Thursday, September 26, 2013


From: Rachel Hunt . Sent: Thu 9/26/13 2:51 AM Hola famiy and friends! This week has been just as crazy and random as usual so this email is going to be that way as well! First off, I am not a fan of pdays! Why you ask? Because i turn into a sobbing idiot for the rest of the freaking day! Its awful. I miss you all so much! haha It breaks my heart that i dont have time to write you all a long letter back! Branding looks like it went awesome. Thanks for the invite. Losers. The nerve of all of you. Not even an invite. Okay moving on! My week! Well saturdays proselyting day was cold and rainy! We talked to 2 people in the streets the entire 5 hours we were there. We knocked so many doors.. well clapped at so many doors becasue apparently thats what you do here in argentina. Anyways, no one ever answered expect maybe 1 person. So we walked and walked and walked some more and God sent us a miricle with hot chocolate and cookies. The stake presidents wife. Boo. ya. The perks of being a sister missionary. Just on a side note the elders were pissed. That part was my favorite. So we got new latina roomates and then they left and now were on out 3rd round. We met two of them last night. One of them is outgoing and super nice. The other one is shy. But she wont be after im done with her. Their third comp. gets here today sometime. We also get new north americans today! YEAH!!!!! North americans are the best. So are cute elders. haha just kidding. but really. So in the batch of latinos that just left there was an elder.. his name is elder flores and he.... was in love with me. He wasnt too shy about it either which was awkward, but funny. He is from Peru and spoke 5 words in english. One of them being freaking which he said all the time. I dont think he knew what i meant. haha Anyways he left me a love note and went on his way. Awkward. I get crap from the elders everyday. So i ate cow tongue. Yeah the serve it here all the time. Barf me. So gross. Never again. They also have these tiny peppers that are freaking hotter than satans spit. And i ate one and it was awful. But two of are elders thought it would be fun to put 5 in their mouth at a time. So they did. And they barfed everywhere and had to clean it up... ugh.... its always the elders. haha Sunday our district was incharge of the musical number and we sang come thou fount tune to the words of jospeh smiths first prayer and it was AMAZING! People crying everywhere. Boom. Me and hermana buss had a solo duet.. We have played alot of volleyball lately and its so fun. We have a few elders that are decents but one elder.. elder dye. He is awesome! And he was so happy that i could set. Elder dye is my favorite elder. Tied with elder bronson. Elder bronson is also good at volleyball. Today we are having a series of friendly competitions with the other north american district and i am so ready to kick some trash. Its all i can think about. By the way, there is no such thing as friendly competitions. So tuesday we decided as a companionship that we wanted to fast on wednesday. So when we were though with class we started our fast and then hermana dolan was in the shower singing awfully. And me and heremana buss saw her last three oreos sitting on the bed and i was like, you dare me to eat one? and she said yeah.. but then she wanted one too and then we split the last one. So were laughing and eating these oreos and then i remembered that we were fasting so we spit all our cookies in the trash and hurried and brushed our teeth to hide the evidence. and then we prayed again to restart our fast. When hermana dolan found out we accidently ate her cookies i tried to tell her the cleaning lady took them thinking she wouldnt believe me. But she did. So im still in the clear. But the cleaning lady sure is not. OH i almost forgot! since im not senior companion i gave myself the position of assistent to the senior companion. But then hermana dolan got mad so i gave her assistent to the assistent and now she is good. I call her double A. Shes cool with it. So we get to go to the temple every thursday... its great. Its even better when we get to do it in spanish and dont understand anything thats going on. I just am SO alert and awake during the spanish sessions........... Well anyways.... I love you all so much. I miss you guys alot My time here is going by so fast and it needs to slow down! I will be home before i know it. My testimony has grown so much. Ive learned so much. I try to progress a little more every day. I know i dont ever have alot of time to email all of you back.. but please dont stop writing. I love every word i read from you letters and i reply in my mind. just not on the computer. Im so happy im on a mission. I wouldnt want my life to be anywhere else right now. Im so thankful for my decision and for the support of all of you. thankyou so much for everything. ahhh... now im crying. Okay i love you! Toodles!

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Hola familia y amigos! This email is going to be shorter becasue i want to reply to everyones! So ill get right to the good stuff! So starting from last week on saturday! We got to go prostelyting in argentina! My companions and I walked the streets for about 5 hours in the freezing cold. We were all bundled up in our warm clothes and It was the best experience of my life! The bus took all the north americans to down town argentina and dropped each companionship off at their own little area. When we got off that bus we didnt hesitate.. the first couple we saw we stopped and talked to and they were the nicest people. When we started chatting with them i almost started to cry because They reminded me of the Gaylors. They were just solid people and ready to here about the gospel. We gave them a book of mormon and wrote down their contact info and we pray the missionaries here will find them. Its amazing how the lord prepares people to hear about the gospel. Whether or not these people knew they were being prepared for someething BEFORE we met them.. they sure knew after they heard our message in aweful spanish. After we said goodbye to these wonderful people we were just jazzed becasue we thought maybe this was how it would be all day. Boy were we wrong. I would go up to people and try to share the gospel and as soon as they saw our name tags they would run away or wave there hand at us and say no. haha I was getting pretty frusterated with these people..  One time this lady was walking by and i was like hola! Como esta? and she said good and then i said, que es su nombre?! (what is your name) and then she said, ciao (goodbye) so then i said thats a beaautiful name! and she turned around and shot me and my companions a very mean look. haha So after getting shot down so much we decided to pray.. and boom. God sent someone straight to us. We walked by an old man, he was homeless and digging in the trashes for food. So we ended up sharing a message and giving him a book of mormon and he said he would read it when we said goodbye and walked away i just felt terrible. I knew that this was not what the savior would do if he was in our shoes. So, i asked my companions if we could give him the remaining food that we had left from our sack lunches. So we gathered all that we had left and went back to give it to this man. He was very greatful. It was so awesome. After our encounter with this man.. (His name is americo) we prayed and thanked God for putting him in our path. We all cried during hermana Buss´s tender prayer.
Anyway.. saturday was just the best! and i cant wait for this saturday either! 
Im gonna share a funny story and then ill close this sucker up. So last sunday we had a fireside with our mtc president and he was teaching us about the the atonement and he was asking us all these questions.. we were trying to figure out how much wine jesus had to serve to everyone or something like that. So president asked a question like... so if they have this number of wine... bla bla bla.. what do they have? and I blurted out, ´Quite the party!´ i knew i made a mistake the moment the words left my mouth but i got a good laugh out of everyone except president so it was totally worth it. Anyways..... i love you all! and ill see you next week! toodle loo!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Well Imma gonna go light it up!!!!!!

From: Rachel Hunt 
Sent: Thu 9/12/13 4:54 AM

Hola Familia!!
Thankyou all for your emails! You guys are so great! I only have an hour to write every thursday so I hardly get to read them or reply. Im sorry though! Hopefully you all will learn to write hand written letter you lazy bums!! Just kidding.. but really.
My time in the CCM has been great! My spanish is awful! haha, but coming along! The food is great, there is just soooo much meat. The cook is hilarious. Every evening at dinner time when we walk through the line and he dishes us up he will say very seriously, La gusta Gato? Which means do you like cat? and at first everyone was like uh did he just ask us if we like cat? One day its cat, another day is dog or rat or kangaroo, rabbit. Its funnier now that I know he is just joking.
 My companions are still cool. Sometimes its hard being in a trio but its still so great! I really like Hermana Buss. we get along so well. She plays rugby! She is a beast. I love her. She reminds me so much of Jessica Maner. (Some one should let her know i said that!) Hermana Dolan and I get along really well too. We constantly make fun of each other and sometimes we get a little out of hand. (Thankyou Taralee/Lacy for teaching me how to make fun of people) Its always funny until someone gets offended. haha
Every two weeks another batch of new latinos come in, so our latino roomates just left. I think i mentioned them in my last email? We had Hermana Rodirigez and Hermana Ferari in our room. I love them so much. Hermana ferari reminds me of shakira and the only thing she could say in english was sweet dreams goodnight and it she would say it every night. haha Now hermana rodrigez... she spoke a tiny bit of english which was awesome and she was from Uruguay. She would always wake up in the morning with a new American song stuck in her head. One day it was Im sexy and i know it. hahaha another day it was justing bieber, one day it was Man, i feel like a woman. haha she was a crack up. A few nights before they left i was super frusterated with the language. It was time for bed so the lights were off and we were all trying to go to sleep but i was crying a little bit, trying to hide my tears, haha (Pathetic i know) And all the sudden i felt this hand on my back and heard in a very quiet, sweet voice with very poor english say, 'Dont cry, ill help you with your spanish.' It was a huge tender mercy from the lord. Im crying just typing about it. From that time on i think we had such a special bond. Every time we would kneel down and it was her turn to pray she would pray for me specifically. She offered the last prayer that we had as roomates and she started crying in the middle of her prayer when she asked god to watch over her american hermanas. I miss her so much already but im sure our new latinos will be great as well!
I LOVE my district! We have the best Elders out of all the other districts. They crack me up. You dont even understand, I am ALWAYS laughing. I think i told you guys about elder dye who was my favorite last week but this week my favorite is elder bronson from utah. (Go figure) He sits by me in class. He is so funny. He has a hard time with the spanish just like me so we kind of stick together. Today at breakfast we were trying to carry on a conversation with a new latino elder and between the two of us we managed to get his name, where he was from, how old he was, and elder bronson somehow told him he has a pet rock. haha
The majority of my district is pretty athletic so we TRASH the other districts in ultimate frisbee everyday. haha the other districts stopped playing because they just cant hack it.

Alright now im gonna get a little spiritual on you guys.. Since we have been here we have had 3 investigators. (They are just are teachers pretending) Well last night we were teaching Pablo about joseph smith. Hermana buss just got done reciting the first vision and hermana dolan asked him some questions and it was my turn to bear my testimony. So here I am, trying to bear my testimony to Pablo the best way i can, Im trying to think of words that I havent learned yet, trying to help pablo feel the spirit and nothing was coming. So i just paused for like 2 minutes straight. I kept thinking that maybe the spirit would put words into my mouth like you always here about but it just wasnt happening. So i started my testimony over. This I bore my testimony from my heart in the simplest was that i knew how. I told pablo that I know jospeh smith was a true prophet and he saw god the father and jesus christ. I told him that i know the book of mormon is the word of god. Through out my testimony i had tears in my eyes and the spirit was just so strong. After my testimony my companions asked him if he would follow the example of our savior jesus christ and be baptized and he said yes. So we set a date for Pablo to be baptized at the end of september.
I love being here at the ccm. I love my teachers SO much. I have 2. Hermana gutierez and hermano abad. They are both so different but they are both EXACTLY what i need. Ive learned so much from them and from my experiences here so far.
Ever since i got set apart to be a missionary i have worried so much about changing. I have been so stubborn about alot of things in fear of me losing who i am. But ive learned that if Im stubborn and i dont practice exact obidience then I am not giving a 100%. If im not giving 100% then im not going to be an effective missionary. The people of paraguay deserve 100%, God and my savior jesus christ deserves 100%. Family and friends, this church is the true church and i come to know that more and more each day. I know that your prayers help me everyday and i couldnt serve with out them. Each day that goes by i am grateful for all of you and your examples. I miss you all so much. not a day goes by that i dont think about all of you! my time is up! I just had to tell the person waiting behind me to buzz off while i finished. hahaha they arent too happy. Well imma go light it up!!!!!!!!! I love you guys. peace and blessings! toodle loo!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

MY FIRST WEEK AT THE MTC! HEY THERE FAMILY "WHAT IT DO?" with Zac Efron, Shakira, Jynx & Latisha!

Thu 9/05/13 3:21 AM

SO much has happened that i dont know where to start! haha so this email might be super random bu thats okay!
Hey there family!!!! what it do?! Let me just start by saying, None of you heard from me when i got to the airport becasue apparently im too dumb to use a payphone. haha reeeeetard. oh well! anyways, the airport experience was awesome!!!! i did everything right! i met up with hermana buss first and then like ten minutes later a whole army of missionaries going to argentina marched up. SO COOL. it was so comforting too. the elders took charge and helped so much.
so the mtc is great! I have never laughed so much in my life. my companions think im HILARIOUS and so does every one in my district. haha they are constantly laughing at my jokes and i love it. im definately the funniest missionary here. im tired 24/7. All we do is sit in a classroom all day except during physical activity. during physical activity we play ultimate frisbee with our district. i love it. ive wanted to punch our district leader right in the face when we play because he gets super angry. haha the food here is great. except tuesday night.. barf. i dont even know what it was. I did NOT eat it.  i guess im screwed for paraguay because ive heard they eat alot worse. haha i bet ill like tomatoes by the time my mission is over.
Hardly anyone here at the mtc besides the other missionaries speak english so i just say "si" to everything. and nod my head. i imagine its kind of how grandpa marion feels when he cant hear us. hahaha ah man.. i crack myself up. When i talk to the latinos i use ALOT of hand motions. haha when i first got here we had to have an interview with our mtc president and the first question he asked me was, how much spanish do you know? and i responded by saying, "the only spanish i know is a few lines from shakira songs" and then he DIDNT laugh... i know weird. and said, your gonna be a handful. hahahaha he loves me now though! and thought it was awesome that i worked in the temple!
i love my companions! like i said we laugh ALL the time! Im in a trio! with hermana buss and hermana dolan. they are god sent. i would die if i didnt have them! they always tell me that if they are so happy i make them laugh becasue this mtc experiecne can be stressful. hermana buss is going to the same mission as me and dolan is going to uruguay. They are both progressing well in the language. alot faster than me.. so they help me a lot. my whole distict helps me. haha im TERRIBLE at spanish... im having such a hard time with it. the elders in my district are pretty cool. we've got alot of weirdies.. but none the less they are all great. there is one elder.. elder dye who is super good at spanish and he always helps me and encourages me. i love him! haha
there is an elder in my district who looks ExACTLY like zac efron. We all know what that means. hahaha :)
so i basically we dont have hardly any time to get ready so i look hardcore sister missionary everyday of my life. hahaha its funny. good thing i dont even care.
i would tell you all about argentina but im trapped inside these gates so i dont know too much. what i do know is its cold right now. im sitting right by the window we are like 100 yards from the temple and the background is a bright pink sunrise. its beautiful. we all just had an email break to check it out.We all get to attend the temple today and i am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!! the temple feels like home to me. My mind is going 100 miles an hour constantly. im either worrying or thinking about how to say something in spanish.. so it will be SOOOO great to feel peace in my mind for a few hours. ah, it makes me want to cry. There is a special spirit here in the mtc. everyone is here fighting to know the laguage. i know im fighting. its very difficult because i have so much to say. and i know how to say it and i want to say it so bad but i cant. i do have good teachers and there spirit it SO strong. They are nice and patient. (Most the time) our evening teacher is hermano abad. he speaks very little english and is alot more quiet than me. He puts up with me. i dont think he knew at first how to take me becasue im so sarcastic but i think now we are starting to be on the same page. the other night we were about to watch a video about this investigator, jynx. and he was like, do you guys know jynx? and i was like oh yaaaaa jynx is my main girl. and he took a long pause so i thought i was gonna get in trouble because missionaries are supposed to act professional all the time. but he was like, okay latisha. haha it was so funny to see another side of him.
I am gonna close up because we are gonna go eat and get ready for the temple. i just want to say that i miss you all. ah man... im crying. i miss you all so much. when chet said i was going to get here and cry  like a baby.. i didnt. until last night in my prayer. I cried because i felt so sorry to my heavenly father. I felt like since im not progressing as much as id like, im failing him. I dont want to fail him. i dont want to fail you guys. Last night, teaching an invesegator about the book of mormon in spanish and all i could say was Yo se que El Libro de Mormon es verdadero. ( i know the book of mormon is true.) Thats all i could come up with. and for a little bit i was down on my self because thats all i could say,  But i realize now, that thats okay because it comes straight from my heart and I DO KNOW that the book of mormon is true. With all my heart. It has changed my life. Family and friends, i know this might be alot to ask.. and you all have done so much for me that its difficult for me to ask. Please pray for me to learn the language. I have the biggest desire to learn. i love you all and i cant wait to read all of your emails you sent! YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE send me letters.. like written ones! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! okay, i love you so much! toodle-loo! 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

On Aug 29, 2013, at 6:34 AM, "Rachel Hunt"wrote:
Howdy! I made it to the MTC! I have 4 minutes to write and i already used 2. So I will tell you all the deets later! tell everyone i made it! my pdays are on thursday so you will hear about all of it next thursday! i llove you! i already have two best friends. sister buss and sister dolan. i room with them and i love them and i laugh with them. okay toodles. talk to you soon. i love you. dont forget to tell everyone i made it.