Wednesday, August 20, 2014

So many single moms.....

8-11-14 I LOVE THIS. It takes me back... Mom have i told you lately that i love you? YOu are the BEST mom i have ever had. We talk to so many people every day... and there is so many single moms here. So anytime they say, yeah i am a single mom.. i testify of you. I tell them, my mom was a single mom for a really long time and it was hard for her... but she got throguh it thanks to jesus christ and the church. and the listen... i love you mom. You have taught me everything i know. I love our star flowers. Dont ever stop sending me pictures and quotes. I love the quote for this week. And the miricle in my life today has been wade. I am so thankful god sent him in our life. Just when we needed him the most. Heavenly father loves us. i love you mom! love, hermana hunt

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