Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sister Leader Trainer and Transfers~~

7-28-14 My dearest family and friends,I finally have time to write!! First of all sorry for all these past weeks that i have only written one sentance. Things have been pretty crazy but i finally have time today! But... Things are just getting crazier and crazier here in the Paraguay Asuncion North Mission. Haha Sometimes I God just confuses me... But im learning to trust in him more and more every day. Lets start with this great work! All of our recent converts are doing awesome! They are super active! Michely will be entering in the temple soon just to do baptisms BUT its still a big step and she is such a great example for her family! Then Elda and Mameri are rockin it. Mameri recieved the aaronic priesthood yesterday and he is so happy! He will be recieving his first calling this coming sunday. Anyways... They are doing so great. Did i ever tell you they are chamacocos? Like native indians... The live in this little community of indians from the chaco called API... And we got to take pictures this past week of api... becasue they painted this wall super super cool of all this stuff from the chaco. (Pictures to come.) Anyways i love them... And their kids too. They are GREAT! This past week was full of miricles... we found a lot of new people to teach that are really interested in the gospel and we have just been working hard to get them to church! This week I have felt so strongly that every person we talk to, or every person that we teach i am supposed to learn from them. And let me tell ya... I am learning. I love learning. Anyways now lets talk a little bit about changes.. Im leaving this area, and I will be going to an area called campo grande, to be the new sister leader trainer with sister gutierrez. The sister leader trainer is like an asistent to the president but we are in charge of all the sisters in the mission instead of elders. Obvious. Anyways... president called me last night and when i saw that it was him who was calling i didnt want to pick up... but i did anyways and he said, "hermana hunt.. how are you? (he starts with a little small talk) Anyways i just finished up with changes and as you know we are losing two great sister leaders... they will be going home soon and i God has called you to be the new sister leader trainer. Would you be able to accept this calling?" I just froze.... And of course i said yes. I mean duh... But lets just say last night was a sleepless night. haha My mind has been going a hundred miles an hour and i feel so inadequate. haha i dont understand right now why the lord called me? Anyways last night after president called i knelt down and first just gave thanks to my heavenly father for this great opportunity but then i just explained to him that im scared out of my mind.... and i just got a feeling to read my patriarchal blessing and all i know people.... is that I better get ready to learn. haha Anyways i just want to tell you all thankyou for all your love and support. There is no doubt in my mind that my strength every day and my willingness to work hard comes from the prayers that you all shoot up to the man upstairs. Thankyou for loving me! I hope you ALL know... I mean Everyone of you... that i love you and i will forever be in debt to all of you, My heavenly father, and my savior jesus christ. You all be strong! Keep fighting! Have a great week! and remember we are children of a KING! woo hoooooo!!!!!! CHAUCITO!

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