Monday, June 30, 2014

Another change in the Mish. Another week of miracles.

5-5-14 Hey everyone, another change down in the mish. I am staying in the same area with the same comp. Hermana Taboada. I am super happy because she is cool.... and we work hard. Another week of miricles has passed. We were blessed to see 13 of our investigators and 13 less actives from our area in the reunion with Elder and sister wilhelm from the 70 on thursday. Then we were able to spend time listening to what Elder and hermana wilhelm had to say the next day.... They dropped the bomb pretty hard. It was awesome. Everything that they had to say was EXACTLY what we needed to hear. I love how they were so clear and direct. We are applying what they reminded us in our every day work. We are seeing alot of progress here in Molino... The asistencias keep going up... 3 weeks ago we had 84 people at church, 2 weeks ago we had 86 and this week we went up to 106! What a miricle... 10 of the investigators that we are teaching were able to participate yesterday along with 13 menos activos. What a blessing... The last song we sang yesterday was called to serve and everyone sang so loud... I felt the spirit so strong. The seats were completely filled... My companion and I know that God is blessing us everyday as we continue to work hard. We are very happy and blessed to be able to be here again in molino another change. We are ready to work even harder. We have set goals and have big plans for this change. I know that this church is true.. Becasue i can feel it in my heart. I know that i am where i am supposed to be. I wouldnt want to be anywhere else. I am right where i want to be and i feel that i am right where God wants me to be as well. I am so thankful for the changes that we are able to make in our lives thanks to our savior jesus christ. Sometimes i cant get over how happy I am that im not the same person i was when i left. I´ve grown so much. My feelings are so bitter sweet. Its like... every week i get a little more sad to know that my mission is halfway through... but then at the same time i get so much drive to work because i know i dont want to go home with regrets. I refuse. I know that this work is important. Whether we are on a mission or not we need to work..I love you all... i hope you all have had a splendid week. Anyways... thats my week. I hope everyone said happy birthday to my mom and my cousin lisa this passed week. I also want to wish my mother... and ALL the mothers in this world a happy mothers day. Congratulations to all for having kids and being cool moms. Also my announcement for this week is that i refuse to turn 20. So, we are skipping my birthday this year. I decided i was not ready to turn 20 this year so i will just do it next year. Thankyou for all your love and support in this. Chau!!!!!!

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