dont worry. So this week has been good. We learned how to do Nañduti today. We found some kick-bum investigators! We felt the spirit alot! We have a baptism this week! We had some scary experiences that i am choosing not to share for the sake of my parents. And i studied 2 of the coolest stories in the bible and they just blew my mind. Lets see.. what else happened. The family that was progressing so well broke my heart. The villagra family. So if you could keep them in your prayers we would be so graetful!! Okay i know that some of you dont want to here my thoughts on these two AWESOME bible stories... but just keep reading and i promise you wont regret it... So the first story...... Abraham! the prophet! Seriously he was a Stud--muffin. He had one kid named Isaac and he loved him with every fiber of his being. Just like a parent should love his child. And the lord commanded abraham to sacrifice his only son. Now just take one second and imagine if the lord commanded all you padres out there to sacrifice your kid. okay anyways... so to be quick here abraham was obedient to the lord. He did exactly what the lord commanded him. I know without a doubt that it was not easy for Abraham.. haha but he was completely submissive to the will of the lord. In the end the lord says woah woah okay... now i know that your obedient dont kill your son.. But then after the lord tells him that he will be blessed for forever.. Him, and all of his descentants. (Pretty sure i spelled that wrong) I dont know... but i want to be comepletely submissive to the will of the lord. but my time is up and i got to go... okay we will talk more about this later! choa