Monday, June 30, 2014

20 years have passed......

6-30-14 my dear mom..... Wow.... 20 years has passed.. I can hardly belive it. But i am so very grateful to have spent it with you on my side. You are the best present that i could have ever asked for! Seriously i dont know how god has blessed me with such a great mom, and a great fmaily! I cant even believe that i have only 8 months left. It is unbelieveable. I could have made it this far without you mom. You have been my strength through all of this. I cant thank you enough for all that you have done for me. You be strong mom. You keep going, And you dont ever quit! I love you, more than words can say have a great week and ill see you soon! love, hermana hunt!

Happy 20th.....19th.....silly girl your 20

Hey everyone! I just wanted to start out by letting everyone know that my 19th birthday here in Parauguay has been Fabulous. Thankyou EVERYONE! for the birthday wishes and all that good stuff... I havent recieved the packages that you all sent... but i called the elder in the office and told him to open it and tell me what was in it... He didnt listen to me. So i will have to wait to get them! All good All good.. Anyways, Today was spent at pizza hunt with almost all my best friends here in the mish. Hermana Buss, hermana Wittaker, and hermana b... couldnt. Because she is lame. Anyways it was a good time. Im blessed to have such good friends here. Anyways, this passed week was awesome, like always. The beginging of the week was super sick. We found alot of great people! We found another family! We´ll see what happens with them.. 6-30-14 We have a guy,... his name is Richard. He is the boyfriend to a less active member. He has two little girls that love me. And HE IS AWESOME. He asked us what he needs to do to be baptized and we told him, get married to your partner and he wants too but his wife doesnt. Thats a big problem. But we are working with them! Dont worry! We had FHE the other day and we talked about family prayer and we made prayer rocks. It was SO much fun. They are progressing so well. I love watching these people grow. I know they will grow to be great leaders of the church. We have been in a little slump. Wondering what to do with all the less actives that just dont have the desires to go back to church. We sat with them and read the book of mormon Every other day for two weeks and this sunday we saw that it worked. I swear that book can change lives. Overall everything has been pretty good! I hope everyone is doing good! You all be happy and keep on keepin on! I love this gospel and ALL that it offers. We are so blessed to have the fulness of the gospel in our lives! I love you all and hope you have a great week. Chau!

Best Friends.

6-23-14 Hey mom! Did I tell you that my comp is from colorado springs!? Yep. And also i cant believe you saw a moose. Im so jealous! Thats awesome! I bet you had a blast with nick and his wonderful family! Well I can honestly say mother dear that i miss ya. There is not a day that goes by that i dont think, "Wow... Why didnt i love my mom more?" And thats the truth! I LOVE YA! Your the best. I really dont think i can think of a better mom. I have got the best one! Mom, thankyou for your love for your support and for always being my best friend. Even when sometimes i wasnt your best friend... You were always mine. But dont worry! i have the rest of my life to make it up to ya! We will be the best of friends for all of eternity! I hope you have a great week. Tell, my good ol papa wade that i said i love him and that he is my best friend too. And tell him thankyou. For all he does for me!

Hermana Luts from Colorado Springs. Feeling love.

6-23-14 Hey Family! Another week has gone by! This first week with the hermana luts was SO different! haha But it was great and my love for her grows more and more each day! She is great and i am so blessed to have her as my companion. I know God knows what he is doing! We are ready to learn and ready to work! By the way she is from colorado!!!!!! (NIck and Jess) The invesigators are doing good! And the menos activos as well. We have A LOT of work to do with ech one of them but the memebers and us are ready to get to work together! We had a meeting yesterday that really helped the members in the ward. They were very pumped and excited to get to work. This week was a good week. The transistion was really different.. But i am so blessed to be where i am. I am so blessed to have the spirit. I have learned that without the spirit we cant do anything. That hermana luts, hermana hunt, and the spirit need to work as a team or we arent going to see progress. Yesterday in the meeting i learned 2 things really importnat that i wrote down in my agenda. 1) Love, If we dont have it, we will not have success. THATS SO TRUE! So this week i have started to pray for love. Love for my comp, for my savior, for the members, for the people we teach, and for myself. If we dont feel a sincere love for every one of these people we will not be successful. 2) We cant be okay with where we are. I LOVE THIS. We cant be okay with where we are. We cant say okay, ive done all i can and now im done. THere is always room for more work! THis work is important! And we have to progress! We cant be satisfied with where we are until we have accomplishedd ALL that the lord has commanded us! I love this work. I LOVE my heavenly father and my savior jesus christ. Im so happy that i have finally opened my heart to accept what he did for me. I hope and pray that we as memebers of this church can be instruments in the hands of God so that the hearts of MANY people can open! I pray that they will be able to feel the joy that comes from our savior jesus christ! And i invite all of you to open your hearts to accept all that our savior has done for us! have a great week everyone! chau!

Heading to another area! Good habits. The ten commandments The ten habits.

6-16-14 Hey! Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great week. I know i did. I learned so much. Sometimes im so surprised at how much my brain can take. Haha Becasue every week i learn more and more and yet.. i still have so much space to fit more learning in there. haha Well another change has gone by.... And its sad to say that hermana taboada will be heading to another area and i will be staying here in molino. And its even more sad to say that my peruvian streak has ended. This change i will be getting the hermana luts, an american. I dont know anything about her. Only that she has red hair and that God called her to be my companion. So im happy. And a little sad at the same time. Chau peruanas! But hey, God is perfect, so he gave me the perfect companion. Thats all that matters! Anywho... Molino is progressing alot! I dont know if i told you about the fmaily ortega that we found a few weeks ago? Well They are AWESOME. I love them with all of my heart. The family Ortega! They rock my socks for reals. One of the boys in the family is getting baptized this saturday! Keep Alejandro Ortega in your prayers so that everything will go good this week! Anyways speaking of families... the other day we were walking home at night and we saw this super cute family... the mom and the dad were walking with their 2 kids. and they were all holding hands... SO of course me and my comp both thought, "Golden." And whta did we do? We passed them. I dont know why so dont ask. But we passed them and i just felt horrible... so then i turned around and started running after them. And we stopped them to talk for a little bit and yesterday we went to their house and had a lesson!!!!!!!!!!! THEY ARE AWESOME! God is so merciful. I mean we passed by them.. That should NOT have happened. But he blessed us anyways. he is so awesome. Anyways... we had a zone meeting this week and something that president mentioned in his talk just hit me hard and i would love to share it with you all because i feel like its something that EVERYONE lacks. Especially me. And its the consistency. Being consistent. When God gives us commandments he expects us to put them into practice.. but sometimes we put it into practice for a week.. maybe two. We remember to say our prayers every day for a few weeks and then we go back to where we started. orr..... we get the drive to start the book of mormon and FOR SURE we are going to finish it. and then we get done with first nephi and stop reading. I mean i dont even know how many times i have read first nephi 1:1... I have the whole chapter memorized because i started over so much. THE POINT. Be consistent. The 5th principle of the gospel of jesus christ is endure to the end. He gave us this last principle to help us to be consistent. So i invite myself, and all of you folks to figure out the secret to consistency! What can we do to be more consistent in the things we do... I think that if we are consistent in keeping the commandments, we will develop good habits. And, "good habits are hard to kick.." It will be easier to stay consistent when we make the commandments, . So i decided to change the name. The ten commandments to the ten habits. think about. its pretty smart. anyways.... i love president. He is soooo called of god. He is my best friend. I have learned so much from him. Today i thought about the country song "Dont blink" Becasue i almost have 10 months... Im almost 20 years old and i feel like it all went by in just one blink of an eye. Since i got here on the mission, im trying hard to keep my eyes open. Becasue i know if i blink... my mission will end and i will be on the plane headed back to Az. Thats life though.. it just goes by too darn fast. The next thing you know ill be bare foot and pregnant. haha No just kidding. Thats not how it will be. President told us, "You have 18 months (or two years) to be a missionary and to use your time wisely here. And then your have ALLLLLLLLLL eternity to look back at what you did, at what you learned, and to think about it all. So dont waste your time." I love this gospel.... I love my family. I love My fater in heaven and his son jesus christ. I love this work. Its the best ever. Im so happy. I hope everyone that way is doing good. I miss you all and you are always in my prayers.! Thankyou for all your love and support! AND HAPPY FATHERS DAY YESTERDAY To all the dads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great week! Nos Vemos! Chau!

I love my life. I love all of your lives too. What is your name.

6-9-14 Hello! How is everyone? Im sure you are all doing great! So am I! I love life! My life, and all of your lives also. It sounds like everyone is doing wonderful! This week was a week to remember. Just like always, the hand of the lord is present in this work. I dont have any doubt. I See him everyday. We see his tender mercies, we see his love, his patience. Every day that im here my testimony grows. I know that he lives and he is helping us in this great work! This week we worked alot with the ward council, home teachers and visiting teachers. This my friends, is SO important! Do your visits and go to ward council! Ah! Its so important that the ward, the missionaries, Heavenly Father work as a team!! Anyways this week we had some super great experiences! one of them, This Friday, we had lunch in hermano biansiottos house. He is awesome. He is the second counselor in the bishopric. He is x military. He has been to africa, and alot of other places too i just cant remember right now. Anyways he is so cool. He is like my dad and he cooks really good. MY POINT. He has his parents that live with him that are REALLY old.. .like 97 or 98 and we got done sharing a lesson with all of them and asked if we could kneel to pray, for those who couldnt kneel down, no problem. And the mom said, Im going to kneel down, becasue i know how important it is. Anyways she began to slowly kneel down. All of were trying to help her... It was SO painful for her to kneel down. She had tears in her eyes and i could just tell she was in so much pain. But she knelt down, and we prayed and afterwards she expressed how grateful she was to kneel down and pray to our father in heaven. It was such a tender moment. And the spirit was so strong. Sometimes kneeling down when we pray seems such a little thing but i know it is SO important. We show our humility before the lord and he sees that. I hope all of you are praying on your knees! Personally, and with your family! its so important! Also, yesterday, i peed my pants. Literally. I coudlnt hold it, OR find a bathroom. It was so embarrassing. I had to go home and change. I thought i would let you guys know. Also, This week when we met with the bishop in his house, we were sitting down and discussing ward matters and all that. And i started thinking about how in preach my gospel it talks about how we should help the bishop with the burdens that he has to carry and all that. And so i started thinking about how exactly we could help the bishop and then it came to me! I said bishop, whats your name? and he said bishop cristaldo and i said but what is your name name... and he said pablo.. And then i said, well we know how bishop cristaldo is, and we know what we can do to help bishop cristaldo but how can we help PABLO? How is Pablo doing??? And he got really quiet and after a while he had tears in his eyes and he said, im tired. And after that we found out that he is having problems with his family and all that. Anyways, the moral of this story is that everyone needs to be asked how they are. EVERYONE needs someone to talk to. The work here in Molino is really growing! Next week are changes and i pray that i can stay! haha I love the people here and the members! Its the second best area here in paraguay! haha I love this work.... did i already say that?!?! Its AWESOME! I love my heavenly father and i know he loves me and everyone of his children! Its great. I love it. I love that he loves me. Anyways, i hope you all have a great week! I have homework for everyone this week!!! Take care of yourselves and take good care of my grandma and grandpa. Please! Alright! I love you all! love, hermana hunt!

I had a dream

6-9-14 My dear mother, Last night i had i dream that i gave you hug and told you i loved you and ALL day today i have been on edge thinking that maybe something at home happened. Im happy and at peace to know you, and my grandma and my granpa and aunt jean are all okay. Today i shared a story about you in a lesson. We taught about love. I cried. I always cry when i start talking about you.. haha dont know why. You have been such a great example to me in my life. I thought today about a few of the things that i did in the past to make you feel bad. And i just wanted to ask you to forgive me.... I am sincerly sorry for everything. From the heart... I love you mom and i hope you know how special you are to me. Never forget it. Take care of your self. I need me mom when i get back. Tell everyone i love them. love, hermana hun

I miss washing machines. Sometimes I want to take a nap

I love you too mom. I miss you alot. and i miss washing machines. Sometimes i want to take a nap.

I can feel the help of your prayers all the time. Paraguay is not hot all year round. Lies all lies.

My dear family and friends.. .Long time no talk. I hope that everyone had a great week and a great memorial weekend! I bet the camp out was awesome. I heard about uncle kirk. I hope that he is okay. We will be praying for him! Other than that, it looks like everyone had a blast from the pictures! 5-26-14 This week has been great! Imserving the lord and loving every minute of it! So i dont know if you all remember how paraguay was supposed to be hot all year round? Lies. Im freezing my rear end off. BUT im still loving every minute of my time here. But i hope that you all still go to church when its freezing because paraguayans do not. Bunch of lazies. Jesus would go to church if it was raining. And this is a concept that they just dont understand yet. Its all good though!! This week we will be having a baptism and we are very happy! Our investigator is Michely, She is 13 years old. Her and all of her family are progressing but she is getting baptized before everyone else. She is amazing.. Her mom called us a few weeks ago and told us on the phone that she walked into michelys room and found her praying on her knees with the book of mormon in her hand. And after she finished her prayer she looked up at her mom and said, mom, this book is true. And after that her mom started going to church. And now we are teaching the whole fmaily. The book of mormon has a ton of power. Power to change lives. I know that with all my heart. I just want to tell everyone thankyou for your support and prayers..I can feel the help of your prayers all the time. I know that the lord is always with us! His angels surround us every day. Im thankful for this gospel... i know its true. I know the book of mormon is the word of God. I know that God has so much patience with us... He gives every day to change. TO become more like our savior. Its always good to examine our lives and see how we are and what we can improve on. ANyways i hope you all have a great week! I love you all! chau © 2014 Microsoft Terms Privacy & cookies Developers English (United States) AdChoices

The topic of Prophets

5-19-14 Hey mom, it was so good to read your message. I LOVE that they gave you the topic of prophets. And i love that you are able to recognize that they give us hope. With out a prophet Noah and his family and all the animals couldnt have been saved. Without a prophet the people of israel couldnt have crossed the red sea to be freed from pharo. Without a prophet we wouldnt have the restored gospel! Without a prophet we wouldnt have the bible, the book of mormon! Without a prophet we wouldnt have modern day revelation... Without a prophet there would be no hope! We need a prophet to lead an guide us. I know that Thomas S. Monson is a true prophet. He has been called of God. He recieves revelation for us today...He talks face to face with our savior jesus christ to know how to lead and guide us. Today...WE are the people of isreal trying to cross the red sea.... And he is guiding us every step of the way. And I KNOW with all my heart that if we listen to his counsels and apply them in our life, WE WILL CROSS THIS RED SEA and we will obtain our promise. We will have eternal life. We will live eternally with our family, and with our father in heaven. I know that president monson will not lead us astray.. So with all that being said, follow the prophet, follow the prophet, follow the prophet, he knows the way! I love you mom! I am so blessed to call you my mom. Thursday was mothers day here and i cried all day. I miss you! haha I am one lucky girl. Your the best! have a great week and good LUCK with your talk! love, hermana hunt

Mothers Day

5-12-14 Hey mom, thankyou so much for your letter! It was so good to see you on saturday! I was so happy to be able to talk to you. You look so happy and so pretty! I also cant belive how fast the time goes by!! its crazy! I have 4 months until i hit a year. haha And then after that i have 6 months left! how nuts! haha I cant believe it! Please tell everyone that it was so good to see them on saturday and that i love them! And have a great week! yo uwill be in mny prayers! love, hermana hunt

Another change in the Mish. Another week of miracles.

5-5-14 Hey everyone, another change down in the mish. I am staying in the same area with the same comp. Hermana Taboada. I am super happy because she is cool.... and we work hard. Another week of miricles has passed. We were blessed to see 13 of our investigators and 13 less actives from our area in the reunion with Elder and sister wilhelm from the 70 on thursday. Then we were able to spend time listening to what Elder and hermana wilhelm had to say the next day.... They dropped the bomb pretty hard. It was awesome. Everything that they had to say was EXACTLY what we needed to hear. I love how they were so clear and direct. We are applying what they reminded us in our every day work. We are seeing alot of progress here in Molino... The asistencias keep going up... 3 weeks ago we had 84 people at church, 2 weeks ago we had 86 and this week we went up to 106! What a miricle... 10 of the investigators that we are teaching were able to participate yesterday along with 13 menos activos. What a blessing... The last song we sang yesterday was called to serve and everyone sang so loud... I felt the spirit so strong. The seats were completely filled... My companion and I know that God is blessing us everyday as we continue to work hard. We are very happy and blessed to be able to be here again in molino another change. We are ready to work even harder. We have set goals and have big plans for this change. I know that this church is true.. Becasue i can feel it in my heart. I know that i am where i am supposed to be. I wouldnt want to be anywhere else. I am right where i want to be and i feel that i am right where God wants me to be as well. I am so thankful for the changes that we are able to make in our lives thanks to our savior jesus christ. Sometimes i cant get over how happy I am that im not the same person i was when i left. I´ve grown so much. My feelings are so bitter sweet. Its like... every week i get a little more sad to know that my mission is halfway through... but then at the same time i get so much drive to work because i know i dont want to go home with regrets. I refuse. I know that this work is important. Whether we are on a mission or not we need to work..I love you all... i hope you all have had a splendid week. Anyways... thats my week. I hope everyone said happy birthday to my mom and my cousin lisa this passed week. I also want to wish my mother... and ALL the mothers in this world a happy mothers day. Congratulations to all for having kids and being cool moms. Also my announcement for this week is that i refuse to turn 20. So, we are skipping my birthday this year. I decided i was not ready to turn 20 this year so i will just do it next year. Thankyou for all your love and support in this. Chau!!!!!!