Monday, December 30, 2013

Transfers! I'm a trainer!! God continues to provide me Tender Mercies. Happy New Year to you all. Love my family.

Hello there all my family and friends! First of all, it was SO GREAT to see all of you for christmas even though i cried almost the entire time... oops. haha I loved seeing all of you, but i dont love crying. haha I hope everyones christmas was the bees knees. Anyways.. I have completed 4 months in my mission everybody! I have officially been in paraguay for 3 months and completed my training with hermana villanueva. Tomorrow at 8 o´clock in the morning she will no longer be my companion. haha How weird. I´ve been trying so hard to hold in the tears. Haha She wrote me a little message in my journal and I just balled. She really is an amazing person, an amazing missionary, and an amazing friend. I honestly could not have asked for a better trainer. Im so blessed. I know that many blessings are waiting for her in Peru. We will always be good friends. It is my prayer that she can move to Arizona with her family so that i can one day see her again. So you all need to be on the lookout for someone tall dark and handsome that is on the look out for a chica from peru. Well as most of you know today we were supposed to get our phone calls to find out who would be our next comps and where we would serve... Well on Friday i got a call from our district leader and he said hermana hunt this change is gonna be different... Tomorrow i will call and let you know who will be your comp and where you will serve and tuesday you will head to the office for your companion. So i said okay and the next day i was really nervous. haha The phone would ring and i would freak out thinking it was my district leader.. Well the other two hermanas that live with us got their call and ran into our room and put the phone on speaker so that all could here and they got their results. Hermana Sanchez will stay here in Itaugua and her comp will be hermana braunersrither from texas. she was in the mtc with me. And hermana alania is leaving Itaugua and will get a new companion that right now i cant remember her name. So both of them arent training. So when i heard that they werent training i was like Oh, okay so im not training either because they both have alot more time and experience than me. And if they arent training, im sure not. So then our district leader called me and i put it on speaker phone.... and we waited.. then he said something and no one could understand so then he repeated himself and he said hermana hunt, The lord has called you to be a trainer. My comp, and the other two sisters started screaming and freaking out and hermana villanueva kept yelling I KNEW IT I KNEW IT! haha.. And i just started to cry. I couldnt believe it. I still cant believe it. I said but i only have 3 months in the mission. And hermana villanueva said hermana hunt... that isnt important. Whats important is that the lord trusts in you, so he called you to train. ah.. wow. The past two days there has been a big war in my head between satan and the lord. That sounds super dumb but its true.. There is Satan who says you cant this.. You dont know everything. You dont know spanish, you dont know all the scriptures, you JUST finished your training , you have a thousand weaknesses.. How in the world are you going to train.. And then the voice of the lord that is telling me to put my trust in Him. I know that i will need to rely on my heavenly father more than ever before. I honestly never ever thought that my heavenly father trusted that i could do something like this. But he called me.. I only have three months and he called me to train. I am so humbled and im so nervous. But im pretty determined not to let the lord down. and if you guys could just keep me in your prayers i would be so grateful. I know that your prayers always help me. Im so thankful to be here on a mission. I decided to serve a mission because i wanted to give others the same happiness and knowledge that i have. I wanted to see peoples lives change, I wanted to see families recieve the blessings from this gospel. And i do.. I get to do all that i expected to do. But i get to do more than that. I get to see a change in myself. I get to see my own family recieve the blessing from the gospel. God continues to provide me with his tender mercies... His little miricles build my faith and my testimony more than you could imagine. He is helping me to overcome my weaknesses... He is helping my family to be happy. He is answering my prayers. I know that he can do the same for everyone.. I just know that it all starts with humility. We cant change if we arent humble. We cant feel the NEED to change if we arent humble. Im so grateful for every single one of you. Every single family member, every single friend, every single prayer... Thankyou for all the love and all the support. Have a peaceful, happy day. And Have the best first week of the year 2014. I love you. I will talk to you all next week. AND REMEMBER.. Dont forget to go to church. Chau! © 2013 MicrosoftTermsPrivacyDevelopersEng

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