Monday, March 31, 2014

My testimony of this gospel grows along with the oils!

3-24-14 Dear Mom I wish i could just call you write now and tell you EVERYTHING. haha Ugh. Anyways, First question. Do i need anything? The truth is, i think im good! Thats the honest truth. I realized that as a missionary the only important thing to me right now is my shoes and they´re doing great. haha i dont know why i was so worried before my mission. hahaha Sencond thing.... its like an answer to my prayers that your checking my account because i had to take out money because someone stole my card.. (Not my personal card my missionary card.) So i had to pull out a little money. But no money got stolen becasue they dont know my pin. Idiots. 2 question, The oils.... Lets just say that as much as my testimony grows in the gospel it grows in the oils also... I have such a testimony of the oils.. I use them ALL the time. and they help WITH EVERYTHING. I am out of lavender. I would LOVE one of those.

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