Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Come Come Ye Saints

8-18-14 Hey there family! Whats up?! I hope everyone had a great week! I know i did! We had like a billion meetings and lots of divisions! And guess what?! Hermana buss and I were comps for a day! Sweet huh?! We tore it up. haha We contected a whole Bus AND we stopped a soccer game to contact them too.. haha It was awesome! Its crazy how God just suddenly gives us the courage to talk to his children.. even they were not so happy that we stopped their soccer game. Esta bien. Anyways this week we also found a lady that is reading the book of mormon!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!! My comp found her when she went on a division...she is so cool! her name is georgelina! and she has 3 kids.. her little boy is SO cute. He reminds me so much of seth! we stil dont have anyone that wants to go to church but little by little! haha A few weeks ago we didnt even have anyone who wanted to listen! So we are getting there! i can feel it! haha Yesterday after church it was seriously so hot! and we were walking and knocking... walking and knocking... walking and knocking.. and finally when we didnt have any other options the lord led us to a members house. The hermana riveros. Anyways... she is seriously amazing and i want to tell you her story. so this couple is Guillermo and margarita riveros... and one day come knocking, two sister missionaries.. they fall in love with the gospel and get baptized... the dad becomes the stake president,his sons serve missions and they all become a part of the church history here in paraguay and then one day he starts changing and they find out he has alzheimers and he got worse and worse and now he is in a bed and doesnt do anything but they there and his wife takeds good care of him. He cant communicate, he doesnt recognize anyone... not even his wife. Its just a sad situation... but yesterday we had the amazing opportunity to meet him. I kid you not... as we entered his room where he was... the spirit was SO strong. I had tears in my eyes right away.. I have never felt so close to God in my life. I just wanted to talk to him SO bad... I asked him a few questions but his wife kept telling me that he didnt understand anything... but i felt so different. I felt like he understood everything i was saying. So then we asked if we could sing him a hymn and asked her what his favorite song was and she said Come come ye saints.. so we sang and it was so hard because we were trying not to cry... haha anyways at the end, we got up and i stood my hand out to shake his hand and again his wife said, he doesnt understand... but then he took my hand, and smiled big, and touched my head... then i asked him if we could come back and he shook his head yes. Anyways, the hermana cried and cried and cried... she said that it had been so long since he communicated with someone. Ugh he was so cool. My comp and i couldnt quit crying. haha We got a book of the church history in praguay last year for christmas and he wrote in it... and talked about the hermanas that visited him and his family... he said, "They had nothing but truth in their eyes. They never doubted what they testified." Seriously.... i want to be that missionary. I pray that The people we contact and teach can see the truth in our eyes. I hope that every time you all can share your testimony that you dont doubt... becasue this church is true! Jesus christ lives. God is our heavenly father. And they love us. I love you all! i hope you all have a wonderful week! Love hermana hunt!

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