Monday, November 25, 2013

Ultimate Frisbee and Twilight

The first photo is of my zone. We played ultimate frisbee this day! The second photo is my district. Only 2 americans. If the hermana in front of me looks like she has her garments in a wad.... Its because she does. hahahaha my companion has the really short hair. and the hermana in black is hermana sanchez. she is the shiz. I flippin love her. She is from el salvador and she rocks my socks. We always say that were going to be companions someday. And i always tell the other two hermanas that el salvador and united states is the best and the get really mad. Like for reals mad. They think peru is the best. And then i keep arguing with them and i always think its super funny.. so does hermana sanchez. Also, the latino...elder herrera. our district leader. He is from columbia. He is pretty awesome as you can see. he is obsessed with twilight and always says that he will find his bella someday in the united states at byu. And the other is elder simps. he is from utah. He is a nerd but i love him. He is the only american i have to talk to so i guess you could say were best friends.

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