Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Rain Rain nothing like I've ever seen before!! My awesome companion is going home and Changing hearts.

Wow this week has been one for the books! The work is moving along GREAT here in Itaugua. Did i ever mention that the area we are in now we had to open. We came here knowing nothing about the area, there wasnt an area book, we started from scratch. The first sunday we had 50 people attend church, and yesterday guess how much.. 100! President is very happy with the progress in our area! The church here in Paraguay is growing and i have the awesome opportunity to watch it all! Its amazing to see the changes in these people. The changes in their hearts, in their spirits.. I am growing to care for the people more and more everyday. This week we found an investigator that is a professional soccer player. He is huge. This lesson was so awesome. haha. The spirit was so strong. I could barely speak. My heart was pounding so hard. Its so awesome when we can see the spirit work in these people and teach them. By the end of the lesson he was worried about his job... becasue he plays soccer on the weekends and isnt able to attend church. He finally said, well... maybe i need to find another job. I was so taken back. Sports have always been so huge for me. I love sports and only in my wildest dreams i play on a proffesional team. haha When he said that he needed to find another job... wow. It was truely amazing. This week we have had alot of rain. But yesterday was like nothing i have ever seen before. Only in the movies. haha In the morning the sun was SO STRONG. The air was so wet all my clothes were soaked... But the sky was clear and blue. Not a cloud in the sky. Well during our personal study we heard a loud boom and i jumped... and then came the storm. Haha We watched from our window the rain, the wind... it was insane. The lights went out.. And then hermana villanueva said, lets go outside and check it out.. so we walked outside and in 15 seconds were soaking wet. But that isnt the best part. Trees, HUGE TREES had been struck by lighting and fallen in front of our apartment, and all down the streets. Water up to our ankles, the busses couldnt pass. I have pictures. It was awesome. Then we got a call from the zone leader saying to stay inside. Today on this wonderful pday, i want to talk aabout my comp. My trainer. Hermana VIllanueva has 17 months in the mission. She is going home on january 2nd. Before me, she was the sister leader trainer. Sister leader trainers are two sisters.. latino and american who look over ALL the sisters in the mission. The go on splits with all the sisters, Work with the mission president.. And make sure all the sisters in paraguay are okay. She thought that she would end her mission as the sister leader trainer but she got a call from president and he told her that God had called her to train one last hermana. The moment after president assigned our companions every single missionary, hermana and elder came to me and told me how blessed i was to have hermana villanueva. That she is a great missionary. The wife to the missionpresident gave me a hug and whispered in my ear to not waste a minute with hermana villanueva. So basically family and friends, she is a legendary missionary. And for some reason God chose HER to train ME. Why i am so blessed i dont know... but i do know that every second i have with her i am using to my advantage. She has taught me so much. I have one more month with her and then she leaves and i will no longer have a trainer. I will be a normal missionary. I dont know what will happen. I could stay in my area with another comp, leave my area with another comp, stay and train or leave and train. All the missionaries that i talk to say that now that i know how to open an area, i might get sent to open an area with another sister. Or stay and train. But im not ready to train. haha i have only been here for 2 months. THere is no WAY i am going to train. But we will see what happens. All i know is that the day hermana villanueva has to leave... i am going to cry alot. haha But i know that god knows what he is doing. And he will take care of me. Okay they just told me we have to go. so tell aunt jean i love her someone! i love you all! bye!

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