Monday, January 6, 2014

Never ask the Lord Why.......repent..... get on your knees and pray. Alma 26:22

Hello there family.. how are all of you? This week was pretty interesting. Honestly One of the hardest weeks of my mission thus far. But from my life experience, the hardest times are the times when we learn the most. Hermana villanueva left, most of our investigators broke my heart, and i recieved my new comp... Hermana Hernandez. Lets start with hermana villanueva. Well I didnt cry at all when i had to say goodbye becasue things were pretty crazy and we had to get going... it wasnt until i got to the second day without hermana villanueva that I realized she was gone. At first it just felt like a division with another missionary. haha She was seriously the best trainer that i could have asked for but at the same time we were best friends. We worked hard and played hard. She wrote me from Peru today and said that she is with her parents and she is happy. She is doing super good in peru and there is no doubt in my mind that God has lots of blessings waiting for her. One day we will be able to see each other once again. So if someone could be on the look out for her future husband in Arizona i would really apreciate it. Thankyou. Now for my new comp hermana hernandez. She is aweful. HAHA JUST KIDDING!!!!! She is great! She is from peru... Go figure. haha She is 4 years older than me and she says she can cook. I´ll believe when i see it. haha She likes to work.. and i like that. She has a very tender heart and is very loving, kind and obedient. I like that too. She has a very soft voice... The complete opposite to hermana villanueva haha that will take some adjusting. But one thing that hermana villanueva always told me is that Every companion is perfect for you. I know hermana hernandez is perfect for me and that we are going to learn alot in the next 3 months of her training. And as for our investigators... Right now we dont have anyone progressing. Satan is working hard on the hearts of each one of the investigadors.Yes, The work this week was slow because of the change.. But DONT WORRY! All is going to be just fine. We are gonna work our hind ends off this coming week and you can bet your boots that the work will pick back up. But seriously people, this week was rough and there was a time when i asked God why. Why in the world did you call me to train? I felt so inadequate and so confused. haha Then, Hermana Sanchez knocked some sense into me. She came in my room and said "Hermana Hunt! Su respuesta esta en las escrituras! Arrodillarse, ore a dios, y abre sus escrituras! Aqui va estar su respuesta!" your answer is in the scriptures! Get on your knees, say a prayer and open up your scriptires. So then i did and what do you know... the page i opened to was Alma 26:22. If you could all go read that i would appriciate it. So then the next day i explained to hermana sanchez what happened and what was the scripture i found and she read it and she said, "Now, you need to repent." And i was like waht? why? and she said, "becasue you asked God why. Never question the will of the lord. Repent, Have faith, do good works, and pray always. And God will reveal his mysteries to you. Remeber what hermana villanueva taught you. She didnt teach you to be weak, she taught you to be strong." So basically.... i felt like simba from the lion king when the monkey hits him on the head with a stick. So this week i learned not to ask God why. Remember that he has a plan for each of us and that we should NEVER quesiton his will. I love all of you and miss you all dearly! Have a great week! Choa

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