Thursday, October 10, 2013

My last Pday in the MTC!! I won't keep my mouth shut! Mark my words!

Rachel Hunt 10/03/13 Yo yo yo! What it do familia?!?! Buen Dia! Como estan? yo soy feliz y mui triste por que I DONT WANT TO LEAVE YET! This is my last pday here in the ccm and im just heart broken. Ive loved every minute of being here, and im so sad to have to leave. But i know that im going to LOVE the field and i will get to see my MTC family again someday. We already made plans for october general conference and a list of all the movies we are all going to watch. There are so many good people here.. I see jesus christ just radiate through every single missionary. It truely is a blessing to be surrounded by each of them everyday.Okay now on with the good stuff.. Prosylitismo! Our last time walking the streets of argentina! Well the buss dropped us off, we had a prayer and then walked to out area to eat our sack lunch. after we ate lunch we saw this girl and her brother working in the yard pulling weeds.. perfect target. so we walked up and asked her is we could help her and she was so confused becasue we were in skirts. but we were persistent and she let us help her. so we did yard work for about an hour and a half. it was awesome. we got to know her for the majority of the time and then when it was about time to be done she was asking so many questions about our church.... she was so interested and wanted us to come back so bad. It was the craziest thing. We have been rejected alot so when this lady did what she did we were in shock. Anyways.. after we left we prayed and thanked god for this beautiful encounter and just cried with happiness. oh gosh it was amazing. I pray that the missionaries will get to teaching her really quick. The rest of our day we just ran from dogs. haha there are a thousand dogs and they are so gross. ew. lets just not even go there. So we got a new batch of latinos... but lets talk about the only one that matters. Elder Caldaron. Woo baby. Some info about this elder... He is from peru but went to school in st george utah he is brown... obvi. (That one was for you lacy) He has got a stature of Nephi, and he is most attractive boy to ever walk the earth. No, that was not an exaggeration. No he is not a distraction... he is a god sent. god sent him to all the hermanas here at the ccm to look at once in a while. I even bet that the someof the elders have a bigger crush on him then us hermanas. Oh and another fun fact, his mission is the paraguay asuncion north mission. Boo. ya. hahahaha Oh man... im reading my email aloud as i type and my district is dying laughing. Im hilarious. Soo..... this week has been really interesting. Between our district, (Alma) and the arron district we decided to pick disney characters for every one. And then that let to picking harry potter characters and then lord of the rings characters and then twilight characters and then super heros. We get pretty serious about it to. haha We have written it down and everything. Every one is dying to know what characters they are and we reveal the answers today. im pumped. But im more pumped for volleyball and the temple. and breakfast. It sounds like everyone is doing fantastic. i miss you all.. im running out of things to talk about so i have to keep asking my companions what i forgot. OH YA! CONFERENCE!!!!! THIS WEEKEND! BE THERE: Or be watching! its gonna be epic and im so so so so so happy i get to watch it in the mtc with my family here. AH!!!!!!! I hope all of you can watch ALLL THE SESSIONS and not go to sleep! what else.. oh ya okay i will lay a pretty spiritual experience on ya. So we practice teaching every day right? well this one day our teacher asked us to pick someone that we knew and loved and that we would want to hear the missionary lessons. So i was the investigator and i picked my person. Someone who is so very dear to my heart and my comps started the teaching. Let me just say, that i couldnt have picked two better missionaries to teach me. The spirit was so strong and we all had tears in our eyes. It was a great experience. I really wish i would have opened my mouth more when i was at home. It breaks my heart. I will regret it for 17 more months becasue in 17 months when i get home my mouth wont be shut. Mark my words. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!! I JUST GOT A PACKAGE!!!!!!!! THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU MOM!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! BEST DAY EVER! yes yes yes. hahahah mom you put it in a cake box? hahaha thankyou. THis made my day. Mostly because i miss american candy. your awesome mother. ANyways so im gonna close this email up cause i dont know what else to say and im just sitting here staring. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!! your the best family and friends ever and i pray for all of you every night! keep it real back in the US. Peace. PS... Where would any of us be without this gospel? I think about that all the time. and the only answer i have to that question i lost. I would be lost with out it. How blessed are we to know where we came from, why we are here, and where we are going? Think about it. What if you lived all your live believing that there wasnt life after death? That it all just ended there. Or that this world was created by chance? my heart aches for those who dont know.... but my heart rejoices that missionaries EVERYWHERE are giving people a reason to live. A purpose in life. ive learned to never ever EVER be ashamed of this gospel of my purpose. This is the way! We are so blessed to know what we know! We should always share it! i love you all! toodle loo

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