Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Come Come Ye Saints

8-18-14 Hey there family! Whats up?! I hope everyone had a great week! I know i did! We had like a billion meetings and lots of divisions! And guess what?! Hermana buss and I were comps for a day! Sweet huh?! We tore it up. haha We contected a whole Bus AND we stopped a soccer game to contact them too.. haha It was awesome! Its crazy how God just suddenly gives us the courage to talk to his children.. even they were not so happy that we stopped their soccer game. Esta bien. Anyways this week we also found a lady that is reading the book of mormon!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!! My comp found her when she went on a division...she is so cool! her name is georgelina! and she has 3 kids.. her little boy is SO cute. He reminds me so much of seth! we stil dont have anyone that wants to go to church but little by little! haha A few weeks ago we didnt even have anyone who wanted to listen! So we are getting there! i can feel it! haha Yesterday after church it was seriously so hot! and we were walking and knocking... walking and knocking... walking and knocking.. and finally when we didnt have any other options the lord led us to a members house. The hermana riveros. Anyways... she is seriously amazing and i want to tell you her story. so this couple is Guillermo and margarita riveros... and one day come knocking, two sister missionaries.. they fall in love with the gospel and get baptized... the dad becomes the stake president,his sons serve missions and they all become a part of the church history here in paraguay and then one day he starts changing and they find out he has alzheimers and he got worse and worse and now he is in a bed and doesnt do anything but they there and his wife takeds good care of him. He cant communicate, he doesnt recognize anyone... not even his wife. Its just a sad situation... but yesterday we had the amazing opportunity to meet him. I kid you not... as we entered his room where he was... the spirit was SO strong. I had tears in my eyes right away.. I have never felt so close to God in my life. I just wanted to talk to him SO bad... I asked him a few questions but his wife kept telling me that he didnt understand anything... but i felt so different. I felt like he understood everything i was saying. So then we asked if we could sing him a hymn and asked her what his favorite song was and she said Come come ye saints.. so we sang and it was so hard because we were trying not to cry... haha anyways at the end, we got up and i stood my hand out to shake his hand and again his wife said, he doesnt understand... but then he took my hand, and smiled big, and touched my head... then i asked him if we could come back and he shook his head yes. Anyways, the hermana cried and cried and cried... she said that it had been so long since he communicated with someone. Ugh he was so cool. My comp and i couldnt quit crying. haha We got a book of the church history in praguay last year for christmas and he wrote in it... and talked about the hermanas that visited him and his family... he said, "They had nothing but truth in their eyes. They never doubted what they testified." Seriously.... i want to be that missionary. I pray that The people we contact and teach can see the truth in our eyes. I hope that every time you all can share your testimony that you dont doubt... becasue this church is true! Jesus christ lives. God is our heavenly father. And they love us. I love you all! i hope you all have a wonderful week! Love hermana hunt!

So many single moms.....

8-11-14 I LOVE THIS. It takes me back... Mom have i told you lately that i love you? YOu are the BEST mom i have ever had. We talk to so many people every day... and there is so many single moms here. So anytime they say, yeah i am a single mom.. i testify of you. I tell them, my mom was a single mom for a really long time and it was hard for her... but she got throguh it thanks to jesus christ and the church. and the listen... i love you mom. You have taught me everything i know. I love our star flowers. Dont ever stop sending me pictures and quotes. I love the quote for this week. And the miricle in my life today has been wade. I am so thankful god sent him in our life. Just when we needed him the most. Heavenly father loves us. i love you mom! love, hermana hunt

I love this work

8-11-14 Hey there family! I hope everyone had an amazing week! I know that i did. Every minute here is such a blessing! I dont have the words to explain how i feel. I just feel really really grateful. I remember a time before the mission when i felt SO overly blessed that i got down on my knees and asked my heavenly father to send me a trial. haha THATS how blessed i felt and thats how blessed i feel now. The Lord never stops blessing me... He is amazing. THis week was such a great week! Remember how i told you guys that we live in a super chuchi area where no one wants to listen to us? Well THIS week... we found 4 GREAT PEOPLE! Woo hoo! Lets talk about each one.... 1. Wendy... We found her just knocking houses DESPERATE to find someone. The lord sent her right to us. She is great. she is a young single mom with a little boy that is 9 years old who is deaf and special but SOOO cute and special. Wendys brother died 4 years ago also.. so i guess you could say that she has gone through alot. She is super guapa. I loved her a first sight. We are praying the she will progress! Keep her in your prayers! 2. Belen... So this chick is golden. She was a reference from a member and pretty much taught US the restoration. SHe is most definatly prepared for this gospel. FOr SURE. Ah! I was so happy to find her. I almost just gave her a big hug. I wanted to just tell her.. listen, you are gonna be a great leader in the church mam. But we had to go. Keep her in your prayers! PLEASE ! 3. Emilio.. he is old. But he is cool. He has baptism date. haha! But he didnt go top church yesterday. DOnt worry though... he will go. We went by this morning to share with him andhe was like, HERMANAs! i cant share right now im gonna leave! BUt im reading your book! i like it alot! and he started to tell us his favorite parts thus far.. I was Soooooo happy. he is cool. 4. Raquel. She was just a contact today no mas. We started talking to her and she was like yaa... i go to the baptist church and this and this... and right now im kinda looking for work.. and my comp was like. We are representatives of jesus christ! and we promise that if you go to our church you will find work.. and when she was saying all that i was looking at her and praying so hard that we could touch the heart of this lady... and the next thing i know i look over at the lady to start talking and she was ballling! And i was like woah... what happened? And she was like... i need a change in my life and this and that... anyways... It was so wonderful. The spirit just gets ya sometimes..... It gets me all the time. sometimes out of no where i start feeling the spirit and BOOM im balling my eyes out. Its totally normal... that reminds me... There is a lady in my last area, aurelia. She is a memeber and she is having a big trial right now. But when we started helping her and what not... She told me one time, '' I cant cry, its like i forgot "' And we sat there for a good while.... and i told her, you gotta cry... just get it out. you have been holding it for way to long. and she started balling... i just got a letter from her yesterday and she said, thankyou for teaching me how to cry again.. i feel like i really found myself again... anyways... I dont know if you guys know heremana fuller? The mission nurse? She is AMAZING. And american. And she invited over the other night to eat good american food. She is my best friend. I told her that im not gonna get married so that her and i can be comps in the future.. but she doesnt want to. I dont know why., its cool though. ANyways,, I LOVE YOU ALL! I am so thankful for all you do. Your prayers really help me. Seriously i feel the power of your prayers. THaknyou for everything! I know with out a doubt that our savior lives. His atonement can be used for everything. He knows us. He loves us. And he wants to help us. I always get a peaceful feeling inside when i realize that he WANTs to help us. He just waits for us to accept his help. I love you all and i hope you all have a great week! Chau!

Sister Leader Trainer and Transfers~~

7-28-14 My dearest family and friends,I finally have time to write!! First of all sorry for all these past weeks that i have only written one sentance. Things have been pretty crazy but i finally have time today! But... Things are just getting crazier and crazier here in the Paraguay Asuncion North Mission. Haha Sometimes I God just confuses me... But im learning to trust in him more and more every day. Lets start with this great work! All of our recent converts are doing awesome! They are super active! Michely will be entering in the temple soon just to do baptisms BUT its still a big step and she is such a great example for her family! Then Elda and Mameri are rockin it. Mameri recieved the aaronic priesthood yesterday and he is so happy! He will be recieving his first calling this coming sunday. Anyways... They are doing so great. Did i ever tell you they are chamacocos? Like native indians... The live in this little community of indians from the chaco called API... And we got to take pictures this past week of api... becasue they painted this wall super super cool of all this stuff from the chaco. (Pictures to come.) Anyways i love them... And their kids too. They are GREAT! This past week was full of miricles... we found a lot of new people to teach that are really interested in the gospel and we have just been working hard to get them to church! This week I have felt so strongly that every person we talk to, or every person that we teach i am supposed to learn from them. And let me tell ya... I am learning. I love learning. Anyways now lets talk a little bit about changes.. Im leaving this area, and I will be going to an area called campo grande, to be the new sister leader trainer with sister gutierrez. The sister leader trainer is like an asistent to the president but we are in charge of all the sisters in the mission instead of elders. Obvious. Anyways... president called me last night and when i saw that it was him who was calling i didnt want to pick up... but i did anyways and he said, "hermana hunt.. how are you? (he starts with a little small talk) Anyways i just finished up with changes and as you know we are losing two great sister leaders... they will be going home soon and i God has called you to be the new sister leader trainer. Would you be able to accept this calling?" I just froze.... And of course i said yes. I mean duh... But lets just say last night was a sleepless night. haha My mind has been going a hundred miles an hour and i feel so inadequate. haha i dont understand right now why the lord called me? Anyways last night after president called i knelt down and first just gave thanks to my heavenly father for this great opportunity but then i just explained to him that im scared out of my mind.... and i just got a feeling to read my patriarchal blessing and all i know people.... is that I better get ready to learn. haha Anyways i just want to tell you all thankyou for all your love and support. There is no doubt in my mind that my strength every day and my willingness to work hard comes from the prayers that you all shoot up to the man upstairs. Thankyou for loving me! I hope you ALL know... I mean Everyone of you... that i love you and i will forever be in debt to all of you, My heavenly father, and my savior jesus christ. You all be strong! Keep fighting! Have a great week! and remember we are children of a KING! woo hoooooo!!!!!! CHAUCITO!

I'm a sister Leader Trainer!!! Felicita When I go to church I feel a little bit cleaner.....Jesus Christ Let him in.

7-28-14 My dearest mother... I just want to thankyou this week. Because i know i couldnt be where i am todya with out EVERYTHING that you have taught me. You have taught me so much and i apply all that you teach me every day. It has become a great strength to me... This week i wanted to share a story with you..... Yesterday we went to visit a member named felicita. Felicitia has been a member for 4 years. And its been 5 years since she had a really bad accident. She has some kind of sickness that makes her faint or fall our of no where.. Well 5 years ago she fell into a hot burning pan of oil while cooking and burnt her entire face... as we talked with her and heard her story and all she had to say, i just felt the spirit so strong. She testified of jesus christ and of the change that he has made in her.. She said "I sometimes feel embarrassed to leave my house for the way i look, and sometimes i get discouraged... but i ALWAYS go to church. I cant miss a day at church. since the day i got baptized and every time i go to church, it seems like im just a little bit cleaner. and its all thanks to jesus christ and god the father." I love the scripture that says even if we have a little faith, even if its just a desire to believe we should let that desire work in us. And i testiy that if we do that, if we let jesus christ in even just a little bit, he will make the great change. I have got a lot way to go... alot of changes to make. But i know that anything is possible if we just let him in. I invite you mom to let him in! I love you so much and i know that God loves you. You are my favorite, mom. My best friends. have a great week and dont forget how much i love you! ps did you like the photos i sent? do i look fat? let me know. And what do you think that im sister leader trainer now? okay bye


7-14-14 My dearest, kindest mother..... today has been a long day and we havent had a lot of time to write.. but i just want you to know that i love you and always think about you and that my letter next week will be so much better! forgive me! you are always in my prayers. thanks for all you do! love tu hija, hermana hunt