Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hotter than infierno!! Just how many cows can one person eat!!! All in all I'm doing pretty solid!

Hey everybody! How is the US?! Im sure everyone is just doing great! Another week down in the mishhhhh.... with my comp, hermana hernandez. Things are going pretty good. Its still hot and i still eat enough meat for the whole town of heber. Like seriously, sometimes i wonder... how many cows will i have eaten by the time i finish my mission? But anyways i guess you could say that im doing pretty solid.. This week was hotter than infierno. We walked all over the place working with everyone that we could so that we could get them to church sunday. We havent had a single investigator in church for the past month... I honestly didnt know what we were doing wrong. Everyone would say Yeah! We will be there sunday for sure! dont worry! but then they never would come. I came to the conclusion that so far my mission has been like a boyfriend... ive get led on for a few weeks or months and then boom... my heart gets broken. But yesterday people.... we had 6 investigators at church... yeah you heard right 6 investigators. And then 6 less active members. It was a miricle stright from the big man upstairs. We havent had a single investigator in church for like a month. I was getting pretty flustered. But God sure lifted up my spirit yesterday for suuuure. There wasnt enough room for people to sit in the classes so all the missionaries had to leave. The bishop was running aroung trying to figure out what to do.. poor guy. haha So we ended up taking it outside.. haha so we had our classes under the mango trees yesterday. Pretty great.. I seriously am so grateful for my father in heaven and all that he does for me. I am so thankful for the knowledge than i have of his plan for every one of us. My heart is at peace to know that if i keep the commandments and always to my part, the lord will bless me. I am so grateful for all of you and for the support that you all give me. Thanks for everything! Stay busy and keep happy! BYE!

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