Monday, January 27, 2014

I'm a changed woman.....ok ok maybe a changing woman.

Hey there family. This week was great like always. I dont have too much to write about and i dont have alot of time. But we have a few investigators progressing. Were planning on teaching, and baptizing the daylights out of each one of them. We have Rodrigo Baez, Ramona Pavon, The familia villagra, pablo... they are our investigators. And then we have our less actives the family segovia, valdez, sergio, baez, and govilon. If you all could just give them a shout out to the big man upstairs we would be so grateful! I just have to say that i am a changed woman! Okay I still lack a lot so maybe i should say, I am a changing woman... Im in the process. I have such a testimony of this gospel and of this work! Its literally perfect. Every day I realize more and more how dang perfect this gospel is and how dang perfect God is. Its awesome. Last night i was laying in bed thinking about this work and i thought man... how cool would it be to do this my whole life?? And then i thought, duh hermana hunt. You can. You dont have to be serving a mission to be a missionary. I love this work and i know that every member is a missionary. Seriously the work here in this little town of Itaugua is really moving along. The members are always willing and asking to go to lessons with us, the bishop and his counselors are so invloved with the missionary work... our ward is literally like a big family. Yesterday after church we all met up at the chapel and like 25 sisters in the relief society showed up to go and visit every less active member in this town. Every sunday these members have more and more references for us. Its amazing. Its showed me exactly what this work is all about.. These people arent scared to share the gospel. If you can think of a friend, a family member, less actives... give those elders something to do! Give them your references! Help them with their lessons. Hold the missionary lessons in your home. This week as ive thought so much about all this i think about all the people that i should have shared the gospel with before the mission but i didnt.. but its alright ive still got time to open my mouth. haha Thankyou all for all your love and support! thankyou for your prayers and remember i love you and so does god.!!! Choa! and by the way has someone talked to lynne gaylor????? I really would like to speak to her at some point in my mission. Pretty sure they think i have forgotten them. okay! choa!

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