Monday, March 31, 2014

This week.....Lets just say we had a spiritual blast!

3-24-14 Hey familiy! This week was great! Like always. Lets just say we had a spiritual blast. Lets catch up on just a few things.... 1. Hermana Braunersrither had lice in her hair for 4 (or more) months. So i spent 4 (or more) hours trying to get it out. Mission accomplished. She is clean. We found two HUGE lice bugs and taped them in a journal. Pictures to come. 2. Last sunday we had 9 investigators in church!!!!!!! It was AWESOME! haha 3. the climate here changed in one day. One day i was dying of heat and the next day it turned cold and now its winter. What in the world. 4. I went on a division with hermana braunersrither and went pee in the jungle because we couldnt find a bathroom. I had to air dry. Its all good. 5. we have been teaching our recent convert to pray for 6 months.... he still doesnt know how. "Heavenly father, we thank thee ask thee our daily bread and jesus has power in his name, amen." but its even more funny in spanish. 6. I am probably leaving my area and im SUPER sad. haha This is home for me.. and all the people here are my family. Bishop, his counselors and i are like best friends. Lets talk about the three of them. First, They are like 3 chets They make fun of me SO much. Out of church, during church, during the announcements in church, in meetings, at lunch, Everywhere... they make fun of me.. 7. i am so grateful to be here in paraguay! basically i love being a missionary! Its so awesome... i want to do it for the rest of my life... im getting a litle obsessed... its alright though. 8. Sorry myletters are always so laaame. Alot of cool things happen but i just cant remember all of them. anyways i love you all i love this gospel.... have a great week. Bye.

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