Monday, March 31, 2014


Hey everyone! Happy week! I have so much to say and hope i can remember all that i have to say. First of all i left my first area (Itaugua) and am now in an area called Molino! With...........ANOTHER PERUVIAN! Hermana taboada! It was really hard to leave Itaugua. haha all the member surprised me with a huge party. It was very unexpected and i may or may not have cried alot. Haha lets talk about that part a little bit.... So i got to a members house thinking we were going to have family home evening and a ton of members were there and my 3 recent converts... with a ton of food.. and they even ordered a cake that said "we love you." In english. haha We got there and ate and then they all started to say good bye... and that was really hard. They all told me how they feel like im part of their family. The bishops wife pointed at bishop lucas and said "He didnt get emotional when i told him i was pregnant.. but he got emotional when he found out you were leaving" It made me feel so loved and grateful. Then the hermana marcelina... who only speaks guarani started talking to me and saying a bunch of stuff that i didnt understand... and she began to cry alot. and hugged me and told me thankyou. Honestly.... It was one of those times when i didnt understand one word she was saying but i could just feel the love that she had in her heart and in her words. Afterwords the bishop translated for me and i wrote it down. She said thankyou for guiding me to find god. Thankyou for loving me and teaching me how to talk to god. I dont want you to leave because You are my best friend... But i will never forget the light that you were in my life. So i cried alot then.... and then at the end my best friend rodrigo ( the second counselor in the bishopric) shoved my face in the cake. ( pictures to come next week.) I am going to miss itaugua but i am super happy to be here in my new area!!!! MOLINO!!! Its an area SUPER purete. Now lets talk about that. So the second day i got here, two member heard that i am a fan of jokes... asi que... they played a big joke on me. A joke that made me cry. haha embarrassing i know... So friday was ward night and my comp said we had to go becasue a member named Linda had a reference for us, her boyfriend. So we get there and she starts telling us how she wants us to talk to her boyfriend and how she wants him to join the church but that he drink and smokes and he is a little messed up in the head. But i just said dont worry, we will do all that we can to talk to him. So i started talking to him and he jsut tore me apart. Lets just say he told me alot of mean things. haha i oculdnt believe all that he was saying to me and i didnt know why my comp AND the elders werent helping me at all. they were all just staring at me. Seriously i have never heard such mean things said to me in my entire life. He just did a very good job of making me feel really bad. So after he made me feel like a piece of poop i "had to go to the bathroom" And i just cried. haha Then when we got home my comp was like, hermana hunt i feel really bad.. i have to tel you something. And she told me that it was a joke. and they are like the most active members in the ward. And i was pretty mad. haha ill be honest.. i was more just relieved to know that there really wasnt someone i had to teach that hated my guts. So the next day when i saw them they said welcome to molino. haha and thats what happend! i will most definately get them back. I just honestly am so happy. Everyday I get more happy to be here and more sad to go home. My time here is going by so fast i cant even believe it. I feel like everytime someone asks me how much time i have left in the mission i add another month on to my time. Its pretty sad. I love the people more and more every day as well as this beautiful gospel. I am so thankful to be here in molino and to help them with their ward. There is alot of work to do in this area... The ward struggles a little bit but we are stoked to be here to help. I already LOVE the members here. There is one family that speaks some wacko tribal language called chamacoco.... its a pretty sick language and i will learn it. Soon. I hope. But the dad was explaining a bunch of stuff about this tribe in the chaco and what the do... and they showed us all these ancient pictures from the chaco... ugh it was so cool. The grandpa lives with them and doesnt speak a lick of spanish... he is pure indian... they said that he is very spiritual and on certain days he paints his face and dresses up and dances in the backyard for like a ritual.. That reminded me of the time grandma mabel played medicine woman. Thats hilarious. There is also a recent convert family that just got baptized and the dad is ridiculous. I cant believe how much he knows and how much he wants to learn. His testimony is so strong....I didnt know him before his baptism but my comp says that he made a huge change. And i like to say he is the next bishop for this ward... he could turn things around here in molino. Its awesoem to see how the gospel turns people into leaders. One thing i have learned is that... we dont need a title to be a leader. We need to be a leader with, or with out the title. We are children of God. What better leadership title can we have?? I am so happy to have the chance to be here in paraguay, to meet so many great people and to try my best to serve them. The truth is, is that i love being here. I am SO grateful to have this gospel in my life. How blessed are we to be a part of such a beautiful work? am i right or am i right??? haha welllll folks thats just about it. Have a great week! talk to you later! remember... give your references to the missionaries! peace and love.

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