Monday, June 30, 2014

Heading to another area! Good habits. The ten commandments The ten habits.

6-16-14 Hey! Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great week. I know i did. I learned so much. Sometimes im so surprised at how much my brain can take. Haha Becasue every week i learn more and more and yet.. i still have so much space to fit more learning in there. haha Well another change has gone by.... And its sad to say that hermana taboada will be heading to another area and i will be staying here in molino. And its even more sad to say that my peruvian streak has ended. This change i will be getting the hermana luts, an american. I dont know anything about her. Only that she has red hair and that God called her to be my companion. So im happy. And a little sad at the same time. Chau peruanas! But hey, God is perfect, so he gave me the perfect companion. Thats all that matters! Anywho... Molino is progressing alot! I dont know if i told you about the fmaily ortega that we found a few weeks ago? Well They are AWESOME. I love them with all of my heart. The family Ortega! They rock my socks for reals. One of the boys in the family is getting baptized this saturday! Keep Alejandro Ortega in your prayers so that everything will go good this week! Anyways speaking of families... the other day we were walking home at night and we saw this super cute family... the mom and the dad were walking with their 2 kids. and they were all holding hands... SO of course me and my comp both thought, "Golden." And whta did we do? We passed them. I dont know why so dont ask. But we passed them and i just felt horrible... so then i turned around and started running after them. And we stopped them to talk for a little bit and yesterday we went to their house and had a lesson!!!!!!!!!!! THEY ARE AWESOME! God is so merciful. I mean we passed by them.. That should NOT have happened. But he blessed us anyways. he is so awesome. Anyways... we had a zone meeting this week and something that president mentioned in his talk just hit me hard and i would love to share it with you all because i feel like its something that EVERYONE lacks. Especially me. And its the consistency. Being consistent. When God gives us commandments he expects us to put them into practice.. but sometimes we put it into practice for a week.. maybe two. We remember to say our prayers every day for a few weeks and then we go back to where we started. orr..... we get the drive to start the book of mormon and FOR SURE we are going to finish it. and then we get done with first nephi and stop reading. I mean i dont even know how many times i have read first nephi 1:1... I have the whole chapter memorized because i started over so much. THE POINT. Be consistent. The 5th principle of the gospel of jesus christ is endure to the end. He gave us this last principle to help us to be consistent. So i invite myself, and all of you folks to figure out the secret to consistency! What can we do to be more consistent in the things we do... I think that if we are consistent in keeping the commandments, we will develop good habits. And, "good habits are hard to kick.." It will be easier to stay consistent when we make the commandments, . So i decided to change the name. The ten commandments to the ten habits. think about. its pretty smart. anyways.... i love president. He is soooo called of god. He is my best friend. I have learned so much from him. Today i thought about the country song "Dont blink" Becasue i almost have 10 months... Im almost 20 years old and i feel like it all went by in just one blink of an eye. Since i got here on the mission, im trying hard to keep my eyes open. Becasue i know if i blink... my mission will end and i will be on the plane headed back to Az. Thats life though.. it just goes by too darn fast. The next thing you know ill be bare foot and pregnant. haha No just kidding. Thats not how it will be. President told us, "You have 18 months (or two years) to be a missionary and to use your time wisely here. And then your have ALLLLLLLLLL eternity to look back at what you did, at what you learned, and to think about it all. So dont waste your time." I love this gospel.... I love my family. I love My fater in heaven and his son jesus christ. I love this work. Its the best ever. Im so happy. I hope everyone that way is doing good. I miss you all and you are always in my prayers.! Thankyou for all your love and support! AND HAPPY FATHERS DAY YESTERDAY To all the dads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great week! Nos Vemos! Chau!

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