Monday, July 7, 2014

2 sons. A huge storm. Is God telling me to repent......:)

7-7-14 Hey there all you! I hope everyone has had a wonderful week. We sure did... We havent had a baptism in a while and sometimes its hard not to get discouraged but we are hanging in there and always see miricles. I seriously love my comp. Everynight when we walk home we die laughing. We dont have too much in common other than we are both funny. But not the less we get along pretty well. Saturday night we got home and we realized we didnt complete our goals that day because of our own dumbness and we forgot to ask someone for a reference... which is not okay..and a little bit of my sports attitude came out and i got pretty mad. My pride took over quite a bit that night and i went to sleep t-oed. Well that night a storm came in and it woke me up. (anyone who knows me knows that i dont get woken up very easily) Anywas the storm was absolutely insane. I dont really know how to express how crazy it was through email but lets just say i was really scared. Our room would light up from the lighting and the lightning was striking every tree by our house, the thunder was so loud. I was sitting on my bed and i literally thought our house was going to collapse on top of us.. Everytime the thunder boomed dust fell from our cieling... i was almost in tears. And my comp was sound asleep. 2 thoughts crossed my mind. 1)The second coming. 2)God is not happy with me right now for the way i acted tonight. But either way i need to repent. So i said a prayer and repented of the way i acted. The moral of this story is that we should not let our pride get the best of us, and we need to be quick to repent. Anyways lets talk about the miricle that happened this week shall we? So Our bishop has been bishop for a long time and he has two boys that are inactive... One of them, Left on a mission but then he came back early... and has been inactive for a few years now and its really sad how he has changed. The bishop and his wife have expressed their hurt from the two boys that have completely fallen into the things of the world. I mean i cant imagine how they feel or how our heavenly father feels... But i always try to put myself in their situations, and i feel that same hurt. But we have been trying so hard to help the two of them to come back. We had a family home evening on friday and when the mom walked us out, she had tears in her eyes and we promised her that everything would be okay, that she wouldnt need to worry, that her boys were going to come back to the church... With fasting and prayer ladies and gents... The lord fulfilled his promise. This sunday after the first hour, the bishop came up to us almost running and he had tears in his eyes. And he said, hermana hunt... there is a surprise waiting in the foyer.. and we were so confused. So we walked to the foyer and there they were!!! His two sons came to church after almost 5 years... I felt the spirit so strong in that moment. The spirit testified to me, that God, and his son jesus christ live. That this is their work. We have seen Gods hand play a big part in this work. He is here. He is helping us. He loves his children... And i love his children. My love for his children has grown so much. I feel a sincere love for each person that we see in the street, every family that we meet.. and ya know... sometimes i cant believe God trusts someone so darn imperfect like me, to teach his children here in paraguay. I love that man. He is so cool. He loves us so much.... anyways folks thats my letter! I hope you all have a great week and remember all the great things God does for us! chau!

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