Monday, March 3, 2014

Teaching some awesome English. Marceline. Reading the Book of Mormon upside down.

Hola! How is everyone this week? I heard you finally got some rain! Ive been asking God to send some of the rain we get here your way, grandpa! Dont worry! I heard that the gilbert temple was blessed and that is AWESOME! That makes me so happy! I hope everyone is staying busy and keeping happy this week! Thats what its all about! This week has been a good week! Like always, I am always teaching, praying and laughing... i teach my companion english and she is picking it up pretty fast. She already knows how to say, 1) my companion is flipping awesome. 2) Why dont you take it easy? and 3) son of a gun. I guess you could say she will be fluent in no time. I also have been making up a lot of games lately. For example.. We have to ride the bus alot right? So i thought i would make up some games to play in the busses. But the rule is that you have to contact someone and invite them to church before you can play. The first game is what i like to call, "Buy it and try it" This is what it is... So there is always people selling random stuff. Like chipa, candy, chocolate, homeade goodies,fresh fruit, cookie bars, just about anything you could imagine.. they walk on the busses and say something along these lines, "Chipaaaaaa chipa chipa 2 mil 2 mil 2 mil chipa chipa 2 mil 2 mil 2 mil.. and they kinda sound like the guy at the fair trying to sell the animals. Then you have to buy it, and try it.. we only play it on pdays... actually today was the first day we played it and we ate some nasty chocoloate thing. We also have other games too but i dont want to write about them. Ill tell you guys some other time. This week We got to have a sleep over with hermana buss! I have actually see her 4 days out of this week and it has been GREAT. She is a stud thats all i know. She gets to have all the adventures... like seeing monkeys and stuff.. yeah. Im always jealous but i know my time will come to and she will be stuck in the city. haha No just kidding. I LOVE my area... Speaking of my area... Good ol Itaugua.. I started here and havent left so i have been able to see the progress that the branch i am in has made. When i first got here we had like 60 to 65 people going to church every sunday... And in this past 5 months we have been working so hard. The missionaries and the members. Our Branch president is great, the mission leader knows how to do his job andis willing to help us in any way he can, the members are always willing to help us... So now, i am pleased to announce that we have been keeping a consistent 120 people going to church every sunday AND yesterday at stake conference we were made a WARD!! I wanted to stand up and start yelling like i would at a volleyball game. hahaha ahh man. Im so grateful to be a servent of the lord. i am so happy top see the blessings that the gospel has in the lives of heavenly fathers children. Well folks i am a little bummed to say that we dont have a lot of investigators to talk about this week. But i do have something else that is just equally important. Its about one of the recent converts that we have.. Marcelina Aguilera. I have seen such a big change in her And i would just like to tell you all a few stories about her. marcelina... She is an old lady and the first time i met her i thought she was the most angry person i ever met. Its because she was. She didnt smile... didnt laugh.. didnt look at me.. And that aint no lie. Well as the spirit taught her we saw a HUGE change.. but it was until a month or two ago that i just realized how much The gospel has changed who she is. She is SO happy. Everytime she sees me she jokes around with me. There is this old guy that lives next to her house and she always says that he is my boyfriend. Its hilarious and disgusting all at the same time. She always gives me the biggest hugs and holds my hand just likemy own grandma.. Anyways one of the first lessons that we ever had with her she told us that she couldnt read. So we had her granddaughter read to her ever night. But the other day we walked to her house and when we got there we saw her and she was sitting out side in a chair and she had a book open "reading" the book of mormon. Well she didnt see us for a long time becasue she was really focused on what she was doing.. so i took a picture. And then i got a little closer and realized the book was upside down but she was still trying so hard to read it. Tears filled my eyes as i saw the desire that she had to read and to learn more about the book of mormon. I mean she cant even read. the book was completely upside down. haha But she just was trying to do what the lord asked her to do. This is just one of the MANY stories i have to tell about the change in marceline. But we'll talk about it another day. I hope you all are taking advantage of your reading ability and you all are reading the book of mormon. I mean, i havent ready a lot of books. I have probably read like 12 (maximum) but the book of mormon is definately the most powerful of them all. It is the best of them all... and by for my favorite of them all. I learn from it every time i read it. So get to reading it! i love you all! have a great week and we'll be speaking laaaater! oh ya... now that everyone knows... I would like to point out that i knew lacy was prego before all of you! how does that make you feel? pretty dumb huh...? haha just kidding. but really. okay bye!

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