Monday, November 11, 2013

Buenos Tardes Familia y amigos! Como están? Como le va? Another week in the great country of paraguay!

Rachel Hunt 11-11-13 Buenos Tardes Familia y amigos! Como están? Como le va? Another week in the great country of paraguay! This past week has been a rolercoaster but none the less it was a good week. So i think i may have said this before but i feel like my letters are getting less and less interesting and i imagine them being boring to read. So with that being said im gonna start something new. I know a bunch of my missionary friends do a Little something like this so i thought i would give it a try! Okay, bueno. A week in the misión is insane. SO much happens and i want to make sure you all know the important parts. For example, God gives us miricles every day, the funniest stuff happens every momento and i always learn a new fun fact about paraguay or missionary life. So im gonna share all these things with you every week from now on! Also, in this past month i have developed such a strong love for the book of mormon. I am constantly recieving revaltion for investigators, answers for myself, or just a new teaching through the examples of the prophets. And Also, i think that if i dont find my future husband in this life... Its probably because my eternal companion is Nephi or Moroni or some bad dog prophet and they are just waitng for me to get to heaven. So if i never get married.. we all know why. haha but my point it that i also will share a scripture with you all every week as well. okay to begin!! My miricle of the week. I like to call this one, "The 2 hour search for a patient in the ancient-zombie-apocolypse (not sure if i spelled apocolypse right) hospital." Okay, so, there we were, last week.. it was dark and we were walking home when hermana Villanueva said, hermana hunt next week on tuesday i feel like we should go to a different part of our área called hospital nacional thats pretty far away. And i said okay. So then tuesday came along and we were eating lunch with members and a sister said hey the lady that you guys taught last week, is in the hospital.. she got ran over by a bus a few days ago. and we were worried about her and visited her husband an her daughter and told them how sorry we were and then had to go to work. So we went to the new área and we wer trying to get a hold of like 7 people to teach and none of them were answering. We stood under this tree for like 20 minutes calling all these people but no one was answering. So we stood there for a minute and i remembered that lady that got ran over and i was like oh duh rachel... idiot. So then i told hermana Villanueva and we walked about 2 miles to the hospital. And this hospital shouldnt be a hospital. There was blood stains on the stairs, it smelt so bad, it was not clean at all. I wanted to take my mini hand sanitizer and pour it all over the floors.Anyways that besides the point. so we went to every receptionist, searched in every room, asked every nurse where this patient was. Ramona Gonzalez is her name. And they all told us different things. So like 1hr 45min passed and we thought well maybe we have her name wrong.. maybe she isnt in this hospital. We didnt know what else to do. Well... like 30 seconds after i asked my comp what we should do i saw a less active member that we are visiting that Works in the hospital, walking and so we called her name and asked her how she was and all that and then told her what we were up to and asked her if she could show us the trauma center.. so she did and she said we were welcome to check the rooms to see if it was who we were looking for. So we did... we opened all the doors and ramona was in none of them. THEN, I kid you not.. the LAST door in that entire hospital... was ramona. We were able to share a message and the spirit was so strong. Ramona was so happy to see us. Anyways..afterwards when we were talking about how crazy it is how everyhing worked out. From the prompting that my comp had, a week before, to visit this new área.. to our diligence being tried when we searched for two hours, to us finding this less active member at exactly the right time. I mean if that doesnt show that god WANTS to help us. He wants to bless us. And he will.. if we are dilligent and patient. Next, is my funny story.. which is called, "My freaking stinky bathroom." Okay.. so our bathroom ALWAYS smells so bad. And i have cleaned and sprayed and poured every type of smelly good thing that i could in the toilet to try and make the bathroom smell better. Well, i finally found the problem.... One morning, i was going to the bathroom.. like i always do in the morning. And i happened to look over at the trash can. (Keep in mind that it has always been so weird to me that the trash can is always overflowing with toilet paper. but i never really thought twice about it. i just thougt maybe someone needed to blow their nose alot or something.) And i saw this one piece of toilet paper with poop on it. And i was like what in the world? Needless to say my fellow north americans... The latinos that i live with dont put their toilet paper in the toilet after they wipe.. They put it in the trash can..... freaking disgusting. Ew.. gross. ew. hahahaha oh latinos. Its always something new with them. Now, for my fun facts of paraguay... Yogurt is in a bag. Milk is in a box. There is a plant that a member showed me this week.. and when you touch it its leaves curl up and it plays dead. Coolet thing iver ever seen. Also, everyone greets each other with a kiss on both cheeks. But for us hermanas we only kiss the women not the men. Duh. You all knew that. Well sometimes the men or boys dont know the rule so they go in for the kiss and i have ducked, spinned, jumped, squatted, pretended to tie my shoe that doesnt have a shoelace... just to avoid the kiss. But honestly, i think its a tradition ill carry on when i get back home and m no longer a missionary. Especially with the fellas.I think it will be a good ice breaker. woo baby. okay just kidding. But really. and the last fun fact... Usually adiós in a spanish speaking country is goodbye. Welp, here. its hello. I dont know why... but it is. Now, for my scripture. Okay... so lately i have been constantly thinkin about all the things i need to improve on. for example all the christlike attributes such as patience, dilligence, love, charity, and many many more attributes that i need to have in order to be 100% missionary. I add like 5 to my list each day. Well one day i was SUPER overwhelmed and wondered how in the world i was gonna be able to accomplish all these things. I was able to see all these things i needed to improve on but i wasnt sure where to start. So one day i was like, Okay, today i am gonna work on love patience and dilligence and this and this. And then the day got over and i felt like i failed becasue i fell short on ALOT of things. but then i read in Mosiah 6:27 "And see that all these things are done in wisdom and order: for it is not requisite that a man should run faster than he has strength. And again, it is expedient that he sould be dilligent, that thereby he might win the prize; therefore all things must be done in order." Holy answer to my problem. Crazy huh? Yeah i know. I love the book of mormon. I love the teachings that is contains. I know that when we read it with dilligence we can find answers and i know that god speaks to us through the scriptures. I know that we can learn alot from this book. I wish i would have read more before my misión. Anyways, i love you all so much and i hope you all have a GREAT great week. Keep busy and stay happy. Pray, read. go to church. You know what it is. Peace. love. and baptisms.

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