Monday, April 28, 2014


4-21-14 Its all kicks and giggles until they dont show up for their confirmation. Yep. Thats what happened this week. Good ol José showed up for his baptism and we were the happiest people alive. Then sunday he didnt show up for his confirmation and we were the saddest people alive. Talk about an epic fail. The truth is folks, is that this week wasn´t the easiest. Not that im saying missionary work is easy. Becasue who ever says that is a liar. But it wasnt the HAPPIEST week of my life. Yeah... lets say that. But basicallly as of now José is on a "To be continued" note. Anyways... I thought i would get that part of the week out of the way. Happy easter to all! I hope everyone is remembering our savior and coloring eggs! Easter is always great. Its been a great easter week here in Molino. I have not colored eggs.. apperently thats weird here. But i have remembered our savior quite a bit and thats what matters the most. We were able to go to the temple on tuesday as a zone and you all know how much i love to see that temple. haha It was the best. I went in with a lot of questions and came out with alot of answers. It was great to just be at peace for a few hours.. Thinking about this great plan that God has created for us. Being in the temple made me think about how short our time here on earth... and how short a year and a half is. Thursday we found a service project!!! A Member family is haveing problems with the rain in their house so we worked all day helping them. It was such a great day... we are preparing this family to be sealed in the temple! We are praying that they can find it in them to achieve this goal! Sunday we had 20 less active members in church!!!!! It was so great to see them all come. We have been setting goals and working alot with them. It rained alot this week... Like always. At night the thunder wakes me up and our room is lit up from all the lightning... haha light it up! (Lacy taralee that one was for you.) Anyways... I honestly love this gospel! Its true! It has helped me in a billion ways. Thats why i know that it can bless the lives of many others as well. Sometimes missionary work is sad.. And sometimes i get frusterated. Sometimes satan tries to make me think i am a terrible missionary. But then that 5 minutes of discouragement passes and im back on my feet! haha And i know that its because i have the knowledge that God loves us! Even though we arent perfect. So hey, if you ever think you arent perfect... you´re right. But dont let it get you down... everyone is imperfect. And there is always room for improvement. I mean thats why we´re here! Right?! Anyways, i hope you all have a great week. I hope you all can remember to Pray, to read your scriptures, go to church, share your testimony and to always remember our savior, Jesus Christ. Les quiero mucho! Chau!

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