Monday, November 25, 2013

Ultimate Frisbee and Twilight

The first photo is of my zone. We played ultimate frisbee this day! The second photo is my district. Only 2 americans. If the hermana in front of me looks like she has her garments in a wad.... Its because she does. hahahaha my companion has the really short hair. and the hermana in black is hermana sanchez. she is the shiz. I flippin love her. She is from el salvador and she rocks my socks. We always say that were going to be companions someday. And i always tell the other two hermanas that el salvador and united states is the best and the get really mad. Like for reals mad. They think peru is the best. And then i keep arguing with them and i always think its super funny.. so does hermana sanchez. Also, the latino...elder herrera. our district leader. He is from columbia. He is pretty awesome as you can see. he is obsessed with twilight and always says that he will find his bella someday in the united states at byu. And the other is elder simps. he is from utah. He is a nerd but i love him. He is the only american i have to talk to so i guess you could say were best friends.


Hola you bunch of americans!!!! what. it. do. Sorry i didnt write last week. Didnt have time. Story of my life. haha I cant remember all that happened the past two weeks. But ill try to catch up as much as possible. Last, Tuesday was Elder Christofferson day! We got all ready in the morning and headed over. A bit of background information: I had been praying for days and days that Heavenly Father would give me time with Hermana Buss, because I knew she would be there but I didn´t know if we would have time to visit or anything before or after. Okay. So we were heading over to the distribution center, next to the temple, to get some books and stuff. We had an hour and a half or so until we needed to be seated in the chapel for the meeting. We were walking over and I was praying that by some miracle, Hermana buss would be in the Distribution Center. What are the chances, right? So we walk in and are greeting a pair of sisters that are in there, and I am about to give one of them a hug, and I look around the corner on my left, and guess who is standing there! Hna Buss of course! We see each other at the same time, drop all of our things, and give each other the biggest hugs of our lives, while crying, of course. You would think it had been ten years since we´d seen each other. Nope. only six weeks. But it sure felt like ten years. We were able to talk for a while (in rapid english, which was nice for both of us), and our companions were in the MTC together and are good friends also, so we all went and got lunch together! If I didn´t know that God answers prayers before last Tuesday, I sure do now, haha. Anyway, that was soooooooooooooo wonderful, I just can´t even express it. The whole conferenece was off the chain. Elder Christoff let us all shake his hand and the hand of his cute wife. I thought to myself, wow...What would it be like to be the wife of an apostle?? Pretty flippin awesome i think. The spirit was so strong and it was so great to see here all of the perfect words that came out of his mouth. Then... Last monday i had to go to the officina to sign papers. this is the reason why i didnt write last week. But i recieved 2 more packages!!!!!!!!! But i was really humble about it. Okay not really.. i rubbed it in everyones faces. It went a little something like this.. "Oh you didnt get a halloween package... well i got 6 so here, have a piece of candy" haha Just kidding... I cried when i got the packages and i shared with everyone. Funny story of the week: Saturday our companions had a baptism that was so awesome! first was a wedding and second was the baptism. during the wedding they do all the dumb things like throw the bouquet and all that... well they have this thing with the cake. And attatched to the cake is all these strings and one of the strings is connected to a ring. and all the girls gather round and say 1 2 3 and pull, and whoever gets the ring means that they are getting married soon. So i thought, well its just logic that the missionaries dont play this game. Nope. They insisted that we play and guess who got the ring? Me. "Oh how funny," laughed all the latinos. "When is the wedding?" Said the bishop. "Who is the lucky man?" Snickered the district leader. I gave the plastic ring to a little girl that really wanted it but then 20 minutes later her mom was ticked at me for giving it away. haha oh well. Miricle of the week: I dont know if this is a miricle but it is the sweetest thin ever. So we have a menos activo that since the first week we got here he has consistently gone to church. We visit him and his mom alot. The other day i asked him why he was inactive before and he said it was because he didnt understand becasue he speaks very little spanish. Only guarani. This made me think how many people are inactive because they dont understand spanish. It made me sick. So i talked with the good ol bishop and we now have someone called to be a translator for ALL those who dont understand spanish. Another thing about this good fella. Like most people here in paraguay he doesnt have money. And i have always wondered how in the world he got to church because there is no way he can walk. Well the other day his mom told us that in order to have money for the bus to go to church he sells their chickens. Or in other words, their food. And this week they only have 5 chickens left. What a sacrifice right? Haha In order to go to church every sunday where he doesnt even understand spanish.. he sells his chickens, his food! to get there. Wow. It makes me sick when i think of the sacrifice but i know with all my heart that sacrifices bring blessings. I know just know it. Fun facts about The mission life/Paraguay There are chickens and cows EVERYWHERE. And the chickens are not normal. They are black with white dots. Everyone here has crazy eyes. They have dark skin and black hair and then their eyes are orange or blue or gray. Its insane. Somedays we will be walking and find coconuts and take a break to eat some. In december they say that the ground is completely yellow from all the mangos that fall. Boy am i excited for that. haha anyways thats all for today folks! i love you all so very much! see ya!

Monday, November 18, 2013

A letter to my mommy. Elder D Todd Christofferson, Bubble gum, little children, Hermana Buss and hand written letters

Hey mom. I dont have anytime to write to day becasue we had to go to the mission office to sign in at the migrations office and everything was great. It was even more great because i recieved the best package in the whole wide world!!!! the package from my sweet sweet mother!!!! oh mom when i opened your package i was so excited!!! i opened it right before we had to head back home and saw all the bubble gum and me and my companion ate it all the way home on the bus. haha keep in mind that the bus ride is 2 hours long. haha i love you and i loved even more seeing your sweet sweet letter. it was just a little words but i LOVED it! I love your written letters because i can always look at them. Well mommy this week was great. The grand miricle that i was able to experience is to shake the hand of elder d todd christoferson. We had a conference with him on tuesday and he invited ALL the missionaries up to shake his hand. It was awesome. And i also got to see all my friends from the mtc. especially hermana buss. ill tell you the story. So we left our house really early in the morning becasue we all wanted got to the distribution center in Asuncion and i was looking around and all that and i heard the door open and i saw one sister missionary walk in and then right after that i saw hermana buss. Mom, we hugged and cried for like 30 minutes. I am not even exaggerating. I kept saying, Hermana this feels like a dream!!! haha our trainers let us go on a mini division and so my companion ALL day was hermana buss. Oh how i missed her mom. She is my best friend. I love her so much. We sat by one another during the conference and felt the spirit so strong. The words of elder christoferson were just what we needed to hear. He is truely amazing. But then time came to leave and we were sad again. haha Anyway, today was changes, but i didnt change. I am still in Itaugua with the amazing hermana villanueva. Mom, she is amazing. She is taking great care of me. I am learning so much mom. I am experiencing so much. I love the people.. i love the kids. Oh the kids are adorable. You would just die! Yesterday a little girl turned 4 and we had a little book to give to her for her birhtday and we showed up and sat down and this little girl gave me the BIGGEST kiss on the cheek i think i have ever recieved in my life. haha So So SOO cute. Her name is Jasmin. I am doing so great. I am missing you so much and looking forward to christmas when we get to skype!! i dont know all the details but i will let you know soon enough. All i know is that you should set it all up at grandmas house with a laptop and all the family. Anyways mom my time is up. I love you so much. I love you my dearest mom. My love for you grows more and more every day. Stay busy and keep happy. From your favorite missionary Hermana Hunt.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Buenos Tardes Familia y amigos! Como están? Como le va? Another week in the great country of paraguay!

Rachel Hunt 11-11-13 Buenos Tardes Familia y amigos! Como están? Como le va? Another week in the great country of paraguay! This past week has been a rolercoaster but none the less it was a good week. So i think i may have said this before but i feel like my letters are getting less and less interesting and i imagine them being boring to read. So with that being said im gonna start something new. I know a bunch of my missionary friends do a Little something like this so i thought i would give it a try! Okay, bueno. A week in the misión is insane. SO much happens and i want to make sure you all know the important parts. For example, God gives us miricles every day, the funniest stuff happens every momento and i always learn a new fun fact about paraguay or missionary life. So im gonna share all these things with you every week from now on! Also, in this past month i have developed such a strong love for the book of mormon. I am constantly recieving revaltion for investigators, answers for myself, or just a new teaching through the examples of the prophets. And Also, i think that if i dont find my future husband in this life... Its probably because my eternal companion is Nephi or Moroni or some bad dog prophet and they are just waitng for me to get to heaven. So if i never get married.. we all know why. haha but my point it that i also will share a scripture with you all every week as well. okay to begin!! My miricle of the week. I like to call this one, "The 2 hour search for a patient in the ancient-zombie-apocolypse (not sure if i spelled apocolypse right) hospital." Okay, so, there we were, last week.. it was dark and we were walking home when hermana Villanueva said, hermana hunt next week on tuesday i feel like we should go to a different part of our área called hospital nacional thats pretty far away. And i said okay. So then tuesday came along and we were eating lunch with members and a sister said hey the lady that you guys taught last week, is in the hospital.. she got ran over by a bus a few days ago. and we were worried about her and visited her husband an her daughter and told them how sorry we were and then had to go to work. So we went to the new área and we wer trying to get a hold of like 7 people to teach and none of them were answering. We stood under this tree for like 20 minutes calling all these people but no one was answering. So we stood there for a minute and i remembered that lady that got ran over and i was like oh duh rachel... idiot. So then i told hermana Villanueva and we walked about 2 miles to the hospital. And this hospital shouldnt be a hospital. There was blood stains on the stairs, it smelt so bad, it was not clean at all. I wanted to take my mini hand sanitizer and pour it all over the floors.Anyways that besides the point. so we went to every receptionist, searched in every room, asked every nurse where this patient was. Ramona Gonzalez is her name. And they all told us different things. So like 1hr 45min passed and we thought well maybe we have her name wrong.. maybe she isnt in this hospital. We didnt know what else to do. Well... like 30 seconds after i asked my comp what we should do i saw a less active member that we are visiting that Works in the hospital, walking and so we called her name and asked her how she was and all that and then told her what we were up to and asked her if she could show us the trauma center.. so she did and she said we were welcome to check the rooms to see if it was who we were looking for. So we did... we opened all the doors and ramona was in none of them. THEN, I kid you not.. the LAST door in that entire hospital... was ramona. We were able to share a message and the spirit was so strong. Ramona was so happy to see us. Anyways..afterwards when we were talking about how crazy it is how everyhing worked out. From the prompting that my comp had, a week before, to visit this new área.. to our diligence being tried when we searched for two hours, to us finding this less active member at exactly the right time. I mean if that doesnt show that god WANTS to help us. He wants to bless us. And he will.. if we are dilligent and patient. Next, is my funny story.. which is called, "My freaking stinky bathroom." Okay.. so our bathroom ALWAYS smells so bad. And i have cleaned and sprayed and poured every type of smelly good thing that i could in the toilet to try and make the bathroom smell better. Well, i finally found the problem.... One morning, i was going to the bathroom.. like i always do in the morning. And i happened to look over at the trash can. (Keep in mind that it has always been so weird to me that the trash can is always overflowing with toilet paper. but i never really thought twice about it. i just thougt maybe someone needed to blow their nose alot or something.) And i saw this one piece of toilet paper with poop on it. And i was like what in the world? Needless to say my fellow north americans... The latinos that i live with dont put their toilet paper in the toilet after they wipe.. They put it in the trash can..... freaking disgusting. Ew.. gross. ew. hahahaha oh latinos. Its always something new with them. Now, for my fun facts of paraguay... Yogurt is in a bag. Milk is in a box. There is a plant that a member showed me this week.. and when you touch it its leaves curl up and it plays dead. Coolet thing iver ever seen. Also, everyone greets each other with a kiss on both cheeks. But for us hermanas we only kiss the women not the men. Duh. You all knew that. Well sometimes the men or boys dont know the rule so they go in for the kiss and i have ducked, spinned, jumped, squatted, pretended to tie my shoe that doesnt have a shoelace... just to avoid the kiss. But honestly, i think its a tradition ill carry on when i get back home and m no longer a missionary. Especially with the fellas.I think it will be a good ice breaker. woo baby. okay just kidding. But really. and the last fun fact... Usually adiós in a spanish speaking country is goodbye. Welp, here. its hello. I dont know why... but it is. Now, for my scripture. Okay... so lately i have been constantly thinkin about all the things i need to improve on. for example all the christlike attributes such as patience, dilligence, love, charity, and many many more attributes that i need to have in order to be 100% missionary. I add like 5 to my list each day. Well one day i was SUPER overwhelmed and wondered how in the world i was gonna be able to accomplish all these things. I was able to see all these things i needed to improve on but i wasnt sure where to start. So one day i was like, Okay, today i am gonna work on love patience and dilligence and this and this. And then the day got over and i felt like i failed becasue i fell short on ALOT of things. but then i read in Mosiah 6:27 "And see that all these things are done in wisdom and order: for it is not requisite that a man should run faster than he has strength. And again, it is expedient that he sould be dilligent, that thereby he might win the prize; therefore all things must be done in order." Holy answer to my problem. Crazy huh? Yeah i know. I love the book of mormon. I love the teachings that is contains. I know that when we read it with dilligence we can find answers and i know that god speaks to us through the scriptures. I know that we can learn alot from this book. I wish i would have read more before my misión. Anyways, i love you all so much and i hope you all have a GREAT great week. Keep busy and stay happy. Pray, read. go to church. You know what it is. Peace. love. and baptisms.

Monday, November 4, 2013

So much to say so little time to say it and Packages from home!!!!!

Rachel Hunt Hola familia! I have alot to say and little time so im hoping to get it all in today. So Lets get going on this sucker. First of all, What was my favorite part of the week? Friday. Friday we had sone conference and meetings with president mcmullin. So we got to our meetings and then AP (Elder dixon) came up to me and shook my hand and said he had something for me.. and i waslike what? okay.. so i followed him to the presidents car and there were 4 packages.. FOR ME! 4 PACKAGES!!!!! 2 from angie, and 2 from jessica. I started balling right there in the parking lot. Elder Dixon was laughing at me and he said "hermana hunt this has to be a record! 4 Packages the first zone conference?! Oh my goodness. I opened those suckers as if it were chirstmas... and when i saw i had hand drawn pictures and notes from my nieces and nephews and sisters, candy, gifts.. i just cried. All the pictures are either hanging up on my wall or being used as mu bookmarks, All the candy is gone, all the gifts have been used. It was the best day ever. I am SO SO happy that my family loves me. I am so grateful that they think about me. Thankyou all. For everything. Also, my meeting with president went really well. I love that man. He is incredible. When he called me in for my interview he said, "hermana hunt.. ive been waiting for this interview all day." It made me feel so special. He told me that his kids really love me and they say hello. He told me that the work in my area is really progressing. and there is just a special energy in our stake. He stressed the importance of thanking the lord for this. He said, "the lord is just waiting to bless us." This man is amazing and i always look forward to seeing him. Speaking of work progressing, we have 6 progressing ivestigators. 3 came to church yesterday!!!!!!!!!! oh my i was soooo happy!!!! All of our investigators are great but two imparticular are just golden. A mom and her daughter.. Romina and jenia.. They have been to church twice. Yesterday their baby was blessed in sacrement. It was so spiritual. The mom told us that it was her dream to be a member of the church... her dream. When she told us this i thought about how grateful i am for this gospel in my life and how really, i am living the dream right now. haha its pretty flippin awesome. I have two miricles this week. One happened on sthursday. So first, we have been struggling to complete our goal each day. We do all that we can but sometimes we just dont complete. well saturday we said a special prayer to be able to accomplish our goals. And it just wasnt happening. no one was home, no one wanted to listen... so we decided it was time to walk back home when a little kid walked up to us and said " do you speak about the word of god?" And we said yes of course. and then he said "I want to listen to the word of god please." And obviously we jumped at the opportunity. haha We started teching and the lesson was over and he asked us if we could come back the next day for his birthday. and we couldnt because we had meetings but hermana villanueva said, "oh but my companion wants to sing you happy birthday!" and i was like what? umm no. haha Well i sang this little boy happy birthday in english the best was i knew how and my comp said his face just lit up. haha aw.. this boy is truely a child of god.. and the reason we completed our goals on thursday. Members of the church that live right next to him talked to us a little about his family life. They told us that his mom wants to give him away and his dad is always drunk. We visited him again yesterday and shared another message on prayer with pages to color. We asked him what he was grateful for and what he wanted to ask god for. He named a ton of things he was grateful for.. he said im grateful for my 3 moms. I have three moms you know.. One lives here one lives there and one lives down the road. haha it was so cute. Then said he would ask god that his dad not hit his mom tonight. My heart broke and my eyes filled up with tears. He said he would pray for peace in his home. The other miricle of the week was today. First, this moprning i had a feeling to bring an extra book of mormon so i did. okay. so Today we went to a town called luque. We visited other sister misionaries. I saw hermana sanders form the mtc and cried when i hugged her. I miss all of my mtc friends so much. We had lunch and visited a little pond park thingy. Anyways, after lunch we were waiting out side this cafe for everyone to pay for their meal and everyone was looking at these shoes and i heard a lady behind me and she asked if i was mormon and i said yes.. and then she said, "Please, i want to read your book. how can i get one? I will pay you money for one of them." My heart jumped. I said hermana, i have one right here and its free. Her eyes lit up and we called the elders in that area to set up an appointment to teach her. Anyways, this week i ate something really nasty. Mondongo. Or in other words, cow stomach lining... yeah, barf. haha First of all when they told me what it was they didnt use english so i didnt understand. Second, When the people offer you food, you have to eat it or they will get offended. It was fried so i figured it was just some pastry type deal or fried meat. Needless to say it wasnt a pastry. Okay, so the dogs here... i swear on my whole life that they KNOW us missionaries. haha The dogs always hate us but This week the dogs were aweful. Wednesday i think it was, we were walking to a members house and it was dark and we were lost and these big dogs started chasing us. My companion was trying to hit them with her backpack. hahaha oh man. We were laughing and running and laughing and running. It was scary and funny all at the same time. i´ve learned to laugh at things that normally i would get mad at. For example, the other day we were walking to an investigators house and it just got done raining and i was walking VERY careful trying not to step in the mud, and there was a spot that i thought Oh! Perfect, its dry ill step there. And then... plop. soupy mud all the way up to my ankles. haha i laughed so hard.. and walked all day with mud fully covering my feet. How awesome right? I think so too. Okay so our room.. we have one window and when you open it, 1 foot away is this brick wall. But the bricks have a bunch of holes in them so we can see into this activity center type deal and hear ALL that goes on.. Sometimes the kids that go to school are in there, sometimes parties, every friday and saturday there is soccer games until 1 in the morning.well yesterday during personal study was a concert... haha The music was SO loud. I couldnt hear my companion talk. Anways.. one of these days i will take a picture and show you guys.. haha Oh man... another random letter. yikes. Im so sorry. I wish i could give more details about everything and tell more stories but i dont have time. I want you all to know that i love you! have a great week! © 2013 MicrosoftTermsPrivacyDevelopersEnglish (United States)

Friday, November 1, 2013


Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2013 18:03:23 -0200 Subject: From: rachel.hunt To: Buen dia familia! Lets get started on this letter shall we? Mmmk. First, I heard about Val Porter and my heart just broke. That is aweful. I know that it must be so hard. Im so happy that we have the knowledge that death isnt the end and that she is with our heavenly father. Please send them my love and tell them that i am keeping them in my prayers. Second, Can you believe that tomorrow has been two months? I cant. Time has gone by so fast. Especially here in Paraguay. I dont have much to say this week. I thought i did but i cant think too well because its so freaking hot in this little store thingy. haha Im sorry. This week has been very hot and very humid and very difficult. Just like it should be right? ;) My spanish is coming along as well as the teaching. Im learning alot here in paraguay. And i know i have MUCH MUCH MUCH more to learn. Every day i learn a new lesson. Every day my testimony grows more and more. I know that this church is true. I know that God has a plan for each one of us. I know that this plan is so specific and detailed for each one of us. This morning i was thinking about all the different things that have happened in my life, good and bad. I think about my stupid decisions, my good decisions. The good times, and the difficult times. I honestly couldnt have asked for a better life for ME. I have the best family, The best friends, The best companion, the best mission president, the best mission! I mean look at me.Here i am, in paraguay.. serving a mission. Haha I am so blessed. I am OVERly blessed. Like always.Thankyou all for your love and support. I love you all so so very much. Next week my letter will be mucho mejor. Lo siento for esta carta. Es mas o menos.Okay Toodles!