Monday, February 3, 2014


Hey everyone! I just thought i would let everyone know that i bought my first souvenir today. The coolest hat in the world. Do i look good in it? No. Do people maybe point and laugh as im walking down the street? Yes. Do i care? Yeah maybe just a little. But the thing is, is that i never use sunscreen.... and i never get burnt i just tan. Except in one place. The back of my kneck.. But i refuse to use sunscreen in this humidity so i chose a hat. Or more like a sombrero. Pictures to come people... dont worry. So this week has been good. We learned how to do NaƱduti today. We found some kick-bum investigators! We felt the spirit alot! We have a baptism this week! We had some scary experiences that i am choosing not to share for the sake of my parents. And i studied 2 of the coolest stories in the bible and they just blew my mind. Lets see.. what else happened. The family that was progressing so well broke my heart. The villagra family. So if you could keep them in your prayers we would be so graetful!! Okay i know that some of you dont want to here my thoughts on these two AWESOME bible stories... but just keep reading and i promise you wont regret it... So the first story...... Abraham! the prophet! Seriously he was a Stud--muffin. He had one kid named Isaac and he loved him with every fiber of his being. Just like a parent should love his child. And the lord commanded abraham to sacrifice his only son. Now just take one second and imagine if the lord commanded all you padres out there to sacrifice your kid. okay anyways... so to be quick here abraham was obedient to the lord. He did exactly what the lord commanded him. I know without a doubt that it was not easy for Abraham.. haha but he was completely submissive to the will of the lord. In the end the lord says woah woah okay... now i know that your obedient dont kill your son.. But then after the lord tells him that he will be blessed for forever.. Him, and all of his descentants. (Pretty sure i spelled that wrong) I dont know... but i want to be comepletely submissive to the will of the lord. but my time is up and i got to go... okay we will talk more about this later! choa

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