Monday, June 30, 2014

Hermana Luts from Colorado Springs. Feeling love.

6-23-14 Hey Family! Another week has gone by! This first week with the hermana luts was SO different! haha But it was great and my love for her grows more and more each day! She is great and i am so blessed to have her as my companion. I know God knows what he is doing! We are ready to learn and ready to work! By the way she is from colorado!!!!!! (NIck and Jess) The invesigators are doing good! And the menos activos as well. We have A LOT of work to do with ech one of them but the memebers and us are ready to get to work together! We had a meeting yesterday that really helped the members in the ward. They were very pumped and excited to get to work. This week was a good week. The transistion was really different.. But i am so blessed to be where i am. I am so blessed to have the spirit. I have learned that without the spirit we cant do anything. That hermana luts, hermana hunt, and the spirit need to work as a team or we arent going to see progress. Yesterday in the meeting i learned 2 things really importnat that i wrote down in my agenda. 1) Love, If we dont have it, we will not have success. THATS SO TRUE! So this week i have started to pray for love. Love for my comp, for my savior, for the members, for the people we teach, and for myself. If we dont feel a sincere love for every one of these people we will not be successful. 2) We cant be okay with where we are. I LOVE THIS. We cant be okay with where we are. We cant say okay, ive done all i can and now im done. THere is always room for more work! THis work is important! And we have to progress! We cant be satisfied with where we are until we have accomplishedd ALL that the lord has commanded us! I love this work. I LOVE my heavenly father and my savior jesus christ. Im so happy that i have finally opened my heart to accept what he did for me. I hope and pray that we as memebers of this church can be instruments in the hands of God so that the hearts of MANY people can open! I pray that they will be able to feel the joy that comes from our savior jesus christ! And i invite all of you to open your hearts to accept all that our savior has done for us! have a great week everyone! chau!

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