Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ya ha tu pa o pe

Hey! How is it going? hope everything is going fantastic where you guys are. Im doing awesome! Like always, things are great here in paraguay! I learned alot like ALWAYS. I learned that a companionship should be just like the bible and the book of mormon. They should compliment each other. I told my companion that and then we started to argue about who was the book of mormon. I won. Also i realized that i want to be a seminary teacher when i grow up. President Whipple, put a good word in for me. The second counselor in my ward who reminds me of nick.... has a 1 year old baby. She drank a really bad bacteria and she is having alot of seizures. (Hope i spelled that right) If you guys could keep her in your prayers that would be great. Also... we have an investigator that has a date to be baptized on the 22! Pray hard for him that he will keep on progressing! Changes are comin up and i have just been a little scared. haha I have been in the same area for almost 6 months so i definately feel like this is my home and all the people are my family. I hope i can stay one more change but if not im so ready to do whatever else the lord has got lined up. Who knows what that is.. The guy is pretty crazy... i never know what he has lined up. haha I just trust him and go with it. This week we found this cool old lady that doesnt have any teeth and doesnt speak a lick of spanish righ well.... i dont know a lot of guarani. I know a phrase here and there. Lie. I only know 1 phrase and its, Ya ha tu pa o pe... which means lets go to church. i guess its a pretty good phrase to know because the lady started crackin up.. Then through out the lesson with her family she kept saying it to me.. .like 7 times. and as she would say this... she would hit me with her sweat rag. hahaha it was hilarious. She was like mabel but i couldnt communicate with her. THis week i learned alot about the atonement, the priesthood. and our house has been having an argument about when exactly dinosaurs were taken form the earth. I am definitely winning this one. Anyways! Im doing great! and im ready for winter here. like seriously im so hot. and tan. haha suckers.... lacy and taralee. im tan and your not. okay well i love you all! i am so grateful for the love and support! I am so grateful for all the prayers that your sending my way! it always is a huge strength for me! i know this gospel is true! I love it, so i share it. I know that the priesthood is the authority of god given to man to act in his name. I know that the book of mormon IS the word of god and i dont have a single doubt in my heart. I love it so i share it. Thats a good phrase i think ill start using it. Its got a ring to it! bye! see you next week!

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