Monday, November 4, 2013

So much to say so little time to say it and Packages from home!!!!!

Rachel Hunt Hola familia! I have alot to say and little time so im hoping to get it all in today. So Lets get going on this sucker. First of all, What was my favorite part of the week? Friday. Friday we had sone conference and meetings with president mcmullin. So we got to our meetings and then AP (Elder dixon) came up to me and shook my hand and said he had something for me.. and i waslike what? okay.. so i followed him to the presidents car and there were 4 packages.. FOR ME! 4 PACKAGES!!!!! 2 from angie, and 2 from jessica. I started balling right there in the parking lot. Elder Dixon was laughing at me and he said "hermana hunt this has to be a record! 4 Packages the first zone conference?! Oh my goodness. I opened those suckers as if it were chirstmas... and when i saw i had hand drawn pictures and notes from my nieces and nephews and sisters, candy, gifts.. i just cried. All the pictures are either hanging up on my wall or being used as mu bookmarks, All the candy is gone, all the gifts have been used. It was the best day ever. I am SO SO happy that my family loves me. I am so grateful that they think about me. Thankyou all. For everything. Also, my meeting with president went really well. I love that man. He is incredible. When he called me in for my interview he said, "hermana hunt.. ive been waiting for this interview all day." It made me feel so special. He told me that his kids really love me and they say hello. He told me that the work in my area is really progressing. and there is just a special energy in our stake. He stressed the importance of thanking the lord for this. He said, "the lord is just waiting to bless us." This man is amazing and i always look forward to seeing him. Speaking of work progressing, we have 6 progressing ivestigators. 3 came to church yesterday!!!!!!!!!! oh my i was soooo happy!!!! All of our investigators are great but two imparticular are just golden. A mom and her daughter.. Romina and jenia.. They have been to church twice. Yesterday their baby was blessed in sacrement. It was so spiritual. The mom told us that it was her dream to be a member of the church... her dream. When she told us this i thought about how grateful i am for this gospel in my life and how really, i am living the dream right now. haha its pretty flippin awesome. I have two miricles this week. One happened on sthursday. So first, we have been struggling to complete our goal each day. We do all that we can but sometimes we just dont complete. well saturday we said a special prayer to be able to accomplish our goals. And it just wasnt happening. no one was home, no one wanted to listen... so we decided it was time to walk back home when a little kid walked up to us and said " do you speak about the word of god?" And we said yes of course. and then he said "I want to listen to the word of god please." And obviously we jumped at the opportunity. haha We started teching and the lesson was over and he asked us if we could come back the next day for his birthday. and we couldnt because we had meetings but hermana villanueva said, "oh but my companion wants to sing you happy birthday!" and i was like what? umm no. haha Well i sang this little boy happy birthday in english the best was i knew how and my comp said his face just lit up. haha aw.. this boy is truely a child of god.. and the reason we completed our goals on thursday. Members of the church that live right next to him talked to us a little about his family life. They told us that his mom wants to give him away and his dad is always drunk. We visited him again yesterday and shared another message on prayer with pages to color. We asked him what he was grateful for and what he wanted to ask god for. He named a ton of things he was grateful for.. he said im grateful for my 3 moms. I have three moms you know.. One lives here one lives there and one lives down the road. haha it was so cute. Then said he would ask god that his dad not hit his mom tonight. My heart broke and my eyes filled up with tears. He said he would pray for peace in his home. The other miricle of the week was today. First, this moprning i had a feeling to bring an extra book of mormon so i did. okay. so Today we went to a town called luque. We visited other sister misionaries. I saw hermana sanders form the mtc and cried when i hugged her. I miss all of my mtc friends so much. We had lunch and visited a little pond park thingy. Anyways, after lunch we were waiting out side this cafe for everyone to pay for their meal and everyone was looking at these shoes and i heard a lady behind me and she asked if i was mormon and i said yes.. and then she said, "Please, i want to read your book. how can i get one? I will pay you money for one of them." My heart jumped. I said hermana, i have one right here and its free. Her eyes lit up and we called the elders in that area to set up an appointment to teach her. Anyways, this week i ate something really nasty. Mondongo. Or in other words, cow stomach lining... yeah, barf. haha First of all when they told me what it was they didnt use english so i didnt understand. Second, When the people offer you food, you have to eat it or they will get offended. It was fried so i figured it was just some pastry type deal or fried meat. Needless to say it wasnt a pastry. Okay, so the dogs here... i swear on my whole life that they KNOW us missionaries. haha The dogs always hate us but This week the dogs were aweful. Wednesday i think it was, we were walking to a members house and it was dark and we were lost and these big dogs started chasing us. My companion was trying to hit them with her backpack. hahaha oh man. We were laughing and running and laughing and running. It was scary and funny all at the same time. i´ve learned to laugh at things that normally i would get mad at. For example, the other day we were walking to an investigators house and it just got done raining and i was walking VERY careful trying not to step in the mud, and there was a spot that i thought Oh! Perfect, its dry ill step there. And then... plop. soupy mud all the way up to my ankles. haha i laughed so hard.. and walked all day with mud fully covering my feet. How awesome right? I think so too. Okay so our room.. we have one window and when you open it, 1 foot away is this brick wall. But the bricks have a bunch of holes in them so we can see into this activity center type deal and hear ALL that goes on.. Sometimes the kids that go to school are in there, sometimes parties, every friday and saturday there is soccer games until 1 in the morning.well yesterday during personal study was a concert... haha The music was SO loud. I couldnt hear my companion talk. Anways.. one of these days i will take a picture and show you guys.. haha Oh man... another random letter. yikes. Im so sorry. I wish i could give more details about everything and tell more stories but i dont have time. I want you all to know that i love you! have a great week! © 2013 MicrosoftTermsPrivacyDevelopersEnglish (United States)

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