Monday, November 18, 2013

A letter to my mommy. Elder D Todd Christofferson, Bubble gum, little children, Hermana Buss and hand written letters

Hey mom. I dont have anytime to write to day becasue we had to go to the mission office to sign in at the migrations office and everything was great. It was even more great because i recieved the best package in the whole wide world!!!! the package from my sweet sweet mother!!!! oh mom when i opened your package i was so excited!!! i opened it right before we had to head back home and saw all the bubble gum and me and my companion ate it all the way home on the bus. haha keep in mind that the bus ride is 2 hours long. haha i love you and i loved even more seeing your sweet sweet letter. it was just a little words but i LOVED it! I love your written letters because i can always look at them. Well mommy this week was great. The grand miricle that i was able to experience is to shake the hand of elder d todd christoferson. We had a conference with him on tuesday and he invited ALL the missionaries up to shake his hand. It was awesome. And i also got to see all my friends from the mtc. especially hermana buss. ill tell you the story. So we left our house really early in the morning becasue we all wanted got to the distribution center in Asuncion and i was looking around and all that and i heard the door open and i saw one sister missionary walk in and then right after that i saw hermana buss. Mom, we hugged and cried for like 30 minutes. I am not even exaggerating. I kept saying, Hermana this feels like a dream!!! haha our trainers let us go on a mini division and so my companion ALL day was hermana buss. Oh how i missed her mom. She is my best friend. I love her so much. We sat by one another during the conference and felt the spirit so strong. The words of elder christoferson were just what we needed to hear. He is truely amazing. But then time came to leave and we were sad again. haha Anyway, today was changes, but i didnt change. I am still in Itaugua with the amazing hermana villanueva. Mom, she is amazing. She is taking great care of me. I am learning so much mom. I am experiencing so much. I love the people.. i love the kids. Oh the kids are adorable. You would just die! Yesterday a little girl turned 4 and we had a little book to give to her for her birhtday and we showed up and sat down and this little girl gave me the BIGGEST kiss on the cheek i think i have ever recieved in my life. haha So So SOO cute. Her name is Jasmin. I am doing so great. I am missing you so much and looking forward to christmas when we get to skype!! i dont know all the details but i will let you know soon enough. All i know is that you should set it all up at grandmas house with a laptop and all the family. Anyways mom my time is up. I love you so much. I love you my dearest mom. My love for you grows more and more every day. Stay busy and keep happy. From your favorite missionary Hermana Hunt.

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