Thursday, September 5, 2013

MY FIRST WEEK AT THE MTC! HEY THERE FAMILY "WHAT IT DO?" with Zac Efron, Shakira, Jynx & Latisha!

Thu 9/05/13 3:21 AM

SO much has happened that i dont know where to start! haha so this email might be super random bu thats okay!
Hey there family!!!! what it do?! Let me just start by saying, None of you heard from me when i got to the airport becasue apparently im too dumb to use a payphone. haha reeeeetard. oh well! anyways, the airport experience was awesome!!!! i did everything right! i met up with hermana buss first and then like ten minutes later a whole army of missionaries going to argentina marched up. SO COOL. it was so comforting too. the elders took charge and helped so much.
so the mtc is great! I have never laughed so much in my life. my companions think im HILARIOUS and so does every one in my district. haha they are constantly laughing at my jokes and i love it. im definately the funniest missionary here. im tired 24/7. All we do is sit in a classroom all day except during physical activity. during physical activity we play ultimate frisbee with our district. i love it. ive wanted to punch our district leader right in the face when we play because he gets super angry. haha the food here is great. except tuesday night.. barf. i dont even know what it was. I did NOT eat it.  i guess im screwed for paraguay because ive heard they eat alot worse. haha i bet ill like tomatoes by the time my mission is over.
Hardly anyone here at the mtc besides the other missionaries speak english so i just say "si" to everything. and nod my head. i imagine its kind of how grandpa marion feels when he cant hear us. hahaha ah man.. i crack myself up. When i talk to the latinos i use ALOT of hand motions. haha when i first got here we had to have an interview with our mtc president and the first question he asked me was, how much spanish do you know? and i responded by saying, "the only spanish i know is a few lines from shakira songs" and then he DIDNT laugh... i know weird. and said, your gonna be a handful. hahahaha he loves me now though! and thought it was awesome that i worked in the temple!
i love my companions! like i said we laugh ALL the time! Im in a trio! with hermana buss and hermana dolan. they are god sent. i would die if i didnt have them! they always tell me that if they are so happy i make them laugh becasue this mtc experiecne can be stressful. hermana buss is going to the same mission as me and dolan is going to uruguay. They are both progressing well in the language. alot faster than me.. so they help me a lot. my whole distict helps me. haha im TERRIBLE at spanish... im having such a hard time with it. the elders in my district are pretty cool. we've got alot of weirdies.. but none the less they are all great. there is one elder.. elder dye who is super good at spanish and he always helps me and encourages me. i love him! haha
there is an elder in my district who looks ExACTLY like zac efron. We all know what that means. hahaha :)
so i basically we dont have hardly any time to get ready so i look hardcore sister missionary everyday of my life. hahaha its funny. good thing i dont even care.
i would tell you all about argentina but im trapped inside these gates so i dont know too much. what i do know is its cold right now. im sitting right by the window we are like 100 yards from the temple and the background is a bright pink sunrise. its beautiful. we all just had an email break to check it out.We all get to attend the temple today and i am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!! the temple feels like home to me. My mind is going 100 miles an hour constantly. im either worrying or thinking about how to say something in spanish.. so it will be SOOOO great to feel peace in my mind for a few hours. ah, it makes me want to cry. There is a special spirit here in the mtc. everyone is here fighting to know the laguage. i know im fighting. its very difficult because i have so much to say. and i know how to say it and i want to say it so bad but i cant. i do have good teachers and there spirit it SO strong. They are nice and patient. (Most the time) our evening teacher is hermano abad. he speaks very little english and is alot more quiet than me. He puts up with me. i dont think he knew at first how to take me becasue im so sarcastic but i think now we are starting to be on the same page. the other night we were about to watch a video about this investigator, jynx. and he was like, do you guys know jynx? and i was like oh yaaaaa jynx is my main girl. and he took a long pause so i thought i was gonna get in trouble because missionaries are supposed to act professional all the time. but he was like, okay latisha. haha it was so funny to see another side of him.
I am gonna close up because we are gonna go eat and get ready for the temple. i just want to say that i miss you all. ah man... im crying. i miss you all so much. when chet said i was going to get here and cry  like a baby.. i didnt. until last night in my prayer. I cried because i felt so sorry to my heavenly father. I felt like since im not progressing as much as id like, im failing him. I dont want to fail him. i dont want to fail you guys. Last night, teaching an invesegator about the book of mormon in spanish and all i could say was Yo se que El Libro de Mormon es verdadero. ( i know the book of mormon is true.) Thats all i could come up with. and for a little bit i was down on my self because thats all i could say,  But i realize now, that thats okay because it comes straight from my heart and I DO KNOW that the book of mormon is true. With all my heart. It has changed my life. Family and friends, i know this might be alot to ask.. and you all have done so much for me that its difficult for me to ask. Please pray for me to learn the language. I have the biggest desire to learn. i love you all and i cant wait to read all of your emails you sent! YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE send me letters.. like written ones! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! okay, i love you so much! toodle-loo! 

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