Thursday, September 19, 2013


Hola familia y amigos! This email is going to be shorter becasue i want to reply to everyones! So ill get right to the good stuff! So starting from last week on saturday! We got to go prostelyting in argentina! My companions and I walked the streets for about 5 hours in the freezing cold. We were all bundled up in our warm clothes and It was the best experience of my life! The bus took all the north americans to down town argentina and dropped each companionship off at their own little area. When we got off that bus we didnt hesitate.. the first couple we saw we stopped and talked to and they were the nicest people. When we started chatting with them i almost started to cry because They reminded me of the Gaylors. They were just solid people and ready to here about the gospel. We gave them a book of mormon and wrote down their contact info and we pray the missionaries here will find them. Its amazing how the lord prepares people to hear about the gospel. Whether or not these people knew they were being prepared for someething BEFORE we met them.. they sure knew after they heard our message in aweful spanish. After we said goodbye to these wonderful people we were just jazzed becasue we thought maybe this was how it would be all day. Boy were we wrong. I would go up to people and try to share the gospel and as soon as they saw our name tags they would run away or wave there hand at us and say no. haha I was getting pretty frusterated with these people..  One time this lady was walking by and i was like hola! Como esta? and she said good and then i said, que es su nombre?! (what is your name) and then she said, ciao (goodbye) so then i said thats a beaautiful name! and she turned around and shot me and my companions a very mean look. haha So after getting shot down so much we decided to pray.. and boom. God sent someone straight to us. We walked by an old man, he was homeless and digging in the trashes for food. So we ended up sharing a message and giving him a book of mormon and he said he would read it when we said goodbye and walked away i just felt terrible. I knew that this was not what the savior would do if he was in our shoes. So, i asked my companions if we could give him the remaining food that we had left from our sack lunches. So we gathered all that we had left and went back to give it to this man. He was very greatful. It was so awesome. After our encounter with this man.. (His name is americo) we prayed and thanked God for putting him in our path. We all cried during hermana Buss´s tender prayer.
Anyway.. saturday was just the best! and i cant wait for this saturday either! 
Im gonna share a funny story and then ill close this sucker up. So last sunday we had a fireside with our mtc president and he was teaching us about the the atonement and he was asking us all these questions.. we were trying to figure out how much wine jesus had to serve to everyone or something like that. So president asked a question like... so if they have this number of wine... bla bla bla.. what do they have? and I blurted out, ´Quite the party!´ i knew i made a mistake the moment the words left my mouth but i got a good laugh out of everyone except president so it was totally worth it. Anyways..... i love you all! and ill see you next week! toodle loo!

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