Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I love this work

8-11-14 Hey there family! I hope everyone had an amazing week! I know that i did. Every minute here is such a blessing! I dont have the words to explain how i feel. I just feel really really grateful. I remember a time before the mission when i felt SO overly blessed that i got down on my knees and asked my heavenly father to send me a trial. haha THATS how blessed i felt and thats how blessed i feel now. The Lord never stops blessing me... He is amazing. THis week was such a great week! Remember how i told you guys that we live in a super chuchi area where no one wants to listen to us? Well THIS week... we found 4 GREAT PEOPLE! Woo hoo! Lets talk about each one.... 1. Wendy... We found her just knocking houses DESPERATE to find someone. The lord sent her right to us. She is great. she is a young single mom with a little boy that is 9 years old who is deaf and special but SOOO cute and special. Wendys brother died 4 years ago also.. so i guess you could say that she has gone through alot. She is super guapa. I loved her a first sight. We are praying the she will progress! Keep her in your prayers! 2. Belen... So this chick is golden. She was a reference from a member and pretty much taught US the restoration. SHe is most definatly prepared for this gospel. FOr SURE. Ah! I was so happy to find her. I almost just gave her a big hug. I wanted to just tell her.. listen, you are gonna be a great leader in the church mam. But we had to go. Keep her in your prayers! PLEASE ! 3. Emilio.. he is old. But he is cool. He has baptism date. haha! But he didnt go top church yesterday. DOnt worry though... he will go. We went by this morning to share with him andhe was like, HERMANAs! i cant share right now im gonna leave! BUt im reading your book! i like it alot! and he started to tell us his favorite parts thus far.. I was Soooooo happy. he is cool. 4. Raquel. She was just a contact today no mas. We started talking to her and she was like yaa... i go to the baptist church and this and this... and right now im kinda looking for work.. and my comp was like. We are representatives of jesus christ! and we promise that if you go to our church you will find work.. and when she was saying all that i was looking at her and praying so hard that we could touch the heart of this lady... and the next thing i know i look over at the lady to start talking and she was ballling! And i was like woah... what happened? And she was like... i need a change in my life and this and that... anyways... It was so wonderful. The spirit just gets ya sometimes..... It gets me all the time. sometimes out of no where i start feeling the spirit and BOOM im balling my eyes out. Its totally normal... that reminds me... There is a lady in my last area, aurelia. She is a memeber and she is having a big trial right now. But when we started helping her and what not... She told me one time, '' I cant cry, its like i forgot "' And we sat there for a good while.... and i told her, you gotta cry... just get it out. you have been holding it for way to long. and she started balling... i just got a letter from her yesterday and she said, thankyou for teaching me how to cry again.. i feel like i really found myself again... anyways... I dont know if you guys know heremana fuller? The mission nurse? She is AMAZING. And american. And she invited over the other night to eat good american food. She is my best friend. I told her that im not gonna get married so that her and i can be comps in the future.. but she doesnt want to. I dont know why., its cool though. ANyways,, I LOVE YOU ALL! I am so thankful for all you do. Your prayers really help me. Seriously i feel the power of your prayers. THaknyou for everything! I know with out a doubt that our savior lives. His atonement can be used for everything. He knows us. He loves us. And he wants to help us. I always get a peaceful feeling inside when i realize that he WANTs to help us. He just waits for us to accept his help. I love you all and i hope you all have a great week! Chau!

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