Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I'm a sister Leader Trainer!!! Felicita When I go to church I feel a little bit cleaner.....Jesus Christ Let him in.

7-28-14 My dearest mother... I just want to thankyou this week. Because i know i couldnt be where i am todya with out EVERYTHING that you have taught me. You have taught me so much and i apply all that you teach me every day. It has become a great strength to me... This week i wanted to share a story with you..... Yesterday we went to visit a member named felicita. Felicitia has been a member for 4 years. And its been 5 years since she had a really bad accident. She has some kind of sickness that makes her faint or fall our of no where.. Well 5 years ago she fell into a hot burning pan of oil while cooking and burnt her entire face... as we talked with her and heard her story and all she had to say, i just felt the spirit so strong. She testified of jesus christ and of the change that he has made in her.. She said "I sometimes feel embarrassed to leave my house for the way i look, and sometimes i get discouraged... but i ALWAYS go to church. I cant miss a day at church. since the day i got baptized and every time i go to church, it seems like im just a little bit cleaner. and its all thanks to jesus christ and god the father." I love the scripture that says even if we have a little faith, even if its just a desire to believe we should let that desire work in us. And i testiy that if we do that, if we let jesus christ in even just a little bit, he will make the great change. I have got a lot way to go... alot of changes to make. But i know that anything is possible if we just let him in. I invite you mom to let him in! I love you so much and i know that God loves you. You are my favorite, mom. My best friends. have a great week and dont forget how much i love you! ps did you like the photos i sent? do i look fat? let me know. And what do you think that im sister leader trainer now? okay bye

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