Monday, February 10, 2014

What in the world is a PIQUE'? It's in my toe!! and the Crazy Lady And a baptism woohoo!!

Hey there! How is everybody?! Another change down in the mission but im not going anywhere! Im still in my first area Itaugua training the hermana hernandez. Hermana Braunersrither is staying and she will be training and then Hermana Sanchez.. my best friend is heading out to another town called pal paloma to train and open an area. She will be missed.. But i am so stoked for another change here in Itaugua. Its the best area in the mission for sure. But on another note we had a BAPTISM on saturday!! woo hoo! Rodrigo baez! We are super happy for him! He shared his testimony at the baptism and said that he doesnt have a doubt that this church is true and that the book of mormon is the word of god! Oh i was super happy for him and i know god is stoked for him as well. It was such a special experience. We have been working with him for a long time. I was working with him when i was with hermana villanueva and it was a rolercoaster since day one. haha but we just kept being persistent and kept praying hard for him and look.. we baptized the daylights out of him. All of his family are less actives that are slowly coming back to church but they were just so happy and i was so grateful to be a part of something so special. Pictures to come! So im sure you're wondering about the title to this letter. Dont worry ill explain. So last week i had this little pain in my toe.. but i never have time to examine my feet so i just thought oh well its probably just a sliver or something. So i waited like 3 days and finally decided to take a look at my foot and there was this like black looking blister thing... i was like what in the world.. so then i called in the hermana sanchez to take a look and she tells me i have piqué. Wel shoot, i have no freaking idea what piqué is.. so then she explained it to me and said we need to go to a members house to get it fixed. So then we went to this members house.. we call her juana the loca... becasue she is crazy. and she looked at it and told me that it was one of the biggest piqués that she has seen. And then she yelled at me for not catching earlier.. and then she began the process of getting this thing out of me. So first let me explain what piqué is.. piqué is a little black bug that lives where there is a lot of nasty dogs and a lot of red sand. And hey, what do you know i live where there is a lot of that stuff. Anyways this little bug.. when it gets on your skin, it starts diggin a hole, and every day it digs a little more and a little more then it decides to LAY ITS FREAKING EGGS IN YOUR BODY.... And that is exactly what that little sucker did to me. It crawled in my skin UNINVITED and laid its eggs in my toe. IN MY TOE people.... imagine that. So when juana the loca took that bug, and half the skin on my toe with a needle.. all of its little eggs came popping out as well. She gave me the napkin to see all the came out. It was quite the sight to see. So that is what happened with my week.. It was ´pretty great. Im excited for this next change... I feel like its just another oportunity i have to be a lot better. There is always room for improvement. ALWAYS. but i read the cooooooooleest quote this week that i am most definately going to share with you guys.. "We are not obedient because we are blind, we are obedient because we can see." Think about it people......... think about it! okay i love you all have a great week! see ya! © 2014 MicrosoftTermsPrivacyDevelopersEnglish (United States) © 2014 MicrosoftTermsPrivacyDevelopersEnglish (United States)

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