Thursday, September 26, 2013


From: Rachel Hunt . Sent: Thu 9/26/13 2:51 AM Hola famiy and friends! This week has been just as crazy and random as usual so this email is going to be that way as well! First off, I am not a fan of pdays! Why you ask? Because i turn into a sobbing idiot for the rest of the freaking day! Its awful. I miss you all so much! haha It breaks my heart that i dont have time to write you all a long letter back! Branding looks like it went awesome. Thanks for the invite. Losers. The nerve of all of you. Not even an invite. Okay moving on! My week! Well saturdays proselyting day was cold and rainy! We talked to 2 people in the streets the entire 5 hours we were there. We knocked so many doors.. well clapped at so many doors becasue apparently thats what you do here in argentina. Anyways, no one ever answered expect maybe 1 person. So we walked and walked and walked some more and God sent us a miricle with hot chocolate and cookies. The stake presidents wife. Boo. ya. The perks of being a sister missionary. Just on a side note the elders were pissed. That part was my favorite. So we got new latina roomates and then they left and now were on out 3rd round. We met two of them last night. One of them is outgoing and super nice. The other one is shy. But she wont be after im done with her. Their third comp. gets here today sometime. We also get new north americans today! YEAH!!!!! North americans are the best. So are cute elders. haha just kidding. but really. So in the batch of latinos that just left there was an elder.. his name is elder flores and he.... was in love with me. He wasnt too shy about it either which was awkward, but funny. He is from Peru and spoke 5 words in english. One of them being freaking which he said all the time. I dont think he knew what i meant. haha Anyways he left me a love note and went on his way. Awkward. I get crap from the elders everyday. So i ate cow tongue. Yeah the serve it here all the time. Barf me. So gross. Never again. They also have these tiny peppers that are freaking hotter than satans spit. And i ate one and it was awful. But two of are elders thought it would be fun to put 5 in their mouth at a time. So they did. And they barfed everywhere and had to clean it up... ugh.... its always the elders. haha Sunday our district was incharge of the musical number and we sang come thou fount tune to the words of jospeh smiths first prayer and it was AMAZING! People crying everywhere. Boom. Me and hermana buss had a solo duet.. We have played alot of volleyball lately and its so fun. We have a few elders that are decents but one elder.. elder dye. He is awesome! And he was so happy that i could set. Elder dye is my favorite elder. Tied with elder bronson. Elder bronson is also good at volleyball. Today we are having a series of friendly competitions with the other north american district and i am so ready to kick some trash. Its all i can think about. By the way, there is no such thing as friendly competitions. So tuesday we decided as a companionship that we wanted to fast on wednesday. So when we were though with class we started our fast and then hermana dolan was in the shower singing awfully. And me and heremana buss saw her last three oreos sitting on the bed and i was like, you dare me to eat one? and she said yeah.. but then she wanted one too and then we split the last one. So were laughing and eating these oreos and then i remembered that we were fasting so we spit all our cookies in the trash and hurried and brushed our teeth to hide the evidence. and then we prayed again to restart our fast. When hermana dolan found out we accidently ate her cookies i tried to tell her the cleaning lady took them thinking she wouldnt believe me. But she did. So im still in the clear. But the cleaning lady sure is not. OH i almost forgot! since im not senior companion i gave myself the position of assistent to the senior companion. But then hermana dolan got mad so i gave her assistent to the assistent and now she is good. I call her double A. Shes cool with it. So we get to go to the temple every thursday... its great. Its even better when we get to do it in spanish and dont understand anything thats going on. I just am SO alert and awake during the spanish sessions........... Well anyways.... I love you all so much. I miss you guys alot My time here is going by so fast and it needs to slow down! I will be home before i know it. My testimony has grown so much. Ive learned so much. I try to progress a little more every day. I know i dont ever have alot of time to email all of you back.. but please dont stop writing. I love every word i read from you letters and i reply in my mind. just not on the computer. Im so happy im on a mission. I wouldnt want my life to be anywhere else right now. Im so thankful for my decision and for the support of all of you. thankyou so much for everything. ahhh... now im crying. Okay i love you! Toodles!

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