Monday, June 30, 2014

I love my life. I love all of your lives too. What is your name.

6-9-14 Hello! How is everyone? Im sure you are all doing great! So am I! I love life! My life, and all of your lives also. It sounds like everyone is doing wonderful! This week was a week to remember. Just like always, the hand of the lord is present in this work. I dont have any doubt. I See him everyday. We see his tender mercies, we see his love, his patience. Every day that im here my testimony grows. I know that he lives and he is helping us in this great work! This week we worked alot with the ward council, home teachers and visiting teachers. This my friends, is SO important! Do your visits and go to ward council! Ah! Its so important that the ward, the missionaries, Heavenly Father work as a team!! Anyways this week we had some super great experiences! one of them, This Friday, we had lunch in hermano biansiottos house. He is awesome. He is the second counselor in the bishopric. He is x military. He has been to africa, and alot of other places too i just cant remember right now. Anyways he is so cool. He is like my dad and he cooks really good. MY POINT. He has his parents that live with him that are REALLY old.. .like 97 or 98 and we got done sharing a lesson with all of them and asked if we could kneel to pray, for those who couldnt kneel down, no problem. And the mom said, Im going to kneel down, becasue i know how important it is. Anyways she began to slowly kneel down. All of were trying to help her... It was SO painful for her to kneel down. She had tears in her eyes and i could just tell she was in so much pain. But she knelt down, and we prayed and afterwards she expressed how grateful she was to kneel down and pray to our father in heaven. It was such a tender moment. And the spirit was so strong. Sometimes kneeling down when we pray seems such a little thing but i know it is SO important. We show our humility before the lord and he sees that. I hope all of you are praying on your knees! Personally, and with your family! its so important! Also, yesterday, i peed my pants. Literally. I coudlnt hold it, OR find a bathroom. It was so embarrassing. I had to go home and change. I thought i would let you guys know. Also, This week when we met with the bishop in his house, we were sitting down and discussing ward matters and all that. And i started thinking about how in preach my gospel it talks about how we should help the bishop with the burdens that he has to carry and all that. And so i started thinking about how exactly we could help the bishop and then it came to me! I said bishop, whats your name? and he said bishop cristaldo and i said but what is your name name... and he said pablo.. And then i said, well we know how bishop cristaldo is, and we know what we can do to help bishop cristaldo but how can we help PABLO? How is Pablo doing??? And he got really quiet and after a while he had tears in his eyes and he said, im tired. And after that we found out that he is having problems with his family and all that. Anyways, the moral of this story is that everyone needs to be asked how they are. EVERYONE needs someone to talk to. The work here in Molino is really growing! Next week are changes and i pray that i can stay! haha I love the people here and the members! Its the second best area here in paraguay! haha I love this work.... did i already say that?!?! Its AWESOME! I love my heavenly father and i know he loves me and everyone of his children! Its great. I love it. I love that he loves me. Anyways, i hope you all have a great week! I have homework for everyone this week!!! Take care of yourselves and take good care of my grandma and grandpa. Please! Alright! I love you all! love, hermana hunt!

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