Monday, October 21, 2013


Rachel Hunt Sent: Mon 10/21/13 1:17 PM Hola! Que tal familia y amigos?! Another week in paraguay and to be COMPLETELY honest I have never pooped so much in my life. For those of you who think, wow.. thats really innapropriate to share, your probably right. But until you have spent as much time in the bathroom as me in the past week, you cant judge. Its hotter than satans spit here in Paraguay and everyday it gets hotter and hotter and i get more tan. Pretty soon ill fit right in with all these latinos. The food is, making me poop alot. But none the less i am SO grateful. The members that feed us are so nice. My heart aches every time i eat with them becasue i know that their entire weekly paycheck went to feeding us for one day. But i also know God is blesssing them for being so kind and so generous. I spoke in church on sunday on joseph smith and the first vision. Holy cow the spirit was so strong. The chapel was completely silent when I recited the words of jospeh smith. It was amazing. I cant even explain how powerful the lessons. its insane. My companion is still freaking awesome. She is 30 by the way. I didnt know that before. I thought she was like 22 and so i was always thinking holy crap this chick is so mature and so motherly like for being 22. But then she said she was 30 and it all made sense. She is flippin awesome and so close to the spirit. Sometimes were walking down the street and she will start walking towards a crowed and im like oh no.... not this crowd. And then it ends up being one of the best lessons of the week and the next thing i know we have 4 new investigadores. I am grateful she is always listening and is always so courageous. I am working on my courage though and getting better every day! Our district leader, who is sitting next to me right now just told me we have exchages tomorrow. Haha oh boy.. So that means i will have another companion for wednesday! That makes me nervous but it will be just fine. The people here are great. president mcmuhllin has us working alot with the less active memebers. There are a ton. There is this old lady who is a member, her name is felicita. She is SOOO sweet and cute. And has two teeth like most people here. She has a really hard time walking. We visit her often. Yesterday, she told us a story and after we left i just cried. She said that about two months ago, there was a really big rainstorm with wind and thunder and lighting.. the whole shabang. And it got so bad tht in the middle of the night it ripped the roof off of her house and she had no idea what to do. I mean, She can barely walk, her son lives with her but he had no idea what to do either. She said they finally just knelt down in 5 inches of water and prayed and prayed and prayed for the storm to stop. She said every time she thinks its going to rain she gets so scared. My heart just aches for her. Another less active family doesnt go to church because they have no clothes. so i plan on giving them some of my skirts to help. they have 4 little kids. One little girl reminds me so much of brooke. She is 9, very VERY smart. She can read like a champ. Keep in mind that most grownups here cant read. She has nothing but she is SO happy. Everytime i visit this family i bring them some candy and the kids are so happy. They look at me like this is the first thing anyone has every given them. They are very grateful. I wish i could give them more.. so bad. My spanish is coming along. I am learning patience. Sometimes in the lessons i dont know how to say what i want to say and there is a long awkward silence where everyone just stares at me... I dont love it. But sometimes i think maybe what i want to say isnt what god wants me to say. I dont know. haha All i know is im doing all that i can. Im working hard. The past two week has been busy. and ive been very tired. Yesterday after church, during personal study i was dosing off pretty bad. And finally my companion said, take a 15 minute nap hermana hunt. and i was like uhh... no. haha i cant. i dont have time to sleep. and she said she had been feeling for a couple days that i was in need of a nap but never said anything. She said you arent a machine hermana. You are a person. God knows that. The spirit cant be in the lesson if you are so tired you cant think. So needless to day i took a 15 minute nap yester day and i was so so so so grateful. it was much needed. I want you all to know that im working as hard as i can. I love this work. Its hard but so rewarding. The people brake my heart every sunday when they promise all week they wil come to church.. and then dont. And i search and search all through sacrement meeting waiting for them. My companion laughs because she says thats exactly how she was when she first started her mission. My companion has alot of love in her heart for everyone. She is a studly missionary. I am greatful for her every day. We live with two other hermanas who i love very much as well. Anyways, i love you all and want you to know that you are all in my prayers every day. Have a great week and read the book of mormon becasue its the best book in the world. okay! until next week!

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