Monday, November 25, 2013


Hola you bunch of americans!!!! what. it. do. Sorry i didnt write last week. Didnt have time. Story of my life. haha I cant remember all that happened the past two weeks. But ill try to catch up as much as possible. Last, Tuesday was Elder Christofferson day! We got all ready in the morning and headed over. A bit of background information: I had been praying for days and days that Heavenly Father would give me time with Hermana Buss, because I knew she would be there but I didn´t know if we would have time to visit or anything before or after. Okay. So we were heading over to the distribution center, next to the temple, to get some books and stuff. We had an hour and a half or so until we needed to be seated in the chapel for the meeting. We were walking over and I was praying that by some miracle, Hermana buss would be in the Distribution Center. What are the chances, right? So we walk in and are greeting a pair of sisters that are in there, and I am about to give one of them a hug, and I look around the corner on my left, and guess who is standing there! Hna Buss of course! We see each other at the same time, drop all of our things, and give each other the biggest hugs of our lives, while crying, of course. You would think it had been ten years since we´d seen each other. Nope. only six weeks. But it sure felt like ten years. We were able to talk for a while (in rapid english, which was nice for both of us), and our companions were in the MTC together and are good friends also, so we all went and got lunch together! If I didn´t know that God answers prayers before last Tuesday, I sure do now, haha. Anyway, that was soooooooooooooo wonderful, I just can´t even express it. The whole conferenece was off the chain. Elder Christoff let us all shake his hand and the hand of his cute wife. I thought to myself, wow...What would it be like to be the wife of an apostle?? Pretty flippin awesome i think. The spirit was so strong and it was so great to see here all of the perfect words that came out of his mouth. Then... Last monday i had to go to the officina to sign papers. this is the reason why i didnt write last week. But i recieved 2 more packages!!!!!!!!! But i was really humble about it. Okay not really.. i rubbed it in everyones faces. It went a little something like this.. "Oh you didnt get a halloween package... well i got 6 so here, have a piece of candy" haha Just kidding... I cried when i got the packages and i shared with everyone. Funny story of the week: Saturday our companions had a baptism that was so awesome! first was a wedding and second was the baptism. during the wedding they do all the dumb things like throw the bouquet and all that... well they have this thing with the cake. And attatched to the cake is all these strings and one of the strings is connected to a ring. and all the girls gather round and say 1 2 3 and pull, and whoever gets the ring means that they are getting married soon. So i thought, well its just logic that the missionaries dont play this game. Nope. They insisted that we play and guess who got the ring? Me. "Oh how funny," laughed all the latinos. "When is the wedding?" Said the bishop. "Who is the lucky man?" Snickered the district leader. I gave the plastic ring to a little girl that really wanted it but then 20 minutes later her mom was ticked at me for giving it away. haha oh well. Miricle of the week: I dont know if this is a miricle but it is the sweetest thin ever. So we have a menos activo that since the first week we got here he has consistently gone to church. We visit him and his mom alot. The other day i asked him why he was inactive before and he said it was because he didnt understand becasue he speaks very little spanish. Only guarani. This made me think how many people are inactive because they dont understand spanish. It made me sick. So i talked with the good ol bishop and we now have someone called to be a translator for ALL those who dont understand spanish. Another thing about this good fella. Like most people here in paraguay he doesnt have money. And i have always wondered how in the world he got to church because there is no way he can walk. Well the other day his mom told us that in order to have money for the bus to go to church he sells their chickens. Or in other words, their food. And this week they only have 5 chickens left. What a sacrifice right? Haha In order to go to church every sunday where he doesnt even understand spanish.. he sells his chickens, his food! to get there. Wow. It makes me sick when i think of the sacrifice but i know with all my heart that sacrifices bring blessings. I know just know it. Fun facts about The mission life/Paraguay There are chickens and cows EVERYWHERE. And the chickens are not normal. They are black with white dots. Everyone here has crazy eyes. They have dark skin and black hair and then their eyes are orange or blue or gray. Its insane. Somedays we will be walking and find coconuts and take a break to eat some. In december they say that the ground is completely yellow from all the mangos that fall. Boy am i excited for that. haha anyways thats all for today folks! i love you all so very much! see ya!

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